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5 of the Best Psychiatrists in Brisbane

5 of the Best Psychiatrists in Brisbane

Communication Styles: How the psychiatrist poses their questions, the tone of voice, and the approach to conversations should suit your preferences.
Reputation: Practice and education backed by reliable client reviews determine the competence of a psychiatrist.
Expertise: Specializes on specific conditions and disorders to give quality treatment to patients.
Availability: Readily available for consultation whenever a patient needs sudden help.

    1. Dr. Ian Curtis

    Dr. Ian Curtis Homepage

    Services: Consultancy, Clinical and Forensic Psychiatry


    Address: 28 Tarana St, Camp Hill QLD 4152, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 7 3843 4801

    Operating Hours: By appointment

    Google reviews score4.3/5
    Total Reviews4/5
    Score consistency4.5/5
    Communication Styles4.75/5


    • Ambience of his clinic is homey and comfortable
    • Simplifies complex solutions to problems


    • Doesn’t call back sometimes
    • Has a tendency to push his opinions on people

    Simplifying complex things is Dr. Ian Curtis’ expertise, and this instantly puts him on our list of the best psychiatrists in Brisbane. He knows how to talk to his patients without making them feel bad about their conditions.

    If you’re a new patient of Dr. Ian Curtis, the first thing you’ll notice is the ambience of his clinic. It sounds like a small thing, but when you’re about to open up to a stranger regarding the things that bother you, a warm, welcoming place will take away some of the anxiety.

    Dr. Ian himself has a very nice aura. You’ll immediately feel at ease with him because of how genuine he is in his approach, and this is something that will immediately push you to put your trust in him all throughout the process.

    He’s also a brilliant psychiatrist, and it’s clearly shown during your sessions with him. We love how professional and informative he is with diagnosis, but at the same time also very supportive, encouraging you with kind words that make you feel valid.

    We notice, however, that there are a couple of things that need improvement, one of them failing to respond to inquiries of some patients. If we were the patient, we would love any type of response, most especially if we’re new at this.

    We also understand that it might be inevitable for an expert in the field like Dr. Ian to be a little insistent with their opinions at times. But as patients who are still trying to understand our condition, we prefer a more neutral approach.

    2. QLD ADHD & Neurosciences Clinic

    QLD ADHD & Neurosciences Clinic Homepage

    Services: Specialist Diagnosis & Medical Intervention for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & High Functioning Autism Spectrum


    Address: Suite 12, 2nd Floor, Pindara Place, Pindara Private Hospital, 13 Carrara St, Benowa QLD 4217, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 7 5539 6903

    Operating Hours: Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

    Google reviews score4.3/5
    Total Reviews4.5/5
    Score consistency4.4/5
    Communication Styles4.5/5


    • Offers free urgent appointments
    • Gives comprehensive reports that help patients understand their condition more


    • Tendency to give incorrect quote 
    • Difficult to reach at times because lines are always busy

    People who struggle with something they don’t completely understand is a difficult task. The psychiatrists at QLD ADHD & Neurosciences Clinic are experts at making people view their conditions in a different way and accept them with clear minds.

    QLD ADHD & Neurosciences Clinic’s expertise is dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & High Functioning Autism Spectrum. It’s quite a bit tricky to deal with patients with these conditions, but the psychiatrists in the clinic are very emphatic and insightful in their approach.

    Dr. Khan and his team are also updated with the latest knowledge about neuroscience. This means they’re always trying to improve their services by being equipped with new treatment methods that suit the needs of other patients.

    Another thing worth noting is that they sometimes give free appointments to urgent cases. This is free service from an expert, which is rarely offered by other clinics.

    The clinic, however, should improve their customer service as there are cases of giving incorrect quotes. Also because of their line of expertise, it’s difficult to reach them via phone, which is bothersome at times.

    We appreciate that they’re not only after their ability to provide treatment and sound advice, but also after the well-being of the patients. They’re very caring despite being professional in nature, and this type of approach makes patients feel more comfortable.

    3. The Southport Psychiatry & Psychology Clinic

    The Southport Psychiatry & Psychology Clinic Homepage

    Services: Treatment for Anxiety Disorders, Depression and Mood Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Self-Harm Behaviors, Learning Difficulties, Eating Disorders


    Address: 123 Nerang St, Southport QLD 4215, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 7 5528 5222

    Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

    Google reviews score4.8/5
    Total Reviews4.5/5
    Score consistency4.7/5
    Communication Styles4/5


    • Available 5 days a week
    • Compassionate approach that easily gains patients’ trust


    • Long waiting list to set an appointment
    • Cases of unanswered emails

    The Southport Psychiatry & Psychology Clinic offers services for two fields, which is why we added them to our list. Patients who need either experts don’t need to look for another clinic, saving them the time and effort to do so.

    Among the clinics and experts in our list, The Southport Psychiatry & Psychology Clinic has the longest list of disorders and conditions that they can provide treatment for. This is the reason why they always have a long waiting list to set an appointment.

    There are also reports of unanswered inquiries via emails, and this is probably also due to the number of patients that want to book their services. We’re hoping they can improve these things so it will be more convenient and smooth-flowing for all.

    Another thing we love is the compassionate approach of the psychiatrists. They treat their patients as acquaintances and not as patients, and this type of communication style easily gains patients’ trust, which makes them open up more easily. 

    The thing with disorders is if you’re struggling with one, there’s a possibility that you’re having a hard time accepting that there’s something wrong. But with experts who make you understand your condition without invalidating your feelings, it’ll be easier.

    4. Norman Park Specialist Centre

    Norman Park Specialist Centre Homepage

    Services: Clinic-Based Psychiatry, Telepsychiatry, Adult ADHD Clinic, Work Cover, Income Protection and TPD Reports, Medico-Legal Reports


    Address: 126 Mcilwraith Ave, Norman Park QLD 4170, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 7 2103 0911

    Operating Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Google reviews score4/5
    Total Reviews4.75/5
    Score consistency4.4/5
    Communication Styles4.5/5


    • Short waiting time compared to other clinics
    • Telehealth is as good as face-to-face consultation


    • Bulk billing is not available
    • Tendency to misplace file like report from previous psychiatrist of patient

    Norman Park Specialist Centre is on our list of the best psychiatrists in Brisbane because it takes personalized care to another level. The doctors listen to your woes with patience, and meticulously give you a diagnosis while providing insights to make you understand more.

    This center has some of the well-trained and experienced practitioners on the field. From treatment to payment, you’ll feel valued because they attend to you as if you’re their only patient.

    One of the features that patients love about the center is the Telehealth program. Its virtual consultation, which the patients say is as good as a face-to-face consultation. The psychiatrists are good at what they do that a virtual setup reflects their expertise.

    Another good thing we notice is that compared to other clinics, there is a short waiting time for patients. There’s no need to wait for a very long time for your consultation.

    One thing that might turn people off is that it doesn’t offer bulk billing. Bulk billing in Australia is convenient for most because they can obtain services without a cost.

    Another thing that’ll probably be a little bothersome for patients is there are times when some of the staff misplaces a file like a report from a previous psychiatrist. This forces them to ask for another copy from the patient, and which is a burden on the part of the patient.

    If those services can be improved, Norman Park Specialist Centre will be close to an ideal hub for psychiatrists. After all, their psychiatrists have the competence and experience to help people improve their mental wellbeing.

    5. Dr. Daniel Varghese

    Dr. Daniel Varghese Homepage

    Services: Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Psychosis, Psychotherapy


    Address: Alexandra, Suite 1, Level 3/201 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia

    Contact Details: (61) 7 3839 5152

    Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM; Saturday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

    Google reviews score5/5
    Rate MDs reviews score4/5
    Total Reviews4.5/5
    Score consistency4.5/5
    Communication Styles5/5


    • Makes time to return an urgent call from a patient 
    • Very thorough with diagnosis that allows a patient to understand his condition


    • Limited parking is available
    • Has a tendency to be direct and no-nonsense during sessions

    What makes Dr. Daniel Varghese popular to his patients is his ability to immediately create a safe bubble for them to discuss what’s bothering them. In turn, this gives patients room to slowly ease into the sessions and start opening up. 

    We heard a lot of good things about Dr. Daniel’s gentle approach and how he listens without any judgment and gives good advice that’s beneficial to his patients. He also has this sense of humor that provides space for more comfort.

    Dr. Daniel is well-recommended by his past patients and for all the good reasons. They appreciate his holistic approach and how he shows patients how to balance life in order to achieve a sense of mental peace.  

    There are times when he can be a bit direct and no-nonsense, which might hurt your feelings a little bit. But you should remember that facing harsh reality and hard truths are part of the process so you can start to see where the problem lies and start healing.

    If you’re looking for a psychiatrist whose expertise is not lost despite his ability to make a patient feel at ease, Dr. Daniel Varghese is the psychiatrist for you. Just make sure to schedule before your visit as there’s limited parking available.

    FAQs About Consulting with a Psychiatrist in Brisbane

    Our list ends here! Don’t forget that life is unpredictable, which pushes us to our limits at times. Consulting with a psychiatrist is part of self-care, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help especially when things become too much for you to handle.

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