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Mother's Day Ideas That You Can Do in Brisbane

Mother’s Day Ideas That You Can Do in Brisbane

Alright, folks, it’s that time of year again – Mother’s Day in Brisbane. Forget the clichés like “breakfast in bed” and “world’s best mom” mugs. It’s time to step up our game and give our moms a day to remember.

From quirky brunch spots to offbeat adventures that will make Mom’s heart race (in a good way, of course), we’ve got ideas that’ll earn you the title of “favorite child.”

So, grab your notepad, your sense of adventure, and your enthusiasm, because we’re about to uncover some epic ideas for Mother’s Day in Brisbane!

1. High Tea Bliss at the Regatta Hotel

1. High Tea Bliss at the Regatta Hotel
Image Source:

Address: 543 Coronation Dr, Toowong QLD 4066


Contact Details: +61 7 3051 7617, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: 6:30 AM–3 AM

Entry Fee: $95pp

Treat Mom to a truly memorable Mother’s Day experience with a visit to the Regatta Hotel’s second floor for an exquisite High Tea. It’s a splendid way to make her feel cherished and celebrated.

This elegant affair offers more than just delightful bites – it’s a celebration filled with sweet and savory treats, including scones and jam, and complete with an unlimited beverage package featuring coffee, tea, sparkling wine, and mimosas.

What sets this experience apart is the added touch of live music that fills the air, creating a soothing backdrop for your time together. There’s also a photo wall to capture beautiful memories with Mom.

At the heart of this experience is the opportunity to cherish quality time with your mom. In a world where material gifts often take the spotlight, Regatta Hotel understands that the gift of cherished moments is truly priceless.

With the Regatta Hotel’s reputation for excellence, this high tea experience promises to be a sumptuous treat for the senses, making it a top choice to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day.

Pro tips:

  • High Tea at the Regatta Hotel is a popular choice for Mother’s Day, so make sure to book your reservation well in advance to secure your spot.
  • If you’re opting for the luncheon, review the three-course set menu beforehand to get an idea of what to expect.

2. Soak Bathhouse’s Rejuvenation Experience

Address: The Eaves at West Village, Suite 2 Level 2/111 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101


Contact Details: +61 417 160 396, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: 6:30 AM–10 PM

Give your mom the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation this Mother’s Day with a visit to Soak Bathhouse in West End, Brisbane. Nestled on a rooftop, this urban oasis invites her to unwind amidst a tranquil setting.

During her 90-minute session, Mom can immerse herself in mineral pools, soak in hot spas, and experience the soothing benefits of a cedar sauna and a steam room infused with essential oils.

It’s the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and press the reset button for ultimate well-being. To elevate the experience, consider adding on a full body massage or an LED facial to leave her feeling pampered and revitalized.

Soak Bathhouse offers a chance to relax and find balance, leave stress behind, and rediscover tranquility. This Mother’s Day, give her the gift of relaxation at a modern Australian bathhouse designed for today’s needs.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t forget your swimwear and towels. Soak Bathhouse provides some towels, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own for extra comfort.
  • While it’s a social wellness environment, be mindful of personal space. Respect the privacy of other guests who are there for relaxation.

3. Lune Croissanterie’s Persian Love Cake Croissant

Address: 15 Manning St, South Brisbane QLD 4101


Contact Details: [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM–3 PM, Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM–3 PM

If your mom has a sweet tooth that’s always craving delightful treats, then Lune Croissanterie in South Brisbane has the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise.

Lune Croissanterie is renowned for its legendary pastries, once declared by The New York Times as the best croissants globally. And now, their Mother’s Day specials include this extraordinary Persian Love Cake Croissant.

It’s a twice-baked delight, filled with layers of pistachio frangipane and the unique essence of Persian love cake. Finished with a pink buttercream flourish and a sprinkle of rose petals, this is a treat that transcends ordinary pastries.

So, why is this the perfect Mother’s Day idea for Brisbane? Because it’s a chance to pamper your mom with an extraordinary culinary experience, showcasing a fusion of cultures and flavors in a delightful croissant.

Lune Croissanterie’s Persian Love Cake Croissant is a limited-time treasure, making it an exceptional and memorable way to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day.

Pro tips:

  • Consider pairing your croissant with the perfect beverage. A rich coffee or a delicate tea can complement the flavors of the Persian Love Cake Croissant wonderfully.
  • Lune Croissanterie has more delicious specials to explore. If you’re a fan of unique pastries, make sure to sample their other delightful creations.

4. Seafood Buffet Extravaganza at Zuma Restaurant

Address: 85/87 N Quay, Brisbane City QLD 4000


Contact Details: +61 7 3237 2300, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday: 6:30 AM – 10 AM, Saturday & Sunday: 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Entry Fee: $99 per person

If your mom is a seafood aficionado, the oceanic feast at Zuma Restaurant is the perfect treat for her. For just $99 per person, you and your mom can relish two hours of seafood paradise.

In a city that’s been craving a seafood buffet resurgence, Zuma Restaurant inside voco Brisbane comes to the rescue with its culinary offering.

It boasts a selection of freshly shucked Pacific and Sydney Rock Oysters, succulent Mooloolaba prawns, sand crab, and mussels.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a Mediterranean grazing station brimming with delicious bites, and a dessert station to satisfy your sweet tooth.

There’s also the pièce de résistance – a mesmerizing chocolate fountain flowing with luscious milk chocolate, accompanied by marshmallows, fresh fruit, and churros.

If you and your mom are in the mood for some bubbly indulgence, you can upgrade to two hours of prosecco for just $32 per person.

Pro tips:

  • If you’re not sure where to begin with the buffet options, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for their recommendations—they might point out must-try dishes.
  • While Zuma Restaurant offers a relaxed dining atmosphere, consider dressing a bit more upscale for this special occasion.

5. Art and Sips at Brush and Barrel

Address: Unit 5/33 Longland St, Newstead QLD 4006


Contact Details: +61 413 932 642, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Friday: 6–10 PM, Saturday: 2–10 PM, Sunday: 2–5 PM

Tired of the usual dinner-and-drinks routine for special occasions? This Mother’s Day, break the mold and treat your mom to an unforgettable experience at Brush and Barrel, a unique sip and paint studio in Brisbane.

Here, you can unleash your inner artist, bond over creativity, and share a memorable evening with your loved ones. Brush and Barrel is not your typical art studio; it’s a place for everyone, where art meets relaxation and fun.

Just choose a painting you’d like to recreate and embark on a two-hour artistic adventure. Whether you’re painting a portrait of your beloved pet, your favorite Banksy masterpiece, or simply enjoying the thrill of artistic expression, you’re in for a delightful time.

The best part? You get to bring your own adult beverages, creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. So, bring along your favorite wine or refreshments and maybe even a cheeseboard to complete the experience.

Say goodbye to trivia and karaoke nights – this Mother’s Day, cheers to an evening filled with laughter, creativity, and unforgettable memories.

Pro tips:

  • Select a painting that has sentimental value for you and your mom, whether it’s a favorite flower or a scene that holds special memories.
  • Wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting a little paint on. Aprons are provided, but accidents can happen!

6. Treat Mom to Eat Street Northshore

Address: 221D MacArthur Ave, Hamilton QLD 4007


Contact Details: +61 428 485 242, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Friday & Saturday: 4–10 PM, Sunday: 4–9 PM

Looking for a Mother’s Day treat that’s as diverse as your mom’s palate? Look no further than Eat Street Northshore in Brisbane.

It’s the ideal destination for moms who love to savor a variety of delectable dishes while taking in scenic river views.

Eat Street Northshore has firmly established itself as one of Brisbane’s premier food and entertainment hotspots since its launch in 2013. Located on the site of an old abandoned docking area in Hamilton, it offers a unique dining experience.

Imagine more than 50 shipping containers transformed into vibrant food stalls, each offering a diverse selection of culinary delights.

From pork dumplings to Japanese pizzas, classic burgers to Korean sliders, and even vegan brownies to cheesecake sundaes, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The atmosphere here is electric, akin to an Asian night market.

Beyond the food, you can enjoy live music throughout the venue, with different stages featuring various genres to suit your musical taste. There’s even an outdoor cinema and DJ-powered Whalebar for those looking to groove to the beats.

And be sure to make Mother’s Day extra special by exploring MarketSquare and TradersSquare, where you’ll find a diverse range of shopping options, from retro memorabilia to handmade dream catchers.

Pro tips:

  • While some stalls accept cards, it’s a good idea to have cash on hand as well, as not all vendors may offer card payments.
  • Grab a copy of Eat Street’s food guide or download it online. It’ll help you navigate the countless options and find dishes that suit your taste.

7. Scenic Picnic at the New Farm Park

Address: 1042 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005


Contact Details: +61 7 3403 8888, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: Open 24 hours

Enjoying a picnic at New Farm Park, a cherished and historically significant green oasis in Brisbane, offers a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day amidst the beauty of nature.

Spanning 37 lush acres, this park has stood the test of time, drawing over 18,000 visitors weekly, both locals and global travelers.

It’s a haven where families and friends congregate on weekends, seeking relaxation, picnics, BBQs, and leisurely strolls beneath the abundant trees or in the open fields.

New Farm Park’s rich history traces back to pre-European settlement when the land was covered in bush and dotted with serene lagoons. Over time, it evolved from a farm into a cherished community space.

Nestled along the banks of the Brisbane River, New Farm Park offers not just a natural oasis but also easy connectivity to the bustling Brisbane Central Business District via a scenic riverfront boardwalk, accessible by foot or from the nearby CityCat ferry terminal.

To enhance your Mother’s Day celebration at this idyllic location, prepare a delightful spread of your mom’s favorite dishes, including sandwiches, salads, fruits, and some indulgent treats. Don’t forget refreshing drinks to complete the perfect picnic.

Pro tips:

  • To secure a prime picnic location at New Farm Park, especially on Mother’s Day when it can get crowded, plan to arrive early in the morning.
  • While the grass is lovely, it’s wise to bring foldable chairs or picnic rugs with waterproof backing to keep everyone dry and comfortable.

8. Revitalize with Heartwood Nature Bathing


Contact Details: +61 401 795 236, [email protected]

If your mom is a nature enthusiast or looking for a gentle and accessible outdoor activity, give her the gift of a unique and invigorating Mother’s Day experience through Heartwood Nature Bathing.

Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, this experience allows you to reconnect with nature and find respite from the demands of modern life, all without the need for water.

Led by certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide Monique Ross, Heartwood Nature Bathing offers immersive experiences in both Brisbane and various National Park locations in the Gold Coast hinterland.

During these mindful walks, you’ll slow down and engage with nature using all your senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, taste, and hearing.

It’s a journey that leads to a place of calm, clarity, and connection, making it an ideal Mother’s Day treat for moms seeking solace in nature.

With small group walks in serene locations like Sherwood Arboretum and Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Heartwood Nature Bathing provides an opportunity to rediscover the wonder of the world around you.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t carry heavy bags or backpacks; bring only essentials like water, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
  • Leave your electronic devices behind or at least put them on silent. The idea is to fully immerse yourself in nature.

9. Indulge in Cloudland’s Culinary Delights

Address: 641 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


Contact Details: +61 7 3872 6600, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Thursday: 5 PM–3:30 AM, Friday: 11:30 AM–3:30 AM, Saturday: 12 PM–3:30 AM, Sunday: 11 AM–3:30 AM

To go beyond the ordinary and make Mother’s Day truly special, treat your mom with an indulgent dining affair at Cloudland in the heart of Fortitude Valley.

Here, you have the perfect setting to express your love and appreciation to your mom. During Mother’s day, they have a Love Mumm lunch, set in the elegant Moon Room, offering a delightful three-course long lunch experience.

You can then raise a toast with a glass of exquisite Mumm Champagne and let the two-hour beverage package, featuring French Sparkling, premium wines, Mother’s Day spritz, tap beers, and soft drinks, keep the celebration spirits high.

It’s a perfect way to pamper your mom with fine dining and sparkling conversations.

Alternatively, the Rose Room beckons you to savor a delectable Mother’s Day buffet that promises a culinary extravaganza like no other. You can explore live food stations, grazing tables, and an array of dishes during this generous two-and-a-half-hour feast.

From sumptuous paella to freshly carved pork belly, seasonal salads, and a selection of miniature desserts, the buffet promises a tantalizing journey for the senses, treating your mom to a culinary delight.

Pro tips:

  • Cloudland can be quite popular for special occasions like Mother’s Day, so make your reservations well in advance to secure your preferred seating time.
  • Cloudland has a stylish ambiance, so consider dressing up a bit for the occasion. It’s an excellent opportunity to make your Mother’s Day celebration feel even more special.

10. Terrarium Making Workshop at Mappins Nursery & Aquarium

Address: 240 Montague Rd, West End QLD 4101


Contact Details: +61 7 3846 6240, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9 AM–5 PM, Sunday: 10 AM–4 PM

Entry Fee: $105

If your mom has a crafty side and a penchant for greenery, why not treat her to a terrarium-making workshop at Mappins Nursery? On Mother’s Day, you can embark on a creative journey together, crafting a stunning 33cm x 33cm closed terrarium.

Everything you need for this unique experience will be provided – from plants and moss to soil, rocks, driftwood, stones, sand, and all the necessary ingredients, all elegantly arranged within a spacious fishbowl.

Terrariums offer a fascinating glimpse into miniature ecosystems. Closed terrariums, in particular, replicate the humid conditions found in tropical environments.

The glass containers allow heat and light to permeate, creating the perfect environment for condensation and photosynthesis – essential elements for plant growth.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll not only learn how to select the right plants but also create your own tools and master the construction and care of your terrarium.

As you craft your miniature world, there are light refreshments and beverages provided to keep your creative spirits high.

This terrarium-making workshop provides a perfect opportunity for bonding, creativity, and embracing the beauty of nature – all while crafting a stunning piece of living art.

Pro tips:

  • Before you start, think about the design and theme you want for your terrarium. It could be a lush forest, a desert oasis, or anything in between.
  • Familiarize yourself with the tools provided. These can include scoops, brushes, and tweezers, which will help you arrange your miniature landscape.

11. Riverside Dining at Howard Smith Wharves

Address: 5 Boundary St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


Contact Details: +61 7 3188 9090

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: Open 24 hours

One great way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to treat your mom to a dining experience with the beautiful Brisbane River as the backdrop at Howard Smith Wharves. This local spot seamlessly blends tourism, recreation, dining, and lifestyle experiences.

For Mother’s Day, Howard Smith Wharves offers a delightful selection of special events and shared menus, where you can savor the best of Brisbane’s offerings right on the waterfront.

From a sumptuous three-course Italian lunch at Ciao Papi to the unique Mum Cha experience at Stanley, or perhaps a gourmet picnic on the lush lawn with all the classics, the views of the river will elevate your experience.

Whether you’re sipping a spritz as the sun sets at Mr Percival’s or dining at one of the unique restaurants such as Greca or Yoko, the options are yours to explore.

As an extra touch, Felons Brewing Co. will be hosting a pop-up flower stall, allowing you to brighten her day with fresh blooms. With activities and flavors for the entire family, Howard Smith Wharves is the ultimate place to be on Mother’s Day.

Pro tips:

  • If you want to make it a truly luxurious experience, consider booking a stay at Crystalbrook Vincent. It’s conveniently located on-site, making it easy to extend your visit and enjoy the riverside a bit longer.

12. Book an Electric Picnic Boat from GoBoat

Address: 194 Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead QLD 4006


Contact Details: +61 1300 993 208, [email protected]

For an unforgettable Mother’s Day celebration, consider booking an electric picnic boat from GoBoat and treat Mom to a delightful picnic while cruising along the river. It’s a unique way to show your appreciation and spend quality time together.

You have the option to bring along all of Mom’s favorite snacks, or you can order delicious food and drinks from MICA, conveniently located in the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct, where your adventure begins.

Notably, these electric picnic boats are dog-friendly, so your furry family members can join in on the fun too!

GoBoat’s Electric Picnic Boats offer a fantastic opportunity to explore a different side of Brisbane as you leisurely cruise the river.

Whether you choose to circle around the iconic Story Bridge and the CBD or discover a scenic spot to anchor for a relaxed picnic, the choice is entirely yours, depending on the duration of your booking.

You can rent these electric boats for one, two, or even three hours to create the ultimate cruising experience. Each boat can accommodate up to eight people, featuring a picnic table in the middle, making it perfect for intimate gatherings.

Pro tips:

  • Brisbane weather can be unpredictable. Keep an eye on the forecast and be prepared for changes. It’s a good idea to bring sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas, just in case.


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