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Your Travel Guide to Brisbane’s Scenic Rim

Your Travel Guide to Brisbane’s Scenic Rim

Brisbane’s Scenic Rim is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in the world. From its wide range of rainforests, picturesque landscapes to its knowledge-packed national parks, you’ll really feel like you’re on the top of the world here!

Luckily, we’re here to make things easier for you. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know before going on a trip to our city’s famous Scenic Rim. 

We’ll also include some tips on how you can enjoy your tour in these plenty of mountain ranges and rainforests!

What is the Scenic Rim?

The Scenic Rim is a group of mountain ranges located in South Brisbane. It’s surrounded by World Heritage-listed national parks in a 4,254 sq km area. It’s considered as one of Brisbane’s signature tourist spots.

It was opened to the public in 2008 and is also surrounded by large lakes like Lake Moogerah, Lake Wyaralong and Lake Maroon. Arthur Groom, a famous adventurer in the 1990s, called it the Scenic Rim due to its spectacular valleys.

Time Zone

Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)

Best Time to Go

December, January and February are the best months to go to Brisbane’s Scenic Rim. These months are the warmest and have the most sunny days in a year. 

How to Go to the Scenic Rim *

Address: West Moreton Region, South East Queensland, Australia

Taxi: The fastest and the most efficient way to go to the Scenic Rim is by taxi. You can ask the driver to drop you off at the area where you’ll start your tour.

Rental Car: This is another option you can use to go to the Scenic Rim. Just like a taxi, it’s only an hour and a half away from Brisbane airport.

You can avail rental car services of SIXT, Enterprise and Avis as well. 

What to Do in the Scenic Rim

1. See the Falls at Tamborine National Park

1. See the Falls at Tamborine National Park
Image Source:

Address: Curtis Road Tamborine Mountain Qld 4272
Contact details: 137468 / [email protected]

Aah, nature. Just reading the word ‘falls’ already feels  refreshing, what more if you experience it first-hand in the Scenic Rim?

The falls at Tamborine National Park offer a chance to reconnect with nature. Beneath the shimmering water, you’ll spot an array of aquatic life, from curious frogs to darting fishes.

Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, Tamborine National Park’s falls are a natural gem and one of the Scenic Rim’s best experiences. Here, you can take leisurely strolls along the trails or, indulge in some bird watching amidst the lush greenery

One of the falls you can visit is the Cedar Creek Falls, the only waterfall where you can take a refreshing swim. The natural slide adds an element of fun to your visit. There’s also the Cameron Falls, though seasonal, offers sweeping valley views.

On the other hand, Curtis Falls, with its lush rainforest surroundings and picturesque pool, is perfect for photographers. And if you’re up for a hike, venture to Witches Falls, where the forest’s serenity captivates, even without a cascading waterfall.

Please remember to respect the rules and avoid restricted areas to preserve this pristine environment.

2. Wander Through the Towering Rainforests at Lamington National Park

2. Wander Through the Towering Rainforests at Lamington National Park
Image Source:

The Lamington National Park is full of ancient trees, rainforests and even walking tracks worth exploring along the McPherson Range.

* Much like its counterpart Tamborine National Park, Lamington National Park boasts its own spectacular waterfalls waiting to be discovered as you explore the picturesque walking trails, including renowned ones like Elabana Falls and Moran Falls.

Here, various forms of wildlife, such as frogs, birds, and fish, will come into view as you immerse yourself fully in nature, allowing you to truly appreciate your surroundings.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a photo, too!

If you wish to camp, you may do so. However, booking in advance and securing a camping permit is needed first. For a permit, you may get it here

Camping fees are $7.25 per night for an individual while family is charged by $29 per night (price may vary).

3. See the Beautiful Garden of Elderflower Farm

Address: 541 Kents Lagoon Road Kents Lagoon Qld 4309
Contact details: 0427345528 / [email protected]

You’ll see different kinds of flowers when you visit Elderflower Farm like yarrow, lisianthus and snapdragon*. Every season, different flowers bloom from this garden, so it’s indeed a great experience!

At this farm, you have the option to purchase and personally select your own bouquet of flowers*. Elderflower Farm also offers engaging workshops led by experienced florists, providing the perfect opportunity to explore your floral creativity.*

In these workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to master the craft of flower arrangement, uncover the intricacies of flower pressing, and craft exquisite wreaths with the guidance of their skilled team.

Nestled within the exquisite ambiance of The Scenic Rim Farm Shop and Cafe, Elderflower Farm provides a unique and tranquil experience.

Set against the backdrop of towering Jacaranda trees, you’ll find yourself relaxing as you indulge in the finest offerings such as the barista-crafted local coffee and Chef Kate Raymont’s delectable house-made cuisine.

Beyond the culinary delights, you can also immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring a variety of regional produce, artisanal cheeses, and gourmet pantry staples available for purchase.*

4. Walk Through Little Bee’s Secret Garden

Address: 8 Kidston Street Canungra Qld 4275
Contact details: 0478784719 / [email protected]

Exploring the wonders of Little Bee’s Secret Garden is among the many things we highly recommend, too!

You can learn more about bees and join their interactive workshops on topics like crafting bee hotels, understanding native bees, and creating a welcoming environment for these essential pollinators in your own garden*.

They also sell honey and gifts that you can bring with you as souvenirs from the Scenic Rim. Little Bee’s Secret Garden is pet-friendly, so you can bring your dogs, cats or other baby animals with you.

5. Cross the Bridge of O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk

5. Cross the Bridge of O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk
Image Source:

Address: Lamington National Park Green Mountains Section Canungra Qld 4275
Contact details: 1800688772 / [email protected]

It might be scary at first, but this Tree Top Walk could become another one for the books you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

We highly recommend crossing through this bridge as you will not only see the top view of the Scenic Rim, but you can also spot some ferns, epiphytic orchids, birds and other living creatures.

If you’re up for an adventure, you can also try the zipline! You’ll see 10 epic zip lines surrounding the 9 acres world’s heritage forest.

6. Try Different Activities at Lake Moogerah

6. Try Different Activities at Lake Moogerah
Image Source:

Address: 144 Moogerah Connection Road, Moogerah, Scenic Rim Area Queensland 4309

Lake Moogerah is another great place to get away from it all! You can do plenty of activities here like swimming, water skiing, jet skiing and recreational boating.

You can also fish* if you want! With its abundant Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, and Mary River Cod, it’s a haven for anglers seeking a diverse range of fish species.

There’s also a campsite, located at Muller Park Road. It costs $25 for unpowered sites and $34 per night for a powered one.

7. Take a Look at the Breathtaking Scenery of Lake Maroon

7. Take a Look at the Breathtaking Scenery of Lake Maroon
Image Source:

Address: Bicentennial Park, Maroon, Scenic Rim Area Queensland 4310

Lake Maroon is another must-visit place when you’re in Scenic Rim. Its spectacular landscapes and breathtaking scenery is worth the hour trip from Brisbane to this region!

You can sail, fish, paddle boat, parasail, and camp here. Plus, you can take lots of photos, too!

The camping site is located in the Maroon Dam at the south of Boonah. They also offer homesteads that can cater up to 5 guests with a starting price of $240 from Monday to Thursday. 

8. See the Spectacular Views ini Lake Wyaralong

8. See the Spectacular Views in Lake Wyaralong
Image Source: 

Address: Beaudesert Boonah Road Beaudesert

Trees, trees, trees! Lake Wyaralong also has plenty of charming trees you’d never get tired looking at. It’s located in the middle of Boonah and Beaudesert at Mt Joyce.

Just like the previous lakes, you can bask in nature freely and enjoy the scenery here. You can do kayaking, fishing, stand up paddle boarding and canoeing.

There are also 40-kilometre trails you can enjoy for walks, bike rides and horse rides.

9. Get to Know Scenic Rim Brewery and Cafe

Address: 898 Reckumpilla Street Mount Alford Qld 4310
Contact details:
0754630412 / [email protected]

Aside from large rainforests, there are also plenty of breweries and distilleries circling the Scenic Rim region.

Located in Mount Alford, the Scenic Rim Brewery and Cafe serves fresh coffee, cold beers and appetising snacks like burgers and fries.

Wendy, the cafe’s owner and head chef, places a strong emphasis on the passion behind their menu offerings.

Her husband, Mike, shares a similar enthusiasm for enhancing the brewery experience for visitors to the Scenic Rim, offering flavorful finger foods and beer to make their visit more enjoyable.

10. Take a DIY Tour and Visit Wine Distilleries

10. Take a DIY Tour and Visit Wine Distilleries
Image Source:


  • Castle Glen – 138 Long Road Tamborine Mountain Qld 4272
  • Cauldron Estate and Distillery – 89-123 Hartley Road Tamborine Mountain Qld 4272
  • Fortitude Brewing Co – 165 Long Road Tamborine Mountain Qld 4272

Castle Glen, Cauldron Estate and Distillery and Fortitude Brewing Co are among the distilleries you can add to your DIY wine tour in Tamborine Mountain.

They’re only a few minutes away from each other on foot. Castle Glen is only a 28-minute walk away from Cauldron Estate and Distillery, while Fortitude Brewing Co is only 26 minutes away on foot.

You’ll learn more about wine production in these distilleries and you might have the chance to join the wine tasting, too.

Where to Stay in the Scenic Rim

1. O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

1. O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat
Image Source:

Address: 3582 Lamington National Park Rd, Canungra QLD 4275
Contact details: +61 7 5544 0644

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat is an all in one place where you can stay, eat and wander in the walking tracks. It was built in 1926 and has 48 modern western-looking villas you can choose from!

It’s a 4-star hotel with a combination of modern and home-like interiors. Since it’s just at the end of the road of Lamington National Park, you can easily access the park within 2 minutes by car.

If you feel like camping, this hotel also offers safari tents and has campervan sites you can enjoy during your stay.

2. Spicers Peak Lodge

2. Spicers Peak Lodge
Image Source:

Address: 1 Wilkinson Rd, Maryvale, Queensland, Australia
Contact details:
1300 253 103

Spicers Peak Lodge is among the most-rated hotels to stay at in the Scenic Rim by tourists. And we can vouch for it, too!

Aside from being a 5-star hotel, they offer a variety of facilities to make your stay more comfortable and memorable. Among these include a restaurant, mini bar and lots of outdoor activities. 

The staff are also warm and welcoming. Many tourists mentioned that they feel spoiled while staying in this hotel. 

You can choose from rooms such as the following: 

  • Accessible Lodge Suite
  • Loft Suites
  • Lodges Suites
  • Lodge Spa Suites
  • One Bedroom Private Lodge
  • Two Bedroom Private Lodge

3. Binna Burra Lodge

3. Binna Burra Lodge
Image Source:

Address: 1040 Binna Burra Rd Beechmont, Queensland
Contact details: +61 (0)7 5533 3622 / [email protected]

Binna Burra Lodge is a 3-star hotel located near Lamington National Park. So if Lamington is one of your itineraries when you’re in Scenic Rim, this hotel could be a great choice!

They have a huge parking lot, conference facilities and offer fun activities like yoga and archery. There’s also a coffee shop inside!

What’s lovely about this hotel is that its rooms overlook the mountains of the Scenic Rim. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone since it’s nearby the region, plus the scenery is superb!

Tips to Enjoy the Visit in Scenic Rim

Tips to Enjoy the Visit in Scenic Rim
Image Source:

Take Plenty of Photos

Make sure to bring your camera with you before visiting the Scenic Rim! Although you may remember this beautiful place once you get home, photos can help you reminisce about it more clearly.

Stay Curious and Appreciate Everything

Wander slowly and imprint every charming place you see with you. By staying curious to what’s in front of you, you’re lighting up the enthusiasm about getting to know the region more!

Get Enough Sleep and Stay Healthy Before the Trip

As we’ve mentioned that the Scenic Rim is huge, it would be difficult to travel or walk if you feel sick. 

Hence, we suggest taking care of your body well before you fly to Brisbane or even get enough sleep before the day you’ll go to the Scenic Rim.

Items to Pack *

Regardless of the month of your visit, we suggest packing comfortable clothes and shoes before roaming around the Scenic Rim.

We also recommend bringing over-the-counter medicines for headaches, cough or flu in case you feel sick during the tour. Since you need energy to wander through the large rainforests, it’s better to keep yourself healthy during your whole trip.

Pocket Money *

Aside from the weather and other essentials, you also need to consider your pocket money before going on a trip to the Scenic Rim. 

Not only will you see lots of restaurants here, but you’ll also pass by several souvenir vendors – which we suppose you’ll buy from.

Plus, most activities here have charges. So we recommend allocating the money you’ll spend.

What to Consider Before Going on a Trip to Scenic Rim 

Weather *

Since weather is among the important things to consider when travelling, we’ve listed down the weather conditions per season of the Scenic Rim below:

Summer: The hottest season to go to the Scenic Rim, yet the best one, too. 

December, January and February are actually the best months to visit the region since the average temperature during these months goes up to 33°C.

That said, there will be more sunny days during this season. However, December and January tend to have more rainfall than February, so the safest month could be February to visit the Scenic Rim.

Spring: This season is a combination of sunny days and moderate breeze. The average temperature during spring goes up to 28°C, especially in November. 

We can also recommend this season as your month of visit to the Scenic Rim since it has less rainfall compared to other months. 

Autumn: Just like spring, autumn is in the middle of sunny and rainy days. However, since it’s almost winter, this season leans more on the colder side. 

The average temperature here goes up to 27°C during March and drops to 7°C in May. 

Winter: Known as the coldest season, winter’s average temperature at the Scenic Rim drops up to 4.9°C especially in August.

If you visit during this season, make sure to pack clothes accordingly so you don’t have to worry about the cold.

Scenic Rim is just among the many attractions you’ll see in Brisbane, but being here is already enough to boost your curiosity about our city!

We hope we’ve guided you on how to explore the Scenic Rim well through this article. If you have other questions or experiences you’d like to share with us, feel free to comment them down below!

See you in our next articles!

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