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The Best Walking Tours to Join in Brisbane

The Best Walking Tours to Join in Brisbane

What makes Brisbane one of the best tourist destinations is that it’s a very walkable city! You’d be surprised how easy it is to navigate with pedestrian-friendly streets and an extensive network of bike paths. 

In fact, if you wish to explore and learn about Brisbane a little more, you can even join walking tours for free! Walking around a new place is a great way to learn and experience it on a more intimate level. 

If you’re interested in exploring Brisbane on foot, here are the best walking tours that you can join in the city!  

Touring Brisbane on Foot

Touring Brisbane on Foot
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

There’s a lot more to the Queensland capital than meets the eye, that’s why we recommend going on a walking tour to get to know the city more, quirks and all. 

When you go on a tour, you can opt to join the Brisbane Greeters, a volunteer group of locals who’ll guide you through the city for free! There are also other tour options with a fee if you want a private tour or if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous.  

You can take a walk to see iconic landmarks, appreciate art and design, learn more about the city’s history and culture, discover cafes and bars, and roam around gardens and parks! 

And if you’re up for it, you can even embark on a twilight ghost tour or solve some clues and riddles to get to your next destination in the city! 

The tours usually take around two to three hours, and we’re pretty sure that whatever tour you choose is going to be worth it.

Brisbane Greeters Tours 

Brisbane Greeters Tours
Image Source: International Greeter Association


Address: Queen Street Mall Visitor Information Centre (meeting point)

Contact details: [email protected] / +61 73403 8888

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am 

Price: Free

The most popular walking tours are guided by the Brisbane Greeters for free! They are volunteer local tour guides who are passionate about sharing their stories and knowledge about the city that they love. 

What better way to see the city up close than through the eyes of a local? The Greeters embody the River City’s warm and friendly atmosphere so you’ll definitely feel right at home whether you’re a tourist, a new resident, or even a long-time local! 

More than 100 Greeters are available to guide you through the city in more than 20 languages (this depends on the type of tour). 

The Greeter’s Choice is the most popular tour which starts at 10am. What’s great about this option is that your Greeter will decide on the itinerary based on the places they know and love best and based on your interests as well. 

Every Greeter is unique, so every tour is different and that’s what we love about it! You can also opt to join a Greeter’s Choice Twilight Tour if you wish to experience the vibrant city at night! 

Next, there’s the Penal Colony and Early Settlement History tour where you’ll be transported back to the colonial times and the early chapters of Australian exploration. 

The 21st Century Brisbane tour focuses on the changes that the city underwent since 2000, as well as its current developments leading up to the 2032 Olympics.

Here you’ll also get to discover hidden gems such as 19th century laneways that are now home to some quaint coffee shops and bars. 

You can marvel at contemporary art in 20th century buildings as well  – a hodgepodge of eras that perfectly blend in the present. 

Pro Tip: 
Take note that walk-ins aren’t allowed so be sure to book online up to 4pm the day before to secure your slot. The tour may be free but you might have to spend on public transportation and food and drink, so make sure to bring your Go Card and some cash. 

If you’re looking for private tours for your group or family, you can book these tours for a fee. Here are other tours we recommend! 

City Essentials Tour – Walk Brisbane

City Essentials Tour – Walk Brisbane
Image Source: Walk Brisbane Facebook 


Address: Queen Street Mall Visitor Information Centre (start and end point)

Contact details: 1800 469 255 / +61 478 635 115

Operating hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:30am – 12:30pm

Price: $280/group 

The City Essentials Tour by Walk Brisbane is the perfect tour to join if you want a complete introduction to the city! You’ll be covering all the iconic landmarks as well as some hidden gems along the way.

Some of these popular spots include the Story Bridge, City Hall Clock Tower, King George Square, the City Botanic Gardens, Eagle Street Pier, and more! 

You can also check out some of the best cafes, restaurants, and bars in the city during the tour so you’ll get an idea on the best places to go for dinner and drinks. 

The tour is priced at $280 for a group of up to four people. If your group is larger, just contact Walk Brisbane for pricing. 

Pro Tip: Walk Brisbane does not accept walk-ins for their tours but you can still book until 5pm the day before which is subject to availability. Take note that all tours only allow up to eight people. 

Discover Brisbane Southbank – Trixity Trails

Discover Brisbane Southbank – Trixity Trails
Image Source: Trixity Facebook


Address: Fish Lane and Manning Street Intersection (starting point)

Contact details: / +61 419 212 405

Operating hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am – 3pm

Price: $55/group

Up for a challenge? Trixity Trails is not your ordinary walking tour as it’s also a scavenger hunt! 

What’s interesting about this tour is that it’s going to be a self-guided tour through a series of challenges that you need to accomplish using your smartphone. You’ll need to solve clues in order to get to the next destination in the tour! 

Sounds exciting? Then get ready to explore the city while taking on exciting challenges! 

One of their popular trails is in Brisbane Southbank where participants will get to visit cultural spots, walk though lush parklands, and discover great places to drink and dine! 

The challenge includes a total of 18 clues within approximately 4 to 4.5 kilometers within Brisbane’s Southbank. 

Pro Tip: Since this is a self-guided tour, there’s no limit to the number of people allowed to join the group. But take note that you will only be able to access the challenges through one device. If you’re a big group and wish to split into two or more teams, just purchase more trail tickets so each group gets access to the tour challenge. Be sure that your device is fully charged! 

Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tours – Ghost Tours Australia

Image Source: Ghost Tours Australia – Brisbane Ghost Tours Facebook


Address: Frederick St, Toowong QLD 4066

Contact details: [email protected] / 0401 666 441

Operating hours: Friday – Saturday, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Price: $49/adult

Up for another challenge? But this time, it involves ghosts! 

Ghost Tours Australia takes you to the darker side of the land down under as you visit haunted heritage sites with spine-tingling true-life stories! 

If you’re up for this kind of adventure, then these spooky thrills are surely going to be worth the fright! 

In Brisbane, they showcase the Toowong Cemetery, or as they call it – Brisbane’s City of the Dead (Brisbane’s largest cemetery)! Here you’ll hear stories about The Statue That Moves, The Black Prince, Mayne Murder, Grave on the Hill, and more! 

Ghost Tours Australia was established by haunted-historian Jack Sim in 1998. Other Ghost Tours in Brisbane include South Brisbane Cemetery, Lutwyche Cemetery, Nundah Cemetery, Haunted History Tour, and Haunted Brisbane Coach Tour. 

Pro Tip: Go on a restroom break before heading to the tour venue as there are no toilet facilities onsite. Take note that you can take pictures during the tour but filming is strictly not allowed. Wear closed flat-soled shoes. Sandals, heels, and slippers won’t be allowed on tour. Bring your own flashlight! 

Tips to Enjoy the Tour

Tips to Enjoy the Tour
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Brisbane is blessed with beautiful weather most of the year so walking tours are really a perfect way to explore the capital of the Queen City. 

During the tours, of course it’s best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you’ll be walking for approximately two to three hours. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, bring water, and a hat, too! 

Some tours may be free, but you might need to use public transportation. So remember to always bring your Go Card with you and some cash. 

And lastly, bring a camera or fully charge your phone to capture the memories! 

Enjoy your walk in Brissie!

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