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5 Best Elder Care Homes in Brisbane

5 Best Elder Care Homes in Brisbane

  • Services: We searched for facilities that provide residential elder care and other essential aged care services.
  • Facility/Amenities: The aged care residence should have excellent facilities and amenities that improve the quality of life and health of residents.
  • Health and Safety: The health and safety of residents and care providers should be of utmost priority. There must be a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness practiced in the facility.
  • Quality of Care: The facility must provide professional quality of care, with certified and experienced caregivers and specialists.
  • Cost: The cost of services and accommodation must be reasonable with flexible payment options. They should also be transparent when it comes to all fees and charges.

As our loved ones age, we only want the best kind of care for them and a suitable place that they can call home. It’s great that there are a number of elder care homes in Brisbane that families can choose from. 

But we made it easier for you by listing down the best elder care facilities in the city that provide compassionate, professional, and personalized care. 

Take a look at our recommendations below! 

1. Windsor Aged Care Services

Windsor Aged Care Services

Services: Elder Care Brisbane, Aged Care Residence, Community Support Services, Home Care Packages, Wellness & Rehabilitation, Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP), Dementia Nursing Services


Address: 26 Palmer St, Windsor QLD 4030

Contact Details: [email protected] / 07 3357 9099

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews3.9/5
Score consistency 4.8/5
Health and Safety5/5
Quality of Care5/5


  • Located near the CBD
  • All staff undergo regular dementia care training
  • Very convenient for family visits


  • Facility is a bit old
  • Parking is limited

Windsor Aged Care Services is one of the best elder care homes that you can find in Brisbane as they offer a range of aged care accommodation options. We love that their selection of accommodations promote great quality of life and are ideal for family visits. 

Another thing we love is their location, as the facility is situated just around 15 minutes from the CBD. This is perfect if you live or work in the city center, as it would be very convenient to visit. 

They have two cottages called the Palmer and Thorne with a total of 61 beds. It’s awesome that both buildings have a sun-protected dining and leisure area for residents to relax and enjoy soaking up some sun during the day.

When it comes to meals, it’s great that residents are served freshly prepared meals daily which truly makes them feel right at home. 

We also appreciate that they offer residents a variety of individual and group activities such as art classes, fitness sessions, cooking, music programs, and more.

It’s also worth noting that all residents will have access to a range of care specialists such as occupational therapists, geriatricians, physiotherapists, etc. 

Furthermore, it’s good to know that all Windsor staff undergo training in dementia care regularly to continuously hone their skills and knowledge. 

Our only issue is that the facility is a bit old, although what’s nice about it is that it has a very homey atmosphere which a lot of families prefer. Also, there’s limited parking in the facility, so you might need to find a paid car park nearby. 

2. Carinity


Services: Home Care, Residential Aged Care, Retirement Living, Disability Support, Education Services, Chaplaincy


Address: Brookfield Green – 139 Gold Creek Road, Brookfield QLD 4069

Clifford House – 44 Jimbour Street, Wooloowin QLD 4030

Wishart Gardens – 14 Glasford Street, Wishart QLD 4122

Hilltop – 23 Rochester Terrace, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059

Contact Details: +61 7 3374 7111

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency 4.5/5
Health and Safety5/5
Quality of Care4.8/5


  • Over 70 years in the industry
  • Provides care services for elderly, youth and families, and people with disability
  • Has 4 locations in Brisbane with more in other areas


  • Quality of care might vary in each location
  • Some instances of unpleasant experience with staff

Carinity is one of the longest running elder care communities in Queensland which has been helping a lot of people for over 70 years! That’s why they instantly earn a spot on our list of the best elder care homes in Brisbane. 

They provide residential aged care, retirement living, and in-home care services to the aged care community. So we appreciate that they provide numerous options for the aging community and their families. 

Notably, it’s good to know that they not only help the elderly community, but they also support youth and families who’ve gone through domestic violence and family trauma. 

Additionally, it’s great that they also provide disability support, education services, and chaplaincy, which offers spiritual support to people in aged care, hospitals, and prisons. 

Furthermore, they have several locations in Brisbane: Brookfield Green, Clifford House, Wishart Gardens, and Hilltop. 

While it’s great that they have several locations in Brisbane and other areas, take note that the quality of care and service might vary in each elder home. 

This is because we’ve heard of some complaints from families of poor quality of care and unpleasant staff, but these might just be isolated cases for particular locations.

In our opinion, it’s still best to carefully inspect the residence beforehand, ask questions, and visit regularly. 

3. St. Mark’s Aged Care Community

St. Mark’s Aged Care Community

Services: Residential Aged Care, Holistic Care Services, Spiritual & Pastoral Care, Palliative Care, Allied Health Support, Food & Dining, Social Events, 


Address: 930 Gympie Road, Chermside QLD 4032

Contact Details: +61 7 3621 4635

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8:30am – 4pm

Google reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency 4.7/5
Health and Safety4.8/5
Quality of Care4.7/5


  • Easily accessible via public transport
  • Great location
  • Has several communities


  • Quality of service might differ for each community
  • Some complaints about overall management

St. Mark’s Aged Care Community is another facility with a great location! The elder care home is nestled in a lush neighborhood in Chermside with public transport easily accessible.

From what we’ve seen, the community is very warm and welcoming with lots of opportunities to socialize with family and fellow residents over music, food, and more! 

The Westfield Chermside Shopping Center  nearby is also a perfect place to spend some quality time when family or friends visit. 

St. Mark’s has three communities, namely, Jubilee, Church, and Settlement, and each one is equipped with a lounge room, which is a great place to entertain visitors. 

The facility also has its own cafe, library, chapel, and gardens, which truly make it an ideal home for your loved one.

We also like that they hold social events within the community daily such as scrabble games, coach tours, sing-alongs, movie nights, and barbecues. 

An important note is that St. Mark’s is part of Wesley Mission Queensland, which has a total of 13 communities in Brisbane. So it’s great that you can have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right community for you. 

Within Chermside, there are three other communities, Parkview, Cooper House, and Emmaus Village. But again, remember that the level of service might differ for each community. 

Also, we’ve heard from some clients that the overall management has been substandard. But this might only be the case for particular communities, so it’s still good to have several options to choose from.

4. St. John’s Community Care

St. John’s Community Care

Services: Aged Care, Disability Care, In-Home Support, Child Care, Health, Wellness & Social, Transport, Housing, Supported Accommodation, Retirement Living


Address: Shop 36 Taigum Square, 217 Beams Rd

Contact Details: 07 3865 7611

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm 

Google reviews score4.8/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency 4.6/5
Health and Safety5/5
Quality of Care5/5


  • Provides care services for a diverse range of needs
  • Comprehensive in-home service
  • Offers transport services


  • Doesn’t provide long-term residential aged care
  • Respite centers are far from Brisbane

What’s great about St. John’s Community Care is that they provide a diverse range of support to various communities and needs. 

They offer aged care, disability care, in-home support, child care, health, wellness, and social care, as well as transport for seniors, people with disabilities, and disadvantaged people. 

We truly appreciate their goal of improving the quality of life of everyone in their community. Their support spans from the youth to the elderly and to people with disabilities, as well as those with intellectual or psychiatric disabilities. 

For their aged care services, it’s good to know that they specialize in providing individualized care to clients when it comes to in-home care and transport. They also provide domestic assistance, allied health, individual social support, and more. 

But the difference with their service is that they’re more focused on providing in-home care. This also includes home maintenance, repairs, modifications, and even lawn mowing. 

Take note that they don’t provide long-term residential aged care, but they do offer short-term respite at their centers where clients can get individualized support. 

However, their respite centers are located in North Queensland which are far from Brisbane. So they might only be able to accommodate those who live in nearby areas, but it’s best to inquire as they do provide transport services as well. 

Notably, their goal is to help families provide quality aged care services that’s purposeful and compassionate. If you’re looking for an excellent in-home aged care service, then St. John’s is a perfect choice. 

5. Nazareth House Wynnum

Nazareth House Wynnum

Services: Residential Aged Care, Secure Dementia & Memory Support Unit, Palliative Care, Respite Care, Pastoral & Spiritual Care


Address: 272 Wynnum N Rd, Wynnum QLD 4178

Contact Details: +61 7 3393 5511

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4/5
Total reviews3.8/5
Score consistency 4.5/5
Health and Safety5/5
Quality of Care5/5


  • Has been providing elder care services since 1921
  • Offers several types of care services
  • Equipped with a number of amenities


  • Accommodation fees still apply wile resident is on leave
  • Couple rooms are limited

We included Nazareth House Wynnum on our list of the best elder care homes in Brisbane as it’s a truly unique home set in a beautiful heritage-listed building! 

The facility has been providing quality care for the elderly since it was established in 1921. We believe that their decades of experience will give your family peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for to a high standard. 

It’s great that they also provide a variety of care services. This includes residential aged care, respite care, palliative care, pastoral and spiritual care, and a secure dementia and memory support unit.

We also like that the facility is equipped with a number of amenities such as a hairdressing salon, chapel, library, BBQ area, landscaped gardens, and courtyards. It’s also very convenient that they have visitor parking as well as a private bus for outings. 

The facility has a total of 126 rooms with single and shared rooms available, as well as couple’s rooms, but take note that this is subject to availability. 

We also love that residents can enjoy a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, games, musical performances, gardening, hand massages, and more. 

It’s also awesome that residents can have up to 52 social leaves every year. But the downside is, you’ll still be charged accommodation fees while on leave. 

Who is eligible for elder care services in Australia?

Those who are eligible for elder care services in Australia are people aged 65 or over, while for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, the age of eligibility is 50 or over. 

For the homeless or low income population, the eligibility is 50 or over.  

Does the government pay for elder care?

The government can pay or shoulder some of the costs for elder care if you are eligible or if you are in need of financial assistance. 

What is the cost of residential aged care in Brisbane?

The cost of residential aged care in Brisbane can be around $200,000 to $400,000 or approximately $100 daily accommodation deposit. This would also depend on the resident’s assets or eligibility to seek financial assistance.

Can elder care services be provided at home?

Yes, elder care services can be provided at home. There are services that provide only in-home care services, while there are residential aged care facilities that also offer in-home service. 

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