How We Make Money

How do you guys earn money?

Full disclosure, we’ll talk to you about how we earn money in order to keep our website up and running so we can continue to serve you guys.

Basically, we have affiliate links that allow us to get commission when you buy a product or subscribe to a service from our links.

But wait, does that mean we have to pay for The Best Brisbane content?

No, our services are absolutely free. It’s the vendors who have to pay for that.

Does this mean you get paid to do reviews?

Absolutely not! We don’t get paid to do our reviews.

Our content is 100% based on our team’s experiences, research, and hard work. You can count on us that our reviews are reliable and credible.

Why is it that sometimes what you say doesn’t match what manufacturers say?

Sometimes some info or specifications about products and services in Brisbane change without us knowing. So there will be times that our information might be different.

Do we get a warranty from you?

Sadly, no, the products and services we write about are presented with no warranty from us. Warranties shall be from service providers and manufacturers.

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