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5 Best Camping Destinations in Brisbane

5 Best Camping Destinations in Brisbane

Amenities: We checked to see if the camping sites have basic amenities such as water, electricity, restrooms, plus additional facilities and activities. 
Services: We reviewed testimonials from campers to see if the camp’s staff are courteous, responsive, and helpful when it comes to queries. 
Location: We included campsites that aren’t too far from the city center and if they can be conveniently accessed by all types of travelers and vehicles. 
Safety: We chose campsites that are known to have a safe environment for everyone. 
Cleanliness: We selected campsites that keep the camping grounds and amenities clean and well-maintained. 
Rates: We evaluated if camping rates are fairly priced given the amenities available. 

    1. Moreton Island Adventures

    Moreton Island Adventures Homepage

    Amenities/Activities: Campgrounds, Camp Zones, Day Tours, Kayaking & Snorkeling, Sandboarding, Fishing, 4WD


    Location: 14 Howard Smith Dr, Port Of Brisbane QLD 4178 Australia (Ferry Station)

    Contact Details: Micat Ferry – [email protected]

                                Moreton Island Adventures – +61 7 3909 3333

    Google reviews score4.7/5
    Trip Advisor reviews score4.5/5
    Total reviews5/5
    Score consistency4.8/5


    • A variety of activities to enjoy
    • Several camp site options


    • Ferry schedule might be limited
    • Not all campsites have toilets and shower

    Moreton Island Adventures is one of the best destinations for camping in Brisbane because there are loads of activities to enjoy. 

    Firstly, it’s great that you have several campgrounds or camp zones to choose from located on different parts of the island. Also, most of the campsites have beautiful ocean views. 

    Not all campgrounds have the same amenities but they all have cold showers and drop toilets. Although, in the camp zones, there are no toilets and showers but generators are available at a certain time. 

    We think it’s nice to spend some quality time with family and friends here since there are a lot of activities in store. This includes day tours, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, 4WD, and more. 

    You can also choose to explore the Tangalooma Wrecks at night, which we feel would be an awesome experience. 

    From what we’ve heard, it’s one of the best places to go kayaking as you’ll be able to see the colorful corals and different marine life as you ride a transparent kayak illuminated with lights. 

    You can get there via the Micat Ferry which will be a 90-minute ride from the Brisbane Port. But take note of the schedules as the ferry only runs up to 5 times a day. 

    When it comes to camping rates, they charge $7 a person per night with discounts for students. We think this is reasonable, but be prepared to spend extra for day tours, activities, and transportation. 

    2. D’Aguilar National Park

    D’Aguilar National Park Homepage

    Amenities/Activities: Camping, Walking, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Trail Biking, Horse Riding, Swimming


    Location: Mount Glorious Road, Mount Byron QLD 4312, Australia

    Between 10km and 35km North-West of Brisbane’s City Center

    Contact Details: +61 137468

    Google reviews score4.7/5
    Trip Advisor reviews score4.5/5
    Total reviews5/5
    Score consistency4.8/5


    • Just less than 30 mins from the Brisbane CBD
    • There are camping areas where pets are allowed


    • Some areas can get crowded
    • Several areas are closed off

    D’Aguilar National Park is one of our top choices because they have a variety of camping sites and it’s the closest national park from Brisbane. 

    It’s very convenient that it’s only about 16 kilometers or less than 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. 

    This park is great for quick weekend trips with the family but make sure you secure all the necessary permits before going there. 

    There are a variety of camping sites to choose from. Although pets aren’t allowed on most national parks for safety reasons, there are campsites here that allow dogs on a leash.  

    If you love to go for a walk or hike along its trails, it’s great that they identify track grades as well as distance and time so you’d know what to expect. There are also other activities to enjoy such as mountain biking, horse riding, and swimming. 

    Since the park is just close by, we think it’d be nice to go on a picnic with family here for a day trip. However, some areas can get crowded especially on weekends, so it may be best to come here on weekdays to avoid the crowd. 

    But the good thing is, if you’re going camping, there’s a limit to the number of people per campsite. For camping fees, it’s $6.55 per person a night, which is a fair price.

    3. Lake Wivenhoe

    Lake Wivenhoe Homepage

    Amenities/Activities: Glamping, Powered and Unpowered Sites, Brazier Hire, Electric BBQs, Picnic Tables, Hot Showers, Toilets with Flush, Open Grassfields, Swimming, Fishing, Boating


    Location: 129 Logan Inlet Rd Lake Wivenhoe (off Hays Rd), Wivenhoe Hill QLD

    Contact Details: [email protected] / 0428 310 740

    Google reviews score4.4/5
    Trip Advisor reviews score5/5
    Total reviews4.8/5
    Score consistency4.4/5


    • Offers glamping accommodation
    • Well-spaced campgrounds


    • Some campers can be loud and noisy
    • No lights in toilet at night

    Not too far off from Brisbane is Lake Wivenhoe, which is just approximately 90 minutes away. We think this would be a great destination for a weekend getaway. 

    One of the main reasons why this is one of our top choices is that you can book a glamping accommodation. It’s great that there’s an option to enjoy a hassle-free outdoors experience after more than an hour’s drive. 

    If you’re not too keen on bringing your own camping equipment, then this is the perfect option for you. 

    Their glamping package includes a luxury queen bed, outdoor fire pit, glassware and cutlery, cooler, fan, USB ports, bluetooth speaker, lantern, and personal lock for the tents. 

    The glamping rates start from $149 for a minimum of two nights. Not too bad for a night under the stars. 

    Apart from glamping, of course there’s also an option to bring your own tent and equipment or to bring a trailer or RV. 

    Their drive onsite rates start from $31 and the best thing is, most of the areas have a beautiful view of Lake Wivenhoe. 

    Some previous campers we’ve spoken to mentioned that there are some campers who play loud music, which is unavoidable sometimes. 

    But we think the park management should be stricter when it comes to these things as it’s going to be a huge setback for campers. 

    Their toilets are clean and well-maintained but it’s just a bit difficult to use at night since there’s no lights. So make sure you always have a flashlight handy.  

    4. Darlington Park & Burgess Camping Grounds

    Darlington Park & Burgess Camping Grounds Homepage

    Amenities/Activities: Camping, Bird Watching, Bird Feeding, Toilets with Flush


    Location: 2505 Kerry Rd, Darlington QLD 4285

    Contact Details: 07 5544 8120 / [email protected]

    Google reviews score4.7/5
    Trip Advisor reviews score4.5/5
    Total reviews5/5
    Score consistency4.8/5


    • 1 hour away from Brisbane
    • Great service
    • Clean facilities


    • No shower and electricity
    • Rates are a bit higher compared to others

    Darlington Park & Burgess Camping Grounds is just a one hour drive from Brisbane so the location is very convenient for those who want a quick getaway with family and friends. 

    The area is very safe for visitors to freely explore. You can also take your dogs as long as they’re kept on a leash at all times. 

    It’s great that both parks have big open spaces and ample shade. This means that there will be enough space between campers. 

    You can pitch your tent by the trees or by the river. They can also accommodate trailers, caravans, RVs, and big rigs. 

    Darlington Park is also known for activities like bird watching and feeding that families with small kids can enjoy. 

    As for camping rates, they charge $10 per person, while kids get a discount at $5. They also offer a family package for 2 adults and up to for children for $30. 

    The rates are a bit higher than other destinations but the difference is not that significant, so we think it’s still a fair price. 

    For those who will be camping, good news is they have flushing toilets. However, they don’t have showers nor electricity. 

    But it’s nice to take a dip in the river, so we think you don’t really need the showers.  

    5. Mt. Barney Lodge

    Mt. Barney Lodge Homepage

    Amenities/Activities: Camping, Expeditions, Guided Walks, Kids Activities, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Lodge Accommodations 


    Location: 1093 Upper Logan Rd, Mt Barney QLD 4287, Australia

    Contact Details: +61755443233

    Google reviews score4.7/5
    Trip Advisor reviews score4.5/5
    Total reviews4.9/5
    Score consistency4.8/5


    • A variety of activities and workshops
    • Offers different kids activities
    • Equipped with hot showers


    • Steep rates
    • No pets allowed
    • Generators not allowed

    Mt. Barney Lodge is another great camping destination just 90 minutes away from Brisbane. 

    It’s situated in Mt. Barney National Park and there are lots of activities to enjoy while exploring its surroundings.

    The activities include expeditions, guided walks, rock climbing and abseiling, and workshops such as navigation workshops and wilderness first aid. 

    Apart from these, what we love about it is that it offers different kids activities that’s perfect for the whole family as well. It’s great that you could let your kids experience and learn more about the great outdoors, plus some basic survival techniques as well. 

    They can also accommodate corporate events such as conferences and team buildings. It’s good that big groups can choose from tent, trailer, or lodge accommodations as well. 

    We think this is also one of the most convenient campsites since they have basic facilities and more. This includes hot showers, toilets, wash areas, drinking water on tap, and camping equipment for hire. 

    For the rates, it’s higher than most camping destinations at $18 a night per person and $12 for kids. But we think it’s still worth the try if you like the convenience of the amenities that they have. 

    If you’re a solo camper, we think this is also one of the safest places to camp in as the area is pretty secure.  

    FAQs About Camping in Brisbane

    And that’s it for our picks of the best camping destinations in Brisbane! It’s awesome that there are places where you can just unwind and be closer to nature just a few kilometers from the city! 

    We’d love to know what you think about our recommendations! Just drop us a line down below!

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