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Hot Air Ballooning in Brisbane A Travel Guide

Hot Air Ballooning in Brisbane: A Travel Guide 

Just imagining those big balloons floating in the sky already feels like a daydream. What more if you can actually see them in front of you?

Before you go on an adventure, we’re here to make things easier for you. We included everything you need to know about hot air ballooning in Brisbane. 

Through this article, we can give you a gist of how beautiful our city is, plus, you’ll be guided on how to properly prepare for your long-awaited trip – a win-win situation, isn’t it?

C’mon, get to know the hot air ballooning activity in Brisbane now! Read on for more. 

What is Hot Air Ballooning in Brisbane?

Hot air ballooning is among the many activities you must try in Brisbane. It’s available all round year and you can find it in a lot of places in the city.

Hot air ballooning has existed in Brisbane since the 1980s. In fact, the city is considered as one of the best places for hot air ballooning in Australia.

If you aren’t familiar with it yet, it’s riding a huge air balloon that will let you float into the sky. This ride is unique, one for the books and definitely something you should try once in this lifetime. 

There are actually plenty of rides you can join in Brisbane like Balloons over Brisbane, Fly Me to the Moon, Floating Images Balloon Flights and Hot Air Balloons Brisbane.

Time Zone

Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)

Best Time to Go

If you wish to experience a one-of-a-kind ride in hot air balloons, December, January and February are the best months to go to Brisbane.

Not only can you enjoy lots of fun activities since these months are the warmest, you can also appreciate the beauty of hot air balloon rides and Brisbane since you don’t have to worry about the rainy weather. 

Things to Know

Currency: Australian Dollars ($)

(Check current exchange rate here)

Language: Australian English, British English, American English

Calling Code: +61

Where to Go Hot Air Ballooning in Brisbane 

Balloons Over Brisbane

Balloons Over Brisbane
Photo from Pexels

Opening Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM every Monday to Sunday

Address: 144 Adelaide Street, 1st Floor, Brisbane City, Brisbane Area, Queensland 4000*

Contact: 07 3844 6671


Rates (may vary): Ballooning + Vineyard Champagne Breakfast (5 hours) – $AUD440 (Weekdays), AUD 495 (Weekends) Public Holidays

Located in the city centre, Balloons Over Brisbane is one of the most popular balloon rides in our city.

From breakfast to ballooning, everything’s included here! When we booked this tour, we were taken to O’Reilly’s Vineyard where different kinds of pastries, eggs and bacon, cereals and other oh-so-yummy dishes were served to us. 

Plus, the complimentary champagne is to vouch for, too!

Oh, and by the way, you can let your kid join the trip if he or she is at least 3 years old. However, pregnant women aren’t allowed to participate. 

How to Get There:

Train: Get off at Brisbane Central Station and head towards Ann St. Once you see the Anzac Square Arcade Building, turn left to Edward St. 

Traverse Edward St and turn right at the corner of Noosa Chocolate Factory going to Adelaide St. Keep walking until you see the Balloons Over Brisbane on the right. 

It’s only a 4-minute walk away from the station. 

Taxi: If you’re coming from Brisbane Airport, you can find different cabs at Level 2. Once you hail one, you can tell the driver to drop you off at Balloons Over Brisbane. 

Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon
Photo from Pexels

Opening Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM every Monday to Friday

Address: Fly Me To The Moon, Level 1, 243 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Contact: (07) 3423 0400 / [email protected] 


Rates (may vary): Brisbane Balloon Flight – Self Drive to Canungra or Nerang – Including Champagne Breakfast at O’Reilly’s Vineyard – $AUD390 (Weekdays), AUD 450 (Weekends) Public Holidays

Fly Me to the Moon Tour is one of the pioneers of this activity since they launched their air balloons in 1994. 

We love how huge the balloons are and how accommodating the hosts are when we booked our tour here. We were up above around 40 to 60 minutes.

Aside from the hot air balloon, you’ll have breakfast at O’Reilly’s Vineyard and wine tasting at the Cellar Door, too.

They also offer a courtesy bus fetching you from your meet-up point to your balloon flight area, and vice-versa. The bus has modern couches that will provide you more comfort as you travel!

The tour also includes in-flight photographs that can capture your memorable moments!

By the way, in-flight photographs and souvenirs after the tour are only extras. 

If you’re willing to spend a couple more dollars for the memory, your money is surely worth the price! 

While there’s no specific wardrobe code, we suggest dressing according to the month of your visit. During the warmest months, we recommend just wearing light clothes and comfortable shoes. 

But if you go to Brisbane during the cold months like December, January and February, we highly suggest bringing jackets and other clothing that can protect you from the cold. 

How to Get There:

Train: Get off at Brisbane Central Station and Fly Me to the Moon is only a 3-minute walk away. Once you’re in Ann St, turn left toward Adelaide St and take the stairs. 

Keep walking until you’re in Adelaide St. From there, walk straight and Fly Me to the Moon is on the left. 

Taxi: From Brisbane Airport, you can hail cabs at Level 2 and tell the driver to drop you off at Fly Me to the Moon. It’s only an 18-minute drive away. 

Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights

Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights
Photo from floatingimages Instagram

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM every Monday to Sunday

Address: 259 Junction Road, Karalee, Qld 4306

Contact: (+61) 07 3294 8770 


Rates (may vary)

  • Greater Brisbane Scenic Hot Air Balloon Flight Package – 1 Hour Flight, Breakfast & Self Drive – $AUD460
  • Greater Brisbane Scenic Hot Air Balloon Flight Only – 1 Hour Flight, No Breakfast & Self Drive – $AUD460
  • Greater Brisbane Scenic Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 People, 1 Hour Flight, Breakfast & Self Drive – $AUD920
  • Exclusive Charter (by quotation)

If you’re looking for plenty of tour packages in one operator, Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights got you covered! They have special packages for small groups like family, friends or even a romantic getaway with your significant other.

What’s more fun is that you’ll be able to chitchat with the owner himself because he’s always the chief pilot on all flights! 

From the meeting point to the balloon flight up to the end of the tour, all staff are very welcoming and open to any inquiries you might have. 

Floating Images’ balloon flights are longer than others but the overall tour is quite short. 

It only lasts for about 4 hours. We’re not biassed, but we suppose that’s an additional tip for you, right? 😛 

If you prefer a private and serene moment with your loved ones, we recommend you request a quote here since they already served several guests with your preferences. So the service is highly guaranteed. 

Plus, can’t you feel the excitement of going on a journey in the air, flying across the winds with the most precious person or people in your life? Aah, just imagining it is already a great experience!

Btw, these tours are not available for pregnant women and people with impaired physical ability. And only 6 years old and up are allowed to join the rides. 

How to Get There:

Taxi: From Brisbane airport, ride a taxi and tell the driver to drop you off at the Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flight. It’s 40 minutes away via car. 

Rental Car: Just like a taxi, it’s only 40 minutes away from the airport. The only difference here is you get to drive on your own. 

We suggest downloading Google Maps or Waze beforehand for easy directions. 

Hot Air Balloon Brisbane 

Hot Air Balloon Brisbane
Photo by fietzfotos from Pixabay

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM every Monday to Sunday

Address: 275 George Street 4000 Brisbane,Australia

Contact: (+61) 07 3139 1329 / [email protected] 


Rates (may vary)

  • Brisbane Classic Hot Air ballooning with vineyard breakfast, self drive meet at Nerang or Canungra – $AUD440
  • Ballooning Brisbane and Luxury Package – $AUD850
  • Private Hot Air Balloon from Brisbane – $AUD2,495 – $AUD15,600

Just like Floating Images, Hot Air Balloon Brisbane also offers small group rides for family, friends or your special someone. 

With Hot Air Balloon Brisbane, the photo package is already incorporated in the price you paid for.

There are also wine tasting, a breakfast to O’Reilly’s Grand Homestead and Vineyard and free transfers from meet-up point to the hot air balloon location. 

Similar to what we experienced, here’s how the tour will go for the classic one: 

  • Pre-dawn pick-up – meet-up at Nerang or Canungra
  • 7 AM to 7:30 AM – get to know the pilots and ride the hot air balloon
  • 8 AM to 9 AM – visit O’Reilly’s Grand Homestead & Boutique Vineyard
  • 9:45 AM – return to the meet-up point 

Others have different itineraries, so make sure to check yours once you finish booking. For the private ride, you have a personal chauffeur, private transfers and a commemorative flight certificate. 

Meanwhile, the other tours are just similar to what we had. The only difference is you can explore Brisbane up above privately with your loved ones if you book a private ride. 

But if you’re in for the excitement of meeting new people, you can also try the ordinary tours where you’ll get mixed with other visitors! 

How to Get There:

Train: From Brisbane Airport, ride at the International Airport Station and get off at Brisbane Central Station. From there, Hot Air Balloon Brisbane is only 7 minutes away on foot. 

Traverse Ann St and turn left towards Albert St. corner of King George Square Car Park. Afterwards, turn right to Adelaide St and Hot Air Balloon Brisbane is on the right. 

Taxi: Hail an empty taxi at the airport and instruct the driver to drop you off at Hot Air Balloon Brisbane. It’s only 18 minutes away via car. 

Where to Stay near the Hot Air Ballooning Areas 

Sofitel Brisbane Central

Sofitel Brisbane Central
Photo from sofitelbrisbanecentral Instagram 

Address: 249 Turbot St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Contact: +61 7 3835 3535 / [email protected] 


If you’re looking for a well-known hotel with quality service, Sofitel Brisbane Central is just 7 minutes walk away from the Balloons Over Brisbane! 

This 5-star hotel is located near plenty of restaurants, bars and stores, so everything is easily accessible from here. 

Plus, Brisbane Airport is just 20 minutes away via train from here. So if you choose this as your accommodation, you can simply ride the train connecting to the Central Station or book in advance via the concierge desk for airport pick-up. 

Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square

Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square
Photo from Adina Hotels

Address: 255 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Contact: +61 7 3001 9888


Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square is located close to Fly Me to the Moon.  

This 4-star hotel offers a studio room, 1-bedroom, premier 1-bedroom and premier 2-bedroom apartments. We like the cosy interiors which make you feel right at home. 

Plus, the staff are friendly and well-versed in different languages as well. 

There’s also a grocery service where your fridge will be stocked with home-cooked meals before arrival. So if you want to feel at home even in Brisbane, check out this hotel now!

Oaks Ipswich Aspire Suites

Oaks Ipswich Aspire Suites
Photo from Oaks Ipswich Aspire Suites

Address: 1 West Street, Woodend, Ipswich QLD 4305 Australia

Contact: +61 7 2100 0578 / [email protected] 


Oaks Ipswich Aspire Suites is the nearest accommodation to Floating Images, just 13 minutes away by car! 

They’re a 4-star hotel located in a commercial street, so you can visit lots of restaurants and stores within the area. Also, deliveries can easily access the hotel since it’s nearby several establishments.

There’s a fitness centre, pool and sauna inside. That said, you can relax here for a while after a long day of walking and doing activities outside. 

They offer a wide range of rooms, too. Among these are studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. You can also see the city’s view from the window. 

Hyatt Regency Brisbane

Hyatt Regency Brisbane
Photo from Hyatt Regency Brisbane

Address: 33 Burnett Lane, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4000

Contact: +61 7 5647 1234 / [email protected] 


Hyatt Regency Brisbane is only a 2-minute walk away from Hot Air Balloon Brisbane. An infinity pool, large suites, fitness centre and a bar are just some that Hyatt Regency has to offer.

This hotel has rooms that overlook the charming Brisbane River and citycscape.

Plus, it’s located on Queen Street Mall. That said, it’s easier to shop whatever you want before you leave Brisbane – or while you’re still here!

Where to Eat near the Hot Air Ballooning Areas 

Though most hot air balloon packages already include a meal, we still want to recommend the best ones in Brisbane!

Kinn-Imm Thai Hawker Food Brisbane City

Kinn-Imm Thai Hawker Food Brisbane City
Photo from tripadvisor

Opening Hours: 

Address: LG22/226 Queen Street Queens Plaza, Lower Ground FL, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Contact: +61 7 3236 4886


Kinn-Imm Thai Hawker Food Brisbane City is just a 3-minute walk away from Balloons Over Brisbane. So if you’re still feeling a bit hungry after the ride, you can go here for some savoury thai dishes like pad thai and spicy noodles.

Fish cakes are among their specialties that are served fresh and hot. It remains soft from the first bite up to the last one which will make you want to order for more. 

If you’re looking for dishes from other cultures while in Brisbane, we suggest you go here!

Miss Demeanour Restaurant, Bar & Live Music Venue Brisbane

Always look at a menu and don't know what to choose? Our menu here at Miss Demeanour is designed to share.. Head on down and grab your favourites! 🍟🍗



 #MissD #DrinksWithFriends #brisbanelocal #cocktails #nightlifebrisbane #bris #nightoutbrisbane #brisbanecity #burgertime #whatsonbrisbane #dinnerinspiration #brisbaneevents #brisbanefood #tuesdayvibes
Photo from missdbris Instagram

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 12 AM every Monday to Saturday

Address: Rowes Ln, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Contact: +61 7 3221 0032 / [email protected] 


If you’re in for live music while munching on yummy dishes, Miss Demeanour Restaurant might be for you! It’s only a minute walk away from Fly Me to the Moon

They’re popular for their finger food like chicken breasts, fries and nachos. They also serve wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

What we love most about this restaurant is the ambience – cosy, laid-back and feels like home. It’s a perfect place to spend time with your friends over some delectable burgers, cakes and beer. 

David’s Noodle & Hotpot 

Hot, sour, and spicy - just the way we like it! Add some tingle and spice to warm up your night!

#davidsnoodlehotpot #themyercentre #westfieldgardencity #sunnybankplaza #malatang #hotpot #brisbanemalatang #brisbanehotpot #chinesefood #chinese #asianfood #brisbanefood
Photo from davidsnoodlehotpot Instagram

Opening Hours: 

  • 11 AM to 7:30 PM every Monday to Sunday except Friday
  • 11 AM to 9 PM every Friday

Address: Level E/91 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Contact: +61 413 184 097


David’s Noodle & Hotpot is just 4 minutes away from Hot Air Balloon Brisbane on foot. If you’re craving for some hotpot with good noodles, your answer is here!

When we’ve tried their Chongqing Street Noodles, there’s nothing else we can say aside from ‘delicious’. It’s spicy and melts in your mouth, so we had lots of fun even if we had a bucket of tears in our eyes (it’s tangy, fyi)! 

They also have fried noodles, stir fried dry pot and malatang mini hotpot. Plus, you can choose your own hotpot ingredients – another A for this restaurant!

Aroi Aroi Thai Restaurant

Photo from Jay Jiraporn Saiyut Facebook

Opening Hours: 

  • 11 AM to 8 PM every Tuesday to Saturday
  • 11 AM to 7:30 PM every Sunday

Address: 39 Junction Rd, Chuwar QLD 4306, Australia

Contact: +61 7 3812 2464


Aroi Aroi Thai Restaurant is 28 minutes away from Floating Images Balloon Flights on foot but will only take you 3 minutes if you travel via car. 

They have plenty of appetising dishes you can enjoy like Pad Kana Moo Grob and Satay. When we tried their Pad Kana Moo Grob, it was filled with stir-fried crispy pork belly topped with Chinese kale and homemade sauce. 

Also their Satay is a dream – served with BBQ-marinated chicken skewers and a peanut sauce to complete the taste.

Aside from that, this restaurant is located in Karalee Shopping Village. So if you wish to shop before you leave the city, this is among the best restaurants to dine in at! 

Where to Shop near Hot Air Ballooning Areas (Different Locations)

Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall
Photo from Queensland

Opening hours: Open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday

Address: Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Fortunately, Balloons Over Brisbane is located at the city centre so the Queen Street Mall is only a 3-minute walk away!

As the premier shopping destination in Brisbane, you can shop almost anything here! There are over 700 stores and well-known brands like Nike, Uniqlo, Perfect Potions and Dior that offer clothes, shoes and perfumes just to name a few!

Spring Hill Marketplace Shopping Centre

Spring Hill Marketplace Shopping Centre
Photo from Cornerstone Group

Opening Hours: 

  • 7 AM to 9 PM every Monday to Saturday
  • 9 AM to 6 PM every Sunday

Address: 375 Turbot St, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia

The Spring Hill Marketplace Shopping Centre is only a 12-minute walk away from Fly Me to the Moon and a 4-minute ride if travelling by car. 

Just like the Queen Street Mall, you can also find lots of brands here that can cater to your liking. Among these are Snap fitness, Woolworths and Priceline. 

You’ll also find Woolworths here where you can grab some groceries. You can find plenty of fresh fruits, meat and other kitchen needs for affordable prices.

There are also a couple of restaurants that can fill your bellies with some delightful dishes like Sushi and Subway!

The Barracks Shopping Centre

The Barracks Shopping Centre
Photo from thebarracks Instagram

Opening Hours: 7 AM to 12 AM every Monday to Sunday

Address: 61 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Though smaller compared to the Queen Street Mall and Spring Hill Marketplace Shopping Centre, The Barracks Shopping Centre is still a must-visit place here in Brisbane!

It’s only 6 minutes away from the Hot Air Balloon Brisbane via car and 16 minutes away on foot. Since it’s less crowded, it gives you more time to shop your needs at your own pace and at your own time.

Plus, plenty of shops are here, too and the centre also offers a variety of restaurant options you can try such as Tiger Eye, Libertine Bar & Restaurant and our all time favourite Sushi Edo. 

Tourist Attractions Nearby Hot Air Ballooning Areas 

Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art
Photo from qagoma Instagram

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM every Monday to Sunday

Address: Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia

Contact: +61 (0)7 3840 7303

Art lovers, here’s your chance to learn more about art in Brisbane!

At Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art, you can see lots of paintings and sculptures made by various Australian artists. There are also screenings showcasing works of well-known filmmakers, silent films, rare 35mm prints and international cinema. 

You can also watch art exhibitions for free like Michael Zavros, eX de Medici and Gone Fishing. For more exhibitions, you can check here

The museum is only 15 minutes away on foot from Balloons Over Brisbane or you can hop on a train and get off at the Cultural Centre station. 

Brisbane Riverwalk 

Photo from Queensland

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Address: 45D Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

The Brisbane Riverwalk is a very popular area for both locals and tourists since it overlooks the Brisbane River. It’s 5.4 kilometres long and offers a perfect and serene ambience – perfect for a photo!

The best part is that it’s only 3 minutes away via car from Fly Me to the Moon and 8 minutes away on foot.

Roma Street Parkland 

Photo from Wikipedia

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours 

Address: 1 Parkland Blvd, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

If you’re travelling with kids, Roma Street Parkland is another great activity to add to your itinerary after they enjoy the hot air balloon ride. It’s open all year round and there are plenty of green spaces for you to enjoy!

You can take photos, see flowers and watch waterfalls in Roma Street Parkland. It’s a 39-acre city park so you can run and walk as much as you want. 

It’s only an 11-minute walk away from Hot Air Balloon Brisbane. But if you ride a car, it’s only 8 minutes away!

Brisbane has so many good things to offer. From fun activities, hotels, shopping centres and even restaurants, everything’s at hand! 

We hope we’ve made it easier to plan your itinerary in our city. If ever you’ll avail one of these hot air balloon rides, it’s a privilege if you can share your experience with us!

While you’re here, you may also browse other Brisbane activities here.

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