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Why Sunnybank is a Good Brisbane Suburb to Live In

Why Sunnybank is a Good Brisbane Suburb to Live In

Back in the 1980s, Sunnybank became a magnet for Asian immigrants. Well, turns out Brisbane’s suburbs were shaped like a dragon, and Sunnybank was considered as the lucky ‘heart’ —- a symbol of fortune and luck in Chinese culture.

Fast forward to now, and Sunnybank is a vibrant blend of Asian influences. This suburb is filled with Asian restaurants and shops, a living testament to the diverse community that calls Sunnybank home.

Curious to know if Sunnybank could be your new stomping ground? Keep reading to explore why Sunnybank is the ideal suburb for you.

Why is Sunnybank a good residential suburb in Brisbane?

Why is Sunnybank a good residential suburb in Brisbane

Sunnybank is a great suburb to live in, thanks to its unbeatable mix of cultural vibrancy and modern conveniences. If you’re into a melting pot of flavours, you’ll probably fall head over heels for the diverse range of Asian cuisines lining the streets.

In our opinion, the fusion of historical charm with a contemporary twist makes it a unique gem in Brisbane. So, if you’re on the lookout for a place where tradition meets modern living, Sunnybank might just be the perfect fit.

Keep reading to explore why this suburb has everyone talking! 

Sunnybank has a thriving population

Sunnybank in Brisbane is home to a thriving community, making it a great Brisbane suburb to live in. In the 2016 Census, we discovered that 8,697 people call Sunnybank home.

If you’re one of those who enjoy a balanced community, you’ll find that it’s pretty evenly split, with 50.3% being male and 49.7% female.

Now, here’s the interesting part – the median age in Sunnybank is a youthful 32 years. So, if you prefer a lively neighbourhood with a mix of ages, Sunnybank’s got the right vibe.

And here’s a sweet touch: if you’re into the idea of a friendly community for your senior loved ones, Sunnybank welcomes them with open arms, with 14.3% of the population being 65 years and over. 

Sunnybank brings warmth year-round

Sunnybank is blessed with a subtropical climate year-round, making it a perfect suburb to live in for residents who prefer a touch of warmth and a splash of nature in their everyday lives.

For those of you who appreciate a bit of weather diversity, Sunnybank Hills boasts a humid subtropical climate with no dry season.

This means you can expect warm to hot summers, mild winters, and a healthy dose of rainfall throughout the year, keeping the surroundings lush and green.

Additionally, if you’re someone who thrives in a climate that lets you enjoy outdoor picnics in the park, and the occasional refreshing rainfall, Sunnybank might just be the dreamy, subtropical haven you’ve been looking for. 

Sunnybank is not just a good suburb to live in, it’s also an ideal place for families with kids in school. Let’s explore the educational landscape in Sunnybank:

Primary Schools:

Found in the heart of Sunnybank, Sunnybank State School is like a second home for your little ones. With a focus on holistic education, they nurture not just bright minds but also compassionate hearts.

Here, you can expect a lively mix of extracurricular activities, from science clubs to creative arts programs, allowing your children to engage in different activities while they’re still young.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School is a Catholic primary school that embraces a family-like atmosphere, where every student is known by name. It’s an ideal option for you if you want your kids to learn traditional values.

For those who believe in the power of diversity, Robertson State School is a melting pot of cultures. Kids here not only excel academically but also learn to navigate a global community.

From language programs to exploring music, it’s an educational adventure.

Secondary Schools:

As your kids step into their teenage years, Sunnybank State High School provides a nurturing environment. With a strong focus on individual growth, students can explore various subjects, arts, and sports, perfect for self-discovery.

For those seeking a faith-based education, Brisbane Christian College offers a blend of spiritual values and academic excellence.

With a commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals, they encourage students to explore their passions and beliefs.

If your kids would love to explore sporting and ministry opportunities, Apprenticeship programs are available in this school.

Tertiary Institutions: 

When it’s time for higher education, Griffith University’s Nathan Campus is just 3 kilometres away from Sunnybank.

Offering a range of courses related to Informational Technology, Business, and Aviation, it’s a great academic hub for your children. 

TAFE Queensland in Acacia Ridge is your gateway to a practical and dynamic education.

Offering an array of courses catering to diverse interests, including Business and IT for the tech enthusiasts, and Creative courses for the artistic souls.

If you’re passionate about making a positive impact, TAFE Acacia Ridge delivers in Education and Community studies. Here, you can dive into the world of making a difference, whether it’s in classrooms or community projects.

For those with kids who are natural nature lovers and animal enthusiasts, the Environment and Animal Services courses provide a unique opportunity to combine passion with profession. 

Sunnybank has numerous job opportunities

Living in Sunnybank is great for those who are looking for diverse job opportunities, as this vibrant suburb is a hub for various industries. Let’s explore a little more:

  • Technology and IT

Sunnybank’s tech scene is bustling with innovation. If you’re into coding and cutting-edge solutions, tech companies here offer roles like Software Developer, ensuring you’re at the forefront of digital advancement.

IT Support Specialists are also in demand, keeping systems running smoothly for businesses in the area.

  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts

For those with a passion for food and customer service, Sunnybank’s thriving culinary scene provides an array of opportunities.

Whether it’s as a Chef crafting delectable dishes or a Front-of-House Manager ensuring seamless dining experiences, the hospitality industry here is diverse and ever-growing.

  • Healthcare and Wellness

Sunnybank prioritises the well-being of its residents, making healthcare a crucial industry.

With roles like Registered Nurses providing compassionate care and Wellness Coordinators promoting community health initiatives, there are ample opportunities for those wanting to make a positive impact in the healthcare sector.

Living in Sunnybank is a comfort for those who prioritise accessible healthcare. If you’re wondering where to turn for your medical needs, let’s explore some of the notable facilities in the area:

For those of you who appreciate personalised care, Sunnybank Private Hospital is a gem. This facility is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and offers a range of specialised services.

From surgical suites to a dedicated maternity ward, it’s a place where health meets compassion.

Are you looking for a one-stop shop for your health needs? The Sunnybank Hills Medical Centre has got you covered.

From general practitioners to specialists, this comprehensive clinic provides a spectrum of services. Whether you need a routine check-up or more specialised care, you’ll find it under one roof.

So, whether you’re in need of specialised care, a comprehensive medical center, or a family-friendly clinic, Sunnybank has the healthcare facilities to cater to your needs. 

Sunnybank is a safe suburb

Residents in Sunnybank can rest easy knowing that their suburb is regarded as a moderately safe haven.

According to crime statistics, Sunnybank is ranked 20/100 in Australia when it comes to the number and severity of crimes proportionate to its population.

Now, every place has its quirks, and in Sunnybank, the main players in the crime scene are theft, burglary, and drug dealing or trafficking.

But here’s the good news: crime in Sunnybank has taken a positive turn, dropping by 10.65% from 2021 to 2022.

And here’s another reassuring fact: not a single homicide and related offences case popped up in Sunnybank in 2022. It’s the kind of news that lets you breathe a little easier when you call this suburb home.

So, if you’re someone who values safety in your neighbourhood, Sunnybank seems to be on the right track!

Getting Around Sunnybank

Moving around Sunnybank is easy with multiple transportation options to suit your preferences.

Whether you prefer the convenience of driving your private vehicle, booking a rideshare service, hopping in a cab, taking the bus, or catching a train, Sunnybank has you covered.

If you enjoy the flexibility of driving, navigating Sunnybank’s streets is a breeze. With well-maintained roads and easy access to major highways, it’s a convenient option for those who prefer to be in the driver’s seat.

Meanwhile, for those looking to ditch the car keys, hopping on a bus is a good alternative. The bus journey between Brisbane and Sunnybank takes about 23 minutes, covering a distance of around 16 kilometres.

Operated by Translink, buses depart from 1f Queen Street station, and arrive at Mains Rd at Turton Street, stop 80.

With 1,105 buses running weekly, it’s a reliable option, though it’s always a good idea to check schedules in advance, especially on weekends and holidays.

If the rhythmic hum of train tracks is more your speed, Sunnybank has convenient access to Banoon Station, a mere 2-minute walk away.

Train lines like BEEN and FERN stop near Sunnybank, with the first train departing at 04:22 in the morning.

The Best Things to Do in Sunnybank

The Best Things to Do in Sunnybank

Dubbed as Brisbane’s little Asia, Sunnybank is a cultural mosaic waiting to be explored. This vibrant suburb offers a plethora of Asian cuisines, diverse shopping experiences, and a rich community atmosphere.

From bustling markets to hidden culinary gems, there’s always something exciting around the corner.

If you’re a foodie, Sunnybank is a paradise with its countless eateries serving up authentic flavors from across Asia. For those who enjoy a bit of retail therapy, the local markets and shopping precincts promise unique finds and a delightful shopping spree.

Now, if you’re ready for the ultimate Sunnybank adventure, let’s continue to dive in and see what this family suburb (family suburbs in brisbane) has in store for you. 

1. Join a Cooking School at Sunnybank Plaza’s Junior Kitchen


Address: Junior Kitchen (MPC 4), St. Thomas More College, Corner Troughton Rd & Turton St, Sunnybank, QLD, Australia

Contact Details: 3345 7500

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Those who are living in Sunnybank can elevate their Asian cooking skills by enrolling at Sunnybank Plaza’s Junior Kitchen. Who knows, you can be one of the best personal chefs in town!

Here, you can learn how to cook your favourite Asian dishes with their resident chef and food tour host, Tony Ching, who brings over 35 years of culinary expertise to every class. 

His Chinese heritage allows him to unveil the secrets to Asian cooking, sprinkled with interesting facts and family stories to keep the class captivated.

In this 3-hour, hands-on experience, Tony will guide you through preparing five key recipes under exciting themes like Banquet, Chinese Peasant, or Yum Cha, which means “drink tea” in Cantonese.

With each class limited to 14 participants working in pairs, you’re guaranteed an up-close and personal cooking adventure. And once the cooking is done, you can sit back, relax, and savor your creations.

But there’s more – each participant takes home a bag of goodies, including a gift voucher, basic ingredients, and some of Tony’s treasured recipes, valued at over $25. 

2. Shop for Asian Ingredients at Sunny Park

2. Shop for Asian Ingredients at Sunny Park


Address: McCullough St, Sunnybank, QLD 4109, Australia

Contact Details: +61 7 3345 7500

Operating Hours: Monday – Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM; Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM; Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM; Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Residing in Sunnybank also means quick access to Asian ingredients through various Asian markets, such as the vibrant Sunny Park. Picture this: a melting pot of Southeast Asian cultures, shops, and cuisines right at your fingertips. 

Wander into the supermarkets, and you’ll be greeted with aisles filled with a diverse mix of produce from multiple Asian countries.

Here, you’ll probably love the atmosphere as it echoes with a dozen different languages spoken in the streets, creating a lively and multicultural shopping experience.

And if you ever feel hungry after strolling through the market, you’ll find Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, and Vietnamese eateries sitting side by side, each offering a unique flavour of Asia.

3. Let the Kids Play at Les Atkinson Park

3. Let the Kids Play at Les Atkinson Park


Address: Sunnybank, QLD 4109, Australia

Contact Details: +61 7 3403 8888

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

For Sunnybank residents with kids in tow, spend an afternoon and let the kids explore the playground at Les Atkinson Park.

With an impressive fish-filled pond, extensive playground, and picnic areas, Les Atkinson Park is a family favourite. Make your children’s day unforgettable as they navigate climbing structures, swings, and slides.

Don’t forget your fishing rod and tug along your picnic basket too! It’s the perfect recipe for a delightful day outdoors, where the kids can play, explore, and create lasting memories with you!

4. Get your Chinese Sausage Fix at Sunrise Butcher

4. Get your Chinese Sausage Fix at Sunrise Butcher

Address: Shop 122/358 Mains Rd, Sunnybank, QLD 4109, Australia

Contact Details: +61 7 3216 9833

Operating Hours: Monday – Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Wednesday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

If you’re a Sunnybank resident with a craving for Chinese spicy sausage, then Sunrise Butcher is your best friend. Located in the heart of the suburb, this butcher shop is a must-try for those seeking an authentic culinary experience.

As you approach Sunrise Butcher, you’ll notice their window strung with melt-in-the-mouth duck and soy chicken, enticing you with flavours that promise a culinary journey like no other.

Step inside, and you’ll find fridges packed with everything from succulent pork ribs and belly to chicken feet, quail, and even crocodile meat. It’s a carnivore’s paradise with a diverse selection that you can take home!

5. Eat Crispy Pancakes at Hot Cake House

Address: 358 Mains Rd, Sunnybank, QLD 4109, Australia

Contact Details: +61 403 266 287

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM; Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sunnybank residents who are in the mood for crispy pancakes that are nothing short of delightful can head over to Hot Cake House at Sunnybank Plaza.

Whether you fancy the classic red bean filling, the indulgence of custard, or the sweetness of chocolate, this pancake haven has you covered.

Additionally, the crispy texture on the outside, paired with the gooey goodness inside, makes for a pancake experience that’s nothing short of heavenly.

6. Buy Fresh Seafood at Yuen’s Supermarket

6. Buy Fresh Seafood at Yuen’s Supermarket

For Sunnybank residents seeking a taste of the sea, Yuen’s Supermarket is the ultimate place. This large, modern market has South East Asian staples, offering a culinary adventure right in the heart of the suburb.

But the real gem lies out back – brace yourself for a fantastic fresh fish market experience! Here, you’re not just a customer; you’re a seafood explorer.

Dive into the self-serve corner, where you can pick from an aisle of fresh fillets, whole fish, or seafood straight from the icy containers. 

And for the more adventurous souls, you can even fish for your supper right from the tanks of live seafood. Amazing!

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