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5 Best Places to Buy Gaming Chairs in Brisbane's Homepage

5 Best Places to Buy Gaming Chairs in Brisbane

Product Selection: The store should have a wide selection of gaming chair brands and models. 
Quality: The chairs should be of high quality and comfort. 
Customer Service: There should be staff that are helpful and ready to assist whether for online/phone or onsite inquiries. 
Delivery: There should be a reliable delivery service that arrives on schedule and delivers the products safely and securely. 
Pricing: Price points should be commensurate with the quality of the chairs. 

1. Computer Alliance

Products: Gaming Chairs, Accessories, ASUS, Razer, Thermaltake, Cooler Master, Playseat, Cougar


Address: 1517 Logan Rd, Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

Contact Details: [email protected] / 07 3421 3200

Operating Hours: Monday – Wednesday & Friday 9am – 6pm; Thursday 9am – 7pm; Saturday, 9am – 4pm; Sunday 10am – 3pm

Google reviews score4.1/5
Facebook reviews score4/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.9/5
Product Selection4.6/5
Customer Service4.7/5


  • User-friendly website with detailed description of products
  • Lots of budget-friendly as well as premium gaming chairs
  • One-stop shop for computer and gaming needs


  • Many gaming chairs are unavailable or low on stock
  • Restocking fee might be charged for returned items

Computer Alliance is your one-stop shop for all your computer and gaming needs from PCs, laptops, accessories, software, controllers, you name it! 

When it comes to gaming chairs, they have a decent selection of good brands such as Asus, Razer, Playseat, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, and Cougar. 

Gaming chair prices start from $299 to $3,999, so it’s great that there are a lot of affordable options as well as premium chair models for those willing to splurge. 

We also like that you have an option to shop online and in-store at their brick-and-mortar shop on Logan Road. 

We recommend checking their website first to see what’s available. We also found it very helpful that each product has a detailed description and specifications, plus, there’s even an option to compare between products, which is a nice feature.  

It’s good to know that all of the chairs come with at least one year manufacturer’s warranty as well. 

However, we noticed that there are a lot of products that are not available or are low on stock. So it would be better to visit the store to see what’s available and just so you can try out the chairs for yourself, too. 

In addition, if you’d need to return a product, take note that they may charge an additional restocking fee. 

2. EB Games

EB Games's Homepage

Products: X-Rocker, Anda Seat, BraZen, Onex


Address: Shop 015 Myer Centre, 91 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Contact Details: +61 7 3211 7236

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm; Saturday, 9am – 5pm; Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Google reviews score4.2/5
Facebook reviews score0/5
Total reviews4.8/5
Score consistency4.2/5

Product Selection4.5/5
Customer Service4.7/5


  • Affordable price points
  • Offers color options and themed designs
  • Wide selection of games and collectibles


  • Limited selection of chairs
  • Returns and refunds should be processed in-store

EB Games is the place to be for gamers and hobbyists as they offer a wide selection of gaming consoles, games, accessories, as well as boardgames, trading cards, and toys! 

If you’re waiting for the latest game releases, then this is the perfect place to pre-order. As for gaming chairs, their selection is quite limited but they do offer decent brands such as Onex, X-Rocket, Anda Seat, and BraZen. 

Price points are mostly affordable, too, plus there’s more color options especially from brands like Anda Seat. They also have themed gaming chairs such as Animal Crossing and Super Mario designs. 

Their gaming chairs start from $79.95 to $749.95. It’s also great that the products have detailed information on their website. 

However, we just find their physical store a bit too cramped, so it doesn’t give the best in-store shopping experience for us. Though it’s still good overall if you’re looking to browse through their game collection. 

With regard to cancellations, if you decide to cancel after making the payment online, you’d have to inform them by visiting their physical store. 

We think this is a bit inconvenient but if you really want to return the item, then it’s best to do it in-store as you also have the option to exchange the item. 

3. JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi's Homepage

Products: Razer, Anda Seat, Onex, ThunderX3, Playseat, X-Rocker, ZQ Racing


Address: Albert St., Queen Adelaide Building, Queen Street, Indooroopilly, Mt. Gravatt

Contact Details: 13 52 44

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (hours vary per branch)

Google reviews score4.3/5
Facebook reviews score0/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.3/5
Product Selection5/5
Customer Service4.4/5


  • Wide selection of products for home, entertainment, and gaming needs
  • Extensive selection of gaming chairs
  • Several locations in Brisbane


  • Customer service can be improved
  • Operating hours vary per branch

JB Hi-Fi is one of the biggest stores in Australia that offer a wide range of gadgets, electronics, appliances, whitegoods, and more! 

Everything from your home, entertainment, and gaming needs, as well as content creation and even personal mobility can be found here! 

It’s pretty convenient that they have several stores in Brisbane which you can find on Albert Street, Queen Street, Queen Adelaide Building, Indooroopilly, and Mt. Gravatt. 

If you’re looking for gaming chairs, you’d love that they have a wide selection of brands and models to choose from! This includes brands such as Anda Seat, Razer, Playseat, Onex, X-Rocker, ThunderX3, and ZQ Racing. 

It’s worth noting that they have a lot of available models and stocks from Anda Seat and Onex if you’re looking for those particular brands. And we recommend trying them out in-store to get a feel of what’s most comfortable for you. 

Prices of the chairs start from $119 and we like that the listings on their website come with detailed description and specs, as well as product reviews from customers. 

While we like shopping at their stores both online and in-store, we just hope they improve on their customer service at their physical stores. 

When we visited, the staff weren’t helpful and knowledgeable about the products, which was quite disappointing. We hope they improve on that aspect as their products also need some technical expertise. 

4. Umart

Products: AKRacing, Anda Seat, Armaggeddon, Cooler Master, Cougar, DXRacer,  Drift, Gamdias, , Onex, Razer, ThunderX3, etc. 


Address: 46 Dividend St, Mansfield QLD 4122

Contact Details: +61 1300 862 781

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm; Saturday, 9am – 4pm; Sunday, 10am – 3pm

Google reviews score4.5/5
Facebook reviews score0/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Product Selection5/5
Customer Service4.2/5


  • Wide range of gaming chairs
  • Lots of color and design options for gaming chairs
  • Price points suit every budget


  • Unreliable customer service especially when issues arise
  • Instances of delivery delays

What we love about Umart is that they have a diverse assortment of gaming chairs as well as an array of brands and designs to choose from! 

They offer a wide range of brands such as AKRacing, Anda Seat, Armaggeddon, Cooler Master, Cougar, DXRacer,  Drift, Gamdias, Onex, and Razer, among others. 

You’d surely be spoiled for choice with their collection of gaming chairs as there are lots of color, design, and style options to check out! 

With their extensive gaming chair lineup, it’s going to be easy to find something that suits your needs and budget. So if you want to compare between chairs, this is the place to go! 

Gaming chair prices start from $169, while you can already get an Onex or Cooler Master for $199. You can also get other more high-end brands like Anda Seat and Razer for $339.5 and $674.5, respectively. 

Their Anda Seat collection also comes with special edition chairs such as the Superman and Captain America editions which are priced at $400 to $500. 

We’re just concerned about their customer service, especially if there are issues with orders such as defects or requests for refunds and cancellations. 

Customers shared that it’s difficult to coordinate or to make even simple requests from them, which is quite a turn off. 

Furthermore, there were instances of delivery delays as well. So it might be better to choose products that are readily available and to test the products in-store to ensure its quality and functionality. 

5. ZQ Racing

Products: ZQ Racing Gaming Chairs


Address:  1/30 Collinsvale st, Rocklea QLD 4106

Contact Details: [email protected] / 1300 977 224

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 4:30pm

Google reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4.7/5
Product Selection4.8/5
Customer Service4.9/5


  • Offers premium, ergonomic gaming and office chairs
  • Provides excellent spine support
  • Reliable customer service


  • A lot of products are out of stock
  • More expensive than other brands

If you’re searching for a gaming chair that’s fit for a king, look no further as ZQ Racing has definitely (and literally) got your back! 

If you’re not yet familiar with the name, ZQ Racing is an Australian brand that offers premium gaming and office chairs. 

What’s interesting is, their chairs are inspired from racing car seats that focus on ergonomic design and functionality. We love that it provides excellent back support for the best gaming experience and utmost comfort while working. 

It’s worth noting that their chairs come in various sizes to fit your preferences. This is perfect as you can surely find the right size for you! 

For their Regular Fit gaming chairs, price starts from $369, while UpSize chairs start from $569, and their Max and Comfort series also start from $569. 

Furthermore, it’s awesome that they also offer a range of ergonomic office chairs with prices starting from $569 as well.

While they do have higher price points than other brands, we think it’s a worthy investment since we’d be using our gaming chair for long hours. 

However, we noticed that a lot of their chairs are out of stock. But good thing some chairs are available for pre-order, while you can also request to be notified once the one you want gets restocked. 

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