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Moving to Brissie Is South Brisbane a Good Suburb

Moving to Brissie: Is South Brisbane a Good Suburb?

Are you thinking of moving to South Brisbane? Nestled on the southern banks of the Brisbane River, this suburb is a great place to settle in, with a vibrant cultural hub right at your doorstep and proximity to everything you need! 

South Brisbane is one of the best suburbs to live in if you want to be close to the CBD and have easy access to parks, the river, and the city’s cultural heart. 

If you’re considering making South Brisbane your new home, we’ll answer some questions that you might have before making that big move! 

Is South Brisbane a Good Suburb?

South Brisbane is a good suburb because everything is within walking distance and public transportation is easy to navigate. 

The suburb is close to the Brisbane center, so it’s a great choice for professionals who work in the city. The South Bank Parklands is located here, as are the region’s biggest museums and art galleries, so it’s an awesome place for families, too. 


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of South Brisbane is 14,292 with the median age of residents at 29 years old. 

Most of the people who live in the suburb are professionals, families, and retirees. Around 25% are married and around 64.3% are single, while there are approximately 2,849 families with one or two children.  

Weather and Climate 

South Brisbane in the Sunshine State capital experiences a subtropical climate with sunny days most of the year. 

Summer is from December to February with average temperatures ranging from 21 – 29.8°C. The city also gets its highest rainfall during this season. 

During the autumn season from March to May, there’s less rain and low humidity, with temperatures dropping to 15°C up to 25°C.  In winter, we enjoy a mild and cool climate of 11 – 21°C. 

Meanwhile, September to November is springtime, with temperatures that are similar to autumn. During this time, the city experiences the least rainfall and a number of festivals also take place, such as the Brisbane Festival and the Good Food & Wine Show

Advantages of Living in South Brisbane

Advantages of Living in South Brisbane

The Brisbane Sign in South Bank Parklands / Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Living in South Brisbane has numerous advantages. Being an inner-city suburb in the Queensland capital, residents have an array of options for schools, hospitals, dining destinations, shopping, entertainment, and much more! 

Here, we’ll take a look at the suburb’s access to the essentials, as well as the wealth of attractions that South Brisbane has to offer. 



Image Source: Pexels

What’s great about South Brisbane is that there’s a number of major hospitals nearby within the suburb, the CBD, and neighboring areas. 

Hospitals within the suburb: 

Mater Hospital Brisbane offers a diverse range of adult medical, surgical, and cancer treatment services. They also provide 24-hour adult emergency services, intensive and coronary care, day respite, day surgery, and day oncology.

Mater Children’s Private Hospital in South Brisbane is a private medical facility serving children from birth to 16 years old. They have an inpatient ward, medical and surgical day units, and the only dedicated pediatric sleep unit in Queensland.

The Queensland Children’s Hospital provides a wide range of services for children’s health needs. This includes emergency services, cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, mental health, nutrition and dietetics, etc. 

Hospitals nearby: 

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital is located just 15 minutes from South Brisbane. They offer a range of clinical and care and support services such as general medicine, palliative care, rehabilitation, and occupational and speech therapy. 

Located in the CBD, just 10 minutes from the suburb, St. Andrew’s is one of the top hospitals in Brisbane. 

They’ve been recognized as a Center of Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery. They also specialize in Breast Care services, as well as emergency, clinical, and intensive care services. 

The Brisbane Private Hospital is just a 10-minute drive from South Brisbane in Wickham Terrace near the CBD. They specialize in orthopedics, general surgery, ENT, neurosurgery, and recovery-led drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments. 


Image Source: Pexels

For families with kids, you’d be happy to know that South Brisbane and the surrounding areas offer good quality education from public and private schools. 

Primary Schools: 

Edge Early Learning provides quality education and care to children from six weeks to school age. They adopt an inquiry-based approach that focuses on learning through play and discovery. 

Set in a heritage-listed property, Cottage Grove Early Learning provides a homey atmosphere that inspires lifelong learning for children. They have interactive outdoor play areas that encourage curiosity, collaboration, and communication. 

Mater Early Learning  is a daycare center that caters to children from nursery to kindergarten and provides a secure, inclusive, and encouraging environment. Since 2004, they’ve been committed to children’s education, care, and safety. 

Rachel’s Place in West End is just within walking distance from South Brisbane. They provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages learning, and they also offer forest schooling and parenting support. 

Secondary Education: 

Brisbane State High School has been around since 1921 and is one of the best state high schools in Queensland. Apart from academia, they encourage students to actively participate in culture, sports, and community development. 

Somerville House is a school for girls from prep to year 12 and was established in 1899. They offer an excellent academic curriculum, music, performing arts, and sports programs, as well as boarding houses. 

St. Laurence’s College was established in 1915 and has since held an excellent reputation in boys’ education. They offer distinctive learning programs, co-curricular activities, along with state-of-the-art facilities.

Tertiary Education: 

Located in Brisbane’s cultural heart, Griffith University’s South Bank campus is widely recognized for its excellence in creative and performing arts. Throughout the year, the school holds shows and exhibits that are open to the public.

The University of Queensland is one of the country’s top research and teaching institutions. Notably, it ranks among the top universities in the world. 

This was measured by several major independent rankings. This includes the U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings 2023 and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024. 

The Queensland University of Technology is one of Australia’s leading universities. Because of their applied research and tight-knit industry connections, they’re recognized as “the university for the real world.”

Moreover, there’s a number of other schools within the suburb and nearby that offer continuing education, vocational, and certificate courses. If you’re looking for a specific program, then it’s best to do your research. 


Image Source: Pexels

Residing in the Greater Brisbane Area offers abundant career opportunities in various industries. 

According to Victoria University, some of the most in-demand jobs in the country are in construction, engineering, education, software programming, food, and healthcare. 

So, making the move to South Brisbane allows you to explore a lot of employment possibilities within your current specialization or an advancement in your career.  


Image Source: Pexels

Despite being the third largest city in Australia, Brisbane offers more affordable housing compared to other major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. 

According to CoreLogic, Brisbane’s median property price is at $779,270, Melbourne is at $779,914, Canberra is at $842,677, and Sydney is at $1,125,533. 

If you’re considering buying or renting a property in South Brisbane, you’d be able to save on transportation costs as almost all that you need are within walking distance.

When it comes to property costs, the median price of apartment units in South Brisbane is at $540,000, while the median rent is at $680 per week. 

Here’s the median sale and rental costs for different property types in South Brisbane:

Unit TypeMedian Property CostMedian Weekly Rent
One-Bedroom Unit$445,000$550
Two-Bedroom Single Family Home$650,000$750
Three-Bedroom Single Family Home$1,500,000$1,075

If you take into consideration South Brisbane’s proximity to the CBD and other major attractions in the city, the suburb is still quite affordable. 

To compare, here are the median apartment unit prices of suburbs near the CBD according to

Suburb Median Unit Price
South Brisbane$540,000
Kangaroo Point$585,000

Image Source: Pexels

Brisbane is generally a safe city, and South Brisbane, being a cultural precinct, brings in a lot of tourists. This means that a lot of areas might be crowded with people even at night, so it’s still pretty safe to walk alone. 

But of course, crime can still happen anywhere at any time, so it’s best to take proper safety precautions and always walk in pairs or a group whenever possible. 

To avoid and reduce crime, the Brisbane City Council ensures that public places are well-lit and equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring. 

They also implement the Safe Night Precincts (SNPs) to lessen drug and alcohol-related violence, especially during late hours at entertainment precincts.  

Meanwhile, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) helps improve public safety through developing new designs for buildings and public spaces. *


Image Source: Pexels

One of the top reasons why South Brisbane is very liveable is because of its walkability and convenient public transport. In fact, South Brisbane has a Walk Score of 92 and the fourth most walkable neighborhood in the city! 

Here are the ways you can get around and travel in and out of the suburb! 


Everything’s essentially within walking distance from each other in South Brisbane. So to save on gas, public transport costs, and to squeeze in some cardio as well, it’s always best to walk! 

Just remember to wear comfortable shoes, wear a hat and sunglasses, and bring an umbrella just in case it rains! 


A lot of people choose to ride their bikes to work, to school, and to just get around the city, as most streets have dedicated lanes for cyclists, as well as shared pathways. 

It’s also a great idea to cycle by the river for a more scenic view and cooler breeze. 

If you don’t have your own bike yet, you can check out bike shops in Brisbane here


There are a number of bus stops around South Brisbane making commuting by bus pretty convenient. We recommend getting the TransLink Go Card which you can use to travel by bus, train, ferry, or tram around Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

You can also use the TransLink website to plan your journey. 

You can also catch one of the South Brisbane Loop buses that you can ride for free. These City Loop buses are part of the Brisbane Metro Project construction plan that services residents, workers, and students in South Brisbane and West End. 

The South Brisbane Loop runs counter-clockwise approximately every 10 minutes. 


There are two stations that serve South Brisbane, both located on opposite ends of Grey Street. The South Brisbane Station is near the Queensland Performing Arts Center, while the South Bank Station is near the Little Stanley Precinct. 

You can check the TransLink website to explore your routes. 


The CityCat Ferry is an awesome transport option if you wish to explore Brisbane through a more scenic route down the river. You can hop on the CityCat or CityHopper ferries to get to the city’s main attractions, as well as dining and entertainment hubs. 


To get around Brisbane, commuting or walking really is the best option with its extensive public transportation network, from buses and trains to ferries. 

But if you need a car, you can expect to pay some fees for street parking and other car park facilities. The costs would also depend on the area, as well as the parking duration. 

And of course, when traveling outside of Brisbane to beaches, national parks, and other cities, it’s best to have a car. 


Ridesharing is a great option if you’re going home late at night or if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. The best ridesharing apps you can use in Brisbane are Uber and DiDi.  


South Bank in South Brisbane is the city’s cultural center, so there’s definitely numerous attractions to see. From lush parklands and a man-made beach, to museums, art galleries, and riverfront dines, this suburb epitomizes what Brisbane’s all about! 

Here are some of the top attractions to enjoy in South Brisbane! 

  • The South Bank Parklands takes you closer to nature with its 17 hectares of greenery by the river. 
  • Streets Beach is a tropical oasis in the heart of the city, where you can bask in the sun and dip into crystal blue waters while enjoying the stunning cityscape! Now, imagine living just a short walk away from this little pocket of paradise! 
  • The Queensland Museum allows you to explore the natural history and cultural heritage of the region. A great place to take the whole family!
  • The Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art is a must for art lovers! You can walk through a diverse array of artworks from classical to contemporary pieces made by local and international artists. 
  • The Queensland Performing Arts Centre hosts a myriad of performances, from musicals and ballet, to drama, films, and much more. 
  • The Queensland Maritime Museum offers insights into the state’s maritime history, featuring various historic vessels. 
  • The Wheel of Brisbane is a 60-meter high ferris wheel that has become a distinct landmark on the southern banks of the river. 
  • And finally, South Brisbane has a myriad of Culinary Delights by the river, as well as charming cafes with great coffee and brunch! 

Image Source: Pexels

When you’re thinking of moving to a new place, one of the top things to consider is where to shop for groceries and other essentials. Just as we’ve mentioned, you can find everything you need in South Brisbane, and of course that includes grocery stores! 

Grocery stores and supermarkets: 

A Woolworth’s store can be found on Fish Lane where you can shop for all your essentials, from food and pantry items, to personal care. It also has a coffee shop and Wi-Fi. 

IGA Supermarket on Melbourne Street is where you can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables and other essential food items. They also have a salad bar and a selection of pastries and ready-to-eat gourmet sandwiches. 

HX Asian Supermarket on Cordelia Street has a diverse assortment of Asian food products, from fresh and frozen food, to sweet and savory snacks. 

If you’re looking for a bigger supermarket, you can head to the Coles store on West End for a wider selection of food items and other essentials. The store is just a short distance from South Brisbane. 

Harris Farm Markets is just across Coles located within the West Village Shopping Precinct. You can shop for fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood, gourmet items, as well as flowers and plants. 


Southpoint Shopping Center was built around a heritage-listed building called Collins Place, built in 1889. It has a grocery, cafes, and fast food – great for casual shopping and dining. 

The West Village Shopping Precinct is set in a living heritage village, which makes it a unique shopping destination. It has a nice selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, as well as beauty and wellness boutiques. 

Weekend Markets: 

The Collective Markets is a 3-day weekend market held every Friday to Sunday on Stanley Street. Market-goers can find vintage clothing, local crafts, art, collectibles, food and drink, and more. 

Disadvantages of Living in South Brisbane

Image Source: Pexels

South Brisbane has its share of disadvantages, too, like any other place around the world. But we think the pros still outweigh the cons by a huge margin, especially if this suburb ticks most of what you’re looking for. 

Below are some of the drawbacks that are worth considering before you make your decision. 


South Brisbane regularly attracts crowds since it’s the home of Brisbane’s cultural precinct, with seasonal events being held at the Parklands as well. 

So this means that there would be high foot and vehicle traffic when there are events, and especially on weekends. 

If you don’t like living in a busy area, then South Brisbane might not be the right fit for you. 


Attracting crowds would also attract crime in the area, with theft having the most number of cases at 994 in 2022. According to Crime Map Australia, South Brisbane has a crime ranking of 31/100 (higher ranking means more crime). 

The next most reported crime is drug dealing with 361 cases, while burglary or breaking and entering follow with 295 cases. 

These statistics might make you think twice about considering living in South Brisbane. But if you take proper safety precautions, then the chances of any crime happening would be low. 


Brisbane’s subtropical climate is one of the best in the world with sunny days most of the year. But since the sun’s out almost all the time, some days could get really hot and humid with some thunderstorms as well, especially in the summer months. 

Sometimes, this kind of weather can be uncomfortable for some, but the good thing is, Brisbane’s climate is terrific for the most part. 

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

Image Source: Pexels

South Brisbane is an ideal place for those who are drawn to the city’s vibrant cultural hub and its close proximity to everything, including the CBD. 

It’s a great place to live as you can move around the city even without a car, since walking, biking, and public transport are pretty convenient. 

This suburb has everything you need, whether you’re single, a couple, or a family with one or two kids. 

The only thing to be cautious about is safety from theft, as it’s the most common crime in the suburb. 

Other than that, South Brisbane is a great place to move to if you’re considering living and working in the Sunshine State Capital. 

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