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Discovering Minjerribah Ultimate Guide to North Stradbroke Island

Discovering Minjerribah: Ultimate Guide to North Stradbroke Island

Looking to explore Brisbane’s nearby beaches? North Stradbroke Island or Straddie is one of the Sunshine State’s must-visit places, with its pristine beaches, majestic marine and wildlife, rich indigenous heritage, and enchanting natural surroundings. 

Traditionally called Minjerribah, the island holds a multitude of hidden wonders just waiting to be discovered. 

The magic of Minjerribah is surely something that shouldn’t be missed! So pack your bags and let the adventure begin! 


North Stradbroke Island is located within the Moreton Bay region of Queensland and is situated 30 kilometers southeast of central Brisbane. The most easterly part of Queensland can be found on the island at Point Lookout. 

Quick Facts

Quick Facts
  • North Stradbroke Island is the second largest sand island in the world

The world’s largest sand islands can be found in Queensland. K’gari (Fraser Island) located 360 kilometers north of Brisbane, is the largest sand island in the world and is around 123 kilometers long or 1,655 square kilometers. 

North Stradbroke Island comes second at 275 sq. km, next is Moreton Island at 186 sq. km, and Bribie Island at 148 sq. km. 

  • Traditionally called ‘Minjerribah’

North Stradbroke Island is traditionally called ‘Minjerribah’ by the Quandmaooka people who are the original owners of the land. The Quandamooka people regard themselves as people of the sand and water. 

Minjerribah stands for “Island in the Sun” in Nunukul. The Nunukul are one of the three tribes of the Quandamooka people, the other two are the Nughi and Gorenpul. 

  • The earliest evidence of human occupation in SE Queensland

According to archaeological evidence, the Quandamooka people’s occupation of the island dates back to approximately 21,000 years ago. Minjerribah contains the earliest evidence of human life in Southeast Queensland. 

  • Has one of the best dive sites in Australia

The Manta Bommie, located on North Stradbroke Island, is among the 10 best dive sites in the country because of its rich marine life. 

Divers can get glimpses of the majestic manta rays, stingrays, eagle rays, leopard sharks, turtles, and maybe even whales! 

  • There are 3 townships within the island

The three townships in North Stradbroke Island are Dunwich, Point Lookout, and Amity Point. Each town is unique and worth exploring if time allows.

Dunwich serves as your gateway to the island and has lots of attractions, such as shops, cafes, a museum, lakes, and the North Stradbroke Island Golf Club. 

Point Lookout is where you’ll find stunning views, land-based whale watching, great surf, beautiful walks, and laid-back cafes. 

Amity Point is your quiet seaside village where you can spend the day under the sun and maybe even get a glimpse of dolphins. 

Best Time to Go

Best Time to Go

North Stradbroke Island enjoys the same sub-tropical climate as Brisbane with average temperatures of 22° to 25° Celsius. The best time to visit Minjerribah would be anytime from May to November. 

You can experience the sunniest climate during November, while the month with the most rainfall would be in February. 

The driest and coldest month is in July, while it’s hottest in January with an average temperature of 30°C. 

If you wish to catch a glimpse of the gentle giants during migration season, peak humpback whale sightings are during September and October. But it’s also possible to spot them starting from late May to early November. 

How to Get There

How to Get There

Visitors can take a ferry or water taxi from Toondah Harbor in Cleveland which is about a 45-minute drive from the Brisbane CBD. 

You can also take the train or bus to Cleveland and plan your journey through the Translink website.  

From Toondah Harbour, you ride a ferry to the island on either the Stradbroke Flyer or Sealink, which are two different water taxi operators. Riding on board the Stradbroke Flyer takes around 30 minutes, which is recommended if you don’t have a car. 

If you’re bringing your own vehicle to the island, you’ll board the Sealink which takes around 1 hour to cross the bay. 

It’s not required to book online for passengers, but for travelers with vehicles, it’s highly recommended to book before your trip through the Sealink website

Once you arrive on the island, there are a number of ways to get around. There’s a bus service that operates around the island, you can rent a car or a 4WD vehicle, and also hire chartered transports, which is ideal for groups. 

Things to See and Do in North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island is one of the best Brisbane destinations for an adventurous yet relaxing escape. You’ll never run out of things to do, that’s why it’s worth staying for a couple of days, or even visiting at different times of the year! 

Here’s some of our favorite things to do on Straddie! 

Soak up the Sunshine at Cylinder Beach

Cylinder Beach is the most popular spot for sun-seekers who’d want to relax and unwind by the beach. It’s a family-friendly cove where you can take a dip or even surf when the conditions are right. 

It’s also very accessible as there’s ample parking spaces nearby. It’s good to know that lifeguards patrol the area as well. 

Explore the Lakes

Minjerribah has two lakes that are both worth exploring due to its stunning natural beauty and cultural significance to the Quandamooka people. 

Brown Lake or “Bummiera” is a hidden treasure just 3.5 kilometers from Dunwich. The water is tinged brown, or “tea-colored,” and you can go for a swim, a picnic, or just a tranquil exploration of its beautiful surroundings. 

Meanwhile, Blue Lake or “Karboora” can be found within Naree Budjong National Park, which is around a 20-minute drive from Brown Lake. Swimming in the Blue Lake is not allowed, but you can walk its 5.2-kilometer trail teeming with flora and fauna. 

Take a Scenic Stroll along the North Gorge Trail

The North Gorge Walk is the ultimate scenic trail that you should never miss when visiting Straddie. The 1.5-kilometer boardwalk offers a family-friendly stroll along Point Lookout with breathtaking views of the island and Pacific Ocean. 

Along the way, you might get to spot diverse wildlife such as kangaroos and wallabies, as well as marine life, such as whales, dolphins, manta rays, and turtles from the cliffs. 

Immerse in the Rich Culture

Visiting Minjerribah is a unique opportunity to experience the rich culture of the Quandamooka people, who consider the island a sacred place. In fact, there are lots of ways to learn more about their culture around the island. 

Taking a walk around would already be a cultural experience in itself. But to immerse yourself deeper, you can join tours, listen to talks, visit museums and art galleries, or attend the annual Island Vibes Festival which takes place every October. 

Yura Tours offers different cultural tour packages that you can book here

Surf the Waves

Been wondering if Straddie’s got surf? Well, it even has several beaches where wave riders can play, with spots ideal for beginners and some for more seasoned surfers. 

Its pristine beaches can get giant swells, too, depending on the season. Main Beach is a popular left-hand point break for advanced surfers, while Cylinder Beach is best for beginners since it’s also patrolled all-year round. 

Surf enthusiasts can also head to Frenchmans Beach, which serves awesome swells especially in the winter. But we recommend having a buddy with you at all times as this beach isn’t patrolled by lifeguards. 

For first-timers who’d like to catch their first wave, you can sign up for lessons at North Stradbroke Island Surf School

Catch a Glimpse of Humpback Whales

Straddie offers one of the best land-based whale watching opportunities in Queensland! If you’re on the island during migration season from late May to early November, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to spot the gentle giants! 

You don’t have to hop on a boat or join a tour – just pick a spot at Point Lookout and wait for these majestic creatures to pop in and say hello. 

If it’s not your lucky day, don’t worry, you might still get a glimpse of pods of dolphins, manta rays, and turtles that frolic in Straddie waters all-year round. 

Go Camping

You can definitely do Minjerribah in a day, but of course, it’s best to stay overnight or a few days to experience the island better. And one of the best ways to do it is by camping

There are several campsites on the island that can be found on Main Beach, Flinders Beach, Home Beach, and Cylinder Beach. And if you prefer glamping, there are accommodations available on Adder Rock. 

You can check Minjerribah Camping for your campsite options. 

Where to eat in North Stradbroke Island


Location: 2/15 Mooloomba Rd, Point Lookout QLD 4183

Contact: +61 7 3415 3444

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am – 7:30pm

Pricing: $$ – $$$

Craving for some fish and chips? Fishes at the Point arguably has the best fish and chips on the island, and they’re open for brunch, lunch, and takeaway. 

They serve hearty breakfast meals, burgers, steaks, seafood, great coffee, and breathtaking views, to boot! This is one of the best spots to dine on the island as it’s located on Point Lookout, the most easterly point of Brisbane overlooking the Pacific. 


Location: 1 Mintee St, Point Lookout QLD 4183

Contact: +61 7 3492 5700

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 9am – 4pm

Pricing: $$ – $$$

The Prawn Shack is your local seafood market where you can dine in as well. You can stock up on fresh seafood and try some of their tasty offerings such as their signature prawn roll – an absolute crowd fave! 

They also serve rice bowls, curry, pizza, sushi, and other dishes using fresh ingredients and seafood that are available depending on the season. 


Location: 21 Ballow St, Amity QLD 4183

Contact: +61 7 3409 7886

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11:30am – 9pm

Pricing: $$ – $$$

Sealevel 21 is a perfect place to indulge in your favorite seafood dishes paired with some sweet cocktails in a relaxing and airy atmosphere. 

Dishes are beautifully presented which adds to its simple and elegant vibe. We also love that they offer a Long Lunch Meal Deal that includes mains and a welcome drink for $25. 


Location: 7 Stradbroke Pl, Dunwich QLD 4183

Contact: +61484595790

Hours: Wednesday & Saturday, 7am – 3pm; Thursday & Friday, 7am – 6pm; Sunday – Point Lookout Markets

Pricing: $$

Perry’s Seafood is easily accessible upon arrival on Straddie as it’s just located in Dunwich. You can stop by for a snack and coffee to-go so you can fill up before starting your day. 

It’s also great that they open early at 7am, so you can get your caffeine fix first thing in the morning. They offer tasty burgers, fish and chips, and fresh seafood all caught on Straddie! 


Location: 27 Mooloomba Rd, Point Lookout QLD 4183

Contact: 0400866615

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 7am – 2pm

Pricing: $$

A relaxing breakfast spot situated on Point Lookout, The Blue Room Cafe has that laid-back island vibe you’ve been searching for. They open early and serve healthy bowls, delectable pastries, savory bites, and great coffee! 

The best part is, you’ll get to take in spectacular views of the ocean while sipping your cup of joe!

Where to stay

Staying for the weekend or longer in Straddie is definitely a worthwhile experience. There are several options on the island from hotels and resorts, to camping and glamping accommodations. 

Here are some of the best stays we recommend! 


Location: 112 E Coast Rd, North Stradbroke Island QLD 4183

Contact: +61 7 3409 8266 

Pricing: $$ – $$$

Anchorage on Straddie is a 3-star beachfront resort that offers apartment-style accommodations, an outdoor pool, barbecue facilities, and an overall relaxing escape. You can choose from their studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. 


Location: E Coast Rd, Point Lookout QLD 4183

Contact: [email protected] / (07) 3059 4042

Pricing: $ – $$

Minjerribah Camping allows you to set up camp on one of Straddie’s campgrounds. This includes Amity Point, Adder Rock, Cylinder Beach, Main beach, Home Beach, Flinders Beach, Adam’s Beach, and Bradbury’s Beach. 

If you wish to camp in comfort and style, they also offer glamping accommodations at Adder Rock, Amity Point, Cylinder Beach, and Bradbury’s Beach. 


Location: 132 Dickson Way, Point Lookout QLD 4183

Contact: +61 7 3409 8888

Pricing: $ – $$

YHA Stradbroke Island is the hostel accommodation that can be found at Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre and the only backpacker hostel in Straddie. 

They offer co-living and private dorm-type rooms at affordable prices which are ideal for those who are also joining the scuba programs at Manta Lodge. 

Where to shop

If you’re looking for souvenirs and trinkets to take home, there are shops around the island that you can visit! 

Made on Minjerribah features textiles, ceramics, and prints by local artist Delevene Cockatoo-Collins. She resides on North Stradbroke Island and is a woman of Quandamooka Country. 

Through her art, she shares the stories of her family and her people, as well as their sacred surroundings. 

If you’re looking for little tokens or items that you can use at home, you can check out Noreen’s Seaside Shops that offer a selection of goodies. This includes trinkets, jewelry, clothing, books, and homeware. 

Meanwhile, Point Lookout Markets takes place every Sunday where local Straddie vendors come together to offer fresh produce, handmade products, and more. 

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