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Crafting Fun Treasure Hunt for Kids in Brisbane

Crafting Fun: Treasure Hunt for Kids in Brisbane

Are your kids constantly on the lookout for hidden treasures, or do they have Sherlock Holmes-level detective skills when it comes to finding your secret stash of cookies? Well, it’s time to put those sleuthing abilities to good use!

In this guide, I’ll spill the beans on how to create the ultimate treasure hunt activity in Brisbane for your little adventurers. We’ll explore the art of crafting cryptic clues, setting up puzzles, and igniting excitement that rivals Indiana Jones’ quests.

So, grab your magnifying glass, dust off that pirate hat, and let’s set off on a treasure hunt adventure that’ll leave your kids eager for more!

1. Breakout Brisbane

Address: Brisbane CBD


Contact Details: 0456 380 347, [email protected]

Entry Fee:

  • Amazing Race Style City Challenge:
    • Team of 10-20: $35 per person
    • Team of 21-40: $30 per person
    • Team of 41-60: $25 per person
    • Team of 61-200: $20 per person
  • Puzzle Master:
    • Team of 10-20: $35 per person
    • Team of 21-40: $30 per person
    • Team of 41-60: $25 per person
    • Team of 61-300: $20 per person

Breakout Brisbane presents an enthralling urban adventure inspired by the Amazing Race format. Teams race through Brisbane, pitting their wits and skills while tackling a series of challenges designed to be completed within a certain timeframe.

Offering a diverse blend of iconic and lesser-known city landmarks, monuments, and public artworks, it’s an inclusive experience suitable for all age groups and abilities.

This citywide treasure hunt caters to friends, families, and Brisbane’s visitors with public events held on weekends, conveniently starting and finishing in the CBD.

Teams earn points for each completed challenge, fostering a competitive spirit that culminates in crowning the highest-scoring team as the victor.

Furthermore, Breakout Brisbane tailors private events for special occasions, be it a Christmas gathering, a birthday celebration, or a pre-wedding party.

Its versatile challenges are also a preferred choice for corporate team building, encouraging participants to engage in strategic planning, creative problem-solving, and collaborative teamwork.

You have two options to choose from: the Amazing Race-style City Challenge and the Puzzle Master.

1. Amazing Race Style City Challenge

The Amazing Race Style City Challenge is a thrilling 2.5-hour urban adventure that invites you to uncover the city’s well-kept secrets while competing head-to-head with other teams, all while racing against the clock.

Teamwork is key here as you collaborate to tackle intricate challenges and navigate the bustling inner-city landscape. This event unfolds in an outdoor inner-city setting, providing a dynamic urban backdrop for your exploration.

The physical requirements are minimal, as you’ll simply need to walk during the event, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of participants.

The challenge places a strong emphasis on strategic thinking, physical activity, and teamwork, offering a unique opportunity to enhance valuable skills while enjoying a captivating citywide adventure.

2. Puzzle Master: Track down the fugitive!

The Puzzle Master challenge is a captivating quest to track down a fugitive. Participants must unravel a series of clues, aiming to be the first team to successfully identify the elusive perpetrator.

With each puzzle solved, teams acquire valuable pieces of information that help narrow down the pool of suspects. The ultimate triumph goes to the team that correctly identifies the fugitive, claiming victory in this thrilling treasure hunt.

The challenge spans a duration of 2 to 2.5 hours, with pricing tailored to accommodate various group sizes.

The challenge comes to you, providing flexibility in selecting your desired setting. There are no specific physical prerequisites for this, as the challenge centers around mental agility and teamwork.

The Puzzle Master challenge fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, and collaborative teamwork, making it an ideal activity for those seeking a unique and mentally stimulating treasure hunt adventure.

Pro tips: Comfortable walking shoes are a must, as you’ll be exploring the city on foot. Opt for sneakers or hiking boots to keep your feet happy during the 2.5-hour quest. Within your team, assign specific roles to members based on their strengths. Someone can focus on navigation, while another tackles puzzles, ensuring efficient teamwork.

2. Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt Brisbane


Contact Details: +61 2 8417 1042, [email protected]

Entry Fee: $20.29

Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt is an app-led adventure that takes you on a journey through the city’s storied buildings, lush green spaces, and cultural landmarks.

As you explore iconic sites like the City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane City Hall, and St. Johnʼs Cathedral, you’ll delve into the city’s rich history, art, and culture.

This interactive scavenger hunt encourages you to decipher riddles, search for plaques, statues, and art, and work as a team to tackle trivia questions and photo challenges. Earn extra points for each hidden treasure you uncover and each team photo you capture.

With the chance to outscore others, it’s an opportunity to test your skills and knowledge. Best of all, this engaging experience is accessible at any time, allowing you to choose when to embark on your urban adventure.

Families are welcome to join in on the fun, as Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunts are designed to be family-friendly.

With a “Youngster” character specifically created for kids, children over the age of 6 can enjoy the excitement of the hunt, making it a fantastic activity for the entire family to explore Brisbane together.

Pro tips: Ensure your smartphone or tablet is fully charged before you start the scavenger hunt to avoid running out of battery during the activity. The app offers helpful hints if you’re stuck. Don’t hesitate to use them; they can be real lifesavers.

3. Geocaching Brisbane

Geocaching Brisbane
Image Source:


Geocaching in Brisbane offers an engaging real-world treasure hunt, transforming the city into a vast playground. Armed with GPS-enabled devices such as smartphones, adventurers embark on a quest to locate hidden geocaches at specific coordinates.

There are over 3,756 active geocaches scattered around Brisbane, promising a multitude of ‘treasure’ hunting opportunities for families and enthusiasts.

Playing this thrilling game is a breeze. After setting up a free basic membership on, you can download a geocaching map app on your mobile device.

The app utilizes your device’s built-in GPS to pinpoint your location and reveal the nearest caches on a map. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of caches near your residence, some even within walking distance.

The cache details on the app assist in your search, and as you navigate toward your target, the map updates to guide you closer to the hidden treasure.

Geocaches come in various sizes and appearances, from small film canisters to cleverly disguised rocks with secret compartments. Upon discovering a cache, you’ll typically find a logbook to sign and date.

Some may also contain small trinkets and collectibles, particularly appealing to children. While you can take an item from the cache, the geocaching etiquette mandates replacing it with something of equal or greater value.

Ensure you bring your collection of treasures for swapping and a pen for signing the log. Once you’ve found the cache, signed the log, and traded items, it’s essential to return it to its original location for the next geocacher to enjoy.

Pro tips: Before you set out, ensure you have a reliable GPS-enabled device or smartphone, which is your key tool for geocaching. Bring along small trinkets or collectibles to exchange with items found in the geocaches. It adds a fun element to the hunt.

4. CityHunt Brisbane

CityHunt Brisbane
Image Source:


Start/Finish: Museum of Brisbane

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Suitable for: Adults and kids aged 8 years and up

Entry Fee: $12.99

CityHunt Brisbane offers a captivating treasure hunt experience that combines modern technology with an intriguing historical narrative. In this storyline, the quest for hidden treasures is ignited by a local art collector’s recent acquisition of a medieval manuscript.

Teams of aspiring treasure hunters are tasked with decoding the enigmatic sketches and letter sequences within the document to unearth a priceless artifact hidden long ago.

This smartphone treasure hunt in Brisbane transforms the entire city center into your vast playing field. Unlike traditional escape rooms, the adventure allows you to explore the city while solving puzzles and riddles.

All you need to embark on this mystery treasure hunt is a ticket, a smartphone with internet access, and a team of like-minded individuals. The best part is, you can engage in this thrilling activity at any time.

The treasure hunt begins with a comprehensive briefing, including a video that outlines the story and the hunt’s progression. Roles are then assigned within each team member, whether as a tracker, adventurer, or code-breaker.

Armed with your smartphone, you’ll decipher encrypted codes, tackle logic tasks, and search for evidence at various city locations.

The web app on your phone aids in interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and navigating through Brisbane, gradually immersing you deeper into the narrative until you’re on the cusp of discovering the precious treasure.

CityHunt Brisbane presents a unique and engaging adventure for families and children, combining history, exploration, and problem-solving into an unforgettable experience.

Pro tips: Maintain open communication within your team, sharing discoveries, clues, and solutions. Two heads (or more) are often better than one. Take a few moments before starting to plan your route, considering the locations and the order in which you’ll visit them.

5. Scavenger Hunt at the Botanic Gardens’ Hide ‘n’ Seek Children’s Trail

Scavenger Hunt at the Botanic Gardens' Hide 'n' Seek Children's Trail
Image Source:

Address: 152 Mount Coot-Tha Rd, Mount Coot-Tha QLD 4066


Contact Details: +61 7 3403 8888

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday: 8 AM–6 PM

The Botanic Gardens’ Hide ‘n’ Seek Children’s Trail offers an engaging treasure hunt experience that’s tailor-made for kids and families in the heart of Brisbane.

This numbered scavenger hunt takes young adventurers on an exhilarating journey through an exotic rainforest, offering a unique opportunity to discover hidden treasures while immersing themselves in the wonders of the natural environment.

As you explore the trail, you’ll encounter delightful surprises at every turn, from encountering a croc in the creek to discovering a musical giant fern leaf.

The Hide ‘n’ Seek Children’s Trail is more than just a treasure hunt; it’s an educational and interactive adventure that fosters a deeper connection with nature. It’s a must-visit attraction for families looking to combine fun and learning in a botanical setting.

This children’s treasure hunt activity stands out as one of the best in Brisbane due to its ability to captivate young minds, encouraging them to explore, discover, and appreciate the natural world.

It’s an opportunity for kids to engage with their surroundings in a fun and interactive way, making it an enriching and memorable experience for the entire family.

Pro tips: At the entrance, pick up a map and any available handouts. The map will guide you through the gardens and the scavenger hunt, while the handouts often contain fun activities for kids to enjoy. After the scavenger hunt, enjoy a relaxing picnic on the sprawling lawn. It’s a great way to unwind, and there are plenty of shaded areas for a pleasant meal.

6. Trixity Trails Brisbane

Address: Brisbane, Brisbane Area, QLD 4000


Contact Details: +61 0408 408 499, [email protected]

Entry Fee: $55 per team

Trixity Trails Brisbane offers a unique and interactive treasure hunt adventure that lets you explore the city in a fresh and exciting way. Here, you embark on a journey filled with challenges, all guided by clues provided right on your phone.

Whether you choose to take your time and savor the sights or compete for a place on the leaderboard with the fastest time, this activity promises to reveal the city you call home, work in, or are visiting.

Created to encourage people from all walks of life to discover the wonders of Australia’s major cities, Trixity Trails presents a collection of easily accessible, digitally guided city exploration trails.

These trails are designed as a fusion of scavenger hunts and Amazing Race-style challenges, offering a captivating and educational experience for everyone.

You can choose from options like “Discover Brisbane,” “Discover South Bank,” and “Discover Brisbane Cultural,” each providing a unique perspective on the city.

You have to unravel challenging clues to lead you to major attractions, as well as hidden facets of the city that may remain undiscovered otherwise.

Whether you’re strolling through historic buildings, shopping districts, iconic monuments, botanical gardens, or immersing yourself in the rich cultural precincts, Trixity Trails allows you to engage with the heart of Brisbane in a truly remarkable way.

Pro tips: Take a moment to map out your general route to make the most of your time. It’s a large city, and you don’t want to backtrack unnecessarily. Don’t hesitate to chat with locals if you get stuck or need directions. They might offer valuable insights.
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