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Top 5 Places to Take Cooking Classes in Brisbane

Top 5 Places to Take Cooking Classes in Brisbane

Class Style: Classes that offer different styles depending on the needs of the students: demonstration classes, practical application classes, or workshops.
Cooking Equipment: The place where the classes are held should have plenty of quality kitchen equipment that is enough for the number of students.
Instructors: The instructors should not only possess the skills, but they can also handle students and communicate well with them.
Rates: Rates that can fit all types of budgets. 

    1. Vanilla Zulu

    Vanilla Zulu Homepage

    Services: Chef Skills Courses, Cooking Classes, Private Events & Team Building 


    Address: Lower Ground Floor, 92 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe QLD 4005, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 7 3050 0939

    Operating Hours: By appointment

    Google reviews score4.9/5
    Facebook reviews score5/5
    Groupon reviews score4.8/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score consistency4.8/5
    Class Style4.5/5
    Cooking Equipment4.5/5


    • Offers a lot of cuisine options for cooking classes
    • Chefs choose recipes that are easy to duplicate at home


    • Sharing of space & equipment with another couple
    • Overpriced

    What makes Vanilla Zulu special is its extensive cuisine courses. It offers both basic classes as well as elevated chef skills courses, which gives you options which type you want to try.

    One thing you’ll love about Vanilla Zulu is their professional yet cool instructors. The cooking classes are led by accredited chefs who can teach you how to make really delicious food while also having fun.

    This probably has something to do with the spacious and modern kitchen where the classes are held. Cooking feels more amazing if you have quality ingredients and can use modern equipment.

    Speaking of modern equipment, while we understand the need to share the space with other students, it’ll be a bit difficult for them to cook if they’re also sharing equipment. Perhaps it’ll be easier if they just accept a smaller number of students per class.

    Another thing that might have you second-guess into enrolling in Vanilla Zulu’s classes is their rates. They can be quite overpriced and are not for those with a small budget.

    Still, despite some of the downsides, taking cooking classes with Vanilla Zulu is worth it. The chefs choose recipes that are easy to duplicate at home, which tells you a lot about how much they want you to really learn.

    2. Taya Kitchen Asian Culinary School

    Taya Kitchen Asian Culinary School Homepage

    Services: Thai Master Class, Vietnamese Master Class, Korean Cooking Master Class, Asian Seafood Master Class


    Address: Enoggera, 18/254 S Pine Rd, Brisbane City QLD 4051, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 429 789 444

    Operating Hours: By appointment

    Google reviews score5/5
    Facebook reviews score5/5
    Total Reviews4.75/5
    Score consistency4.9/5
    Class Style5/5
    Cooking Equipment4.5/5


    • Focuses on Asian cuisine
    • Fun and perky chefs who instantly make students feel at ease


    • Limited choices on cuisine options
    • Booking might be difficult due to a large number of enrollees

    Taya Kitchen Asian Culinary School focuses on Asian cuisine, which is the reason why it’s in our list of the top 5 places to take cooking classes from. If you love Asian food most especially Thai and Vietnamese, then this is the most appropriate place for you.

    First thing you’ll love about it is their super fun and perky chefs. Imagine going to a class with your instructors basically telling you to have fun while working, and exactly showing you how to do it too.

    It’s easier to learn if your instructors don’t make things hard for you while at the same time truly help you improve your cooking skills. This style of teaching is the reason why they’re getting recommended to friends and families.

    Another thing students love about this cooking school is how it’s able to help even the beginners turn semi-experts just after a few hours of classes. They learn small tricks and tips, which the chefs aren’t stingy in giving.

    Focusing on Asian cuisine though can also be one of the turn-offs if you’re not a fan. Asian cuisines are their only options, so you won’t be able to learn how to cook any Western food if you enroll in their classes. 

    Also, due to popular demand, it might be difficult to book a schedule with Taya Kitchen. Make sure you book several weeks in advance to get into one of their classes and learn the best of Asian cuisine.

    3. The Golden Pig Restaurant & Cooking School

    The Golden Pig Restaurant & Cooking School Homepage

    Services: Cooking Classes, Restaurant, Events & Functions


    Address: 38 Ross St, Newstead QLD 4006, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 7 3666 0884

    Operating Hours: By appointment

    Google reviews score4.7/5
    Facebook reviews score4.5/5
    Total Reviews4.5/5
    Score consistency4.6/5
    Class Style4.5/5
    Cooking Equipment5/5


    • Extensive cooking utensils
    • Offers special themed cooking classes like “Summer Desserts”


    • Not much room for actual cooking time for students
    • Classes are a little too formal

    The Golden Pig Restaurant & Cooking School is both a restaurant and a cooking school, which makes sense why it’s on our list. The good reviews regarding their food and services already give you an idea how learning to cook from it’ll bring you to places.

    What students love the most is that they get to use different modern types of kitchen equipment. The Golden Pig has an extensive list of cooking utensils which allows for a better cooking experience.

    It also offers several special themed classes that pop up here and there like Summer Desserts cooking classes or any other themed one that isn’t on their usual offers. 

    Just like what we’ve said, the classes and the restaurant food go hand in hand. Several students who take their classes try the restaurants, and well, the quality and the quantity of the food served justifies the quality of their classes.

    The classes are reasonably priced too. The only thing that might make you uncomfortable is that sometimes, the classes take so long with demonstrations that students will have less time to actually cook. 

    Some classes are also a little too formal. While it might not be a bother to some who are used to a formal setup, it might be a little uncomfortable for those who just want to learn how to whip up a home-cooked meal for friends and family.

    4. Wholesome Bellies

    Wholesome Bellies Homepage

    Services: Plant-Based Cooking Classes, Private Dinners


    Address: 21 Nile St, Woolloongabba QLD 4170, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 416 250 969

    Operating Hours: By appointment

    Google reviews score5/5
    Facebook reviews score5/5
    Total Reviews4/5
    Score consistency4.5/5
    Class Style5/5
    Cooking Equipment4/5


    • Offers plant-based cooking classes
    • Homey and well-lit kitchen for your classes


    • Strictly no meat or seafood in any course
    • Can’t cater to a large number of students

    Wholesome Bellies is in our list of the top places to take cooking classes in Brisbane because it’s the only one that offers plant-based cooking classes. So if you’re vegan or you’re watching your diet, Wholesome Bellies is the best place to enroll for you.

    Fiona, the owner and chef, wants you to fall in love with veggies by transforming them into really delicious meals. Most of the food she teaches you to cook are made from fresh ingredients, which will make you appreciate the efforts thrown into making them. 

    Wholesome Bellies offers several options for cuisines. However, most of the recipes that you’ll learn will be limited in terms of ingredients.

    You’ll also appreciate where the classes are held. Most classes become a little too formal because of the area where you’re being taught how to cook, but classes in Wholesome Bellies are held in a homey kitchen that will instantly make you feel at ease.

    Wholesome Bellies offers strictly “no meat, no seafood” classes. So if you love meat so much, then you might want to try the other places in our list.

    Another thing you might find an inconvenience too is that it can’t cater to a large number of students. You might have to book early in advance for a class because the line of interested students might be long. 

    5. Food With Style

    Food With Style Homepage

    Services: Group or Private Cooking Classes


    Address: 105 Molloy Rd, Cannon Hill QLD 4170, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 432 959 677

    Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Google reviews score5/5
    Total Reviews3.5/5
    Score consistency4/5
    Class Style4.75/5
    Cooking Equipment5/5


    • Classes are conducted in ILVE showroom
    • Customization of private cooking classes


    • Private cooking classes can be pricey
    • Might experience slow response to inquiries

    Food With Style is founded by Chef for Hire, Jan Granitch. It’s on our list because of Jan’s expertise as well as the availability of top-notch equipment for your classes.

    Food With Style offers two classes: group classes as well as private classes. Group classes have more reasonable rates and packages so you can take these sessions with your friends or family members.

    Private classes on the other hand are pricier than group ones. Though honestly, it’s pretty understandable because it’s a one-on-one session that can be customized based on your needs as a student. 

    The best thing about enrolling classes in Food With Style is the fact that its classes are conducted in an ILVE showroom. ILVE is an appliance brand, so you’ll get to use the best modern kitchen utensils and equipment while learning how to cook.

    You might experience a slow response in inquiries though since Food With Style is often fully booked. Jan is also the only one who conducts the classes, and it can be quite hard to get into one because of that reason.

    Still, you’ll enjoy Food With Style because of how interactive and fun the classes are. You’ll also learn how to cook several quality meals within a short amount of time – a feat for beginners.

    FAQS About Cooking Classes in Brisbane

    Done with our list! Cooking is a basic life skill that you need to learn or improve because it will benefit you in the long run. Choose the school that matches your budget and needs for the best learning experience. 

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