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The Best Family Restaurants in Brisbane

The Best Family Restaurants in Brisbane

  • Kid-friendly menu - We checked the menu for options like familiar favourites, and nutritious choices suitable for children.
  • Food portion sizes - We assessed the suitability of portion sizes for sharing among family members. We also checked menu options for family-sized platters or sharing plates.
  • Special events - We considered the presence of special events or promotions designed for families.
  • Accessibility - It’s important for us to check the physical facilities, such as ramps and spacious aisles, to accommodate families comfortably.

Step into the heart of Brisbane’s family dining scene, where the joy of good food meets the warmth of family bonds!

From snug corners to lively spaces, we’ve rounded up the friendliest family restaurants in town, where every bite comes with a side of laughter.

Ready for a taste of the best? Read more and discover the top family-friendly restaurants in Brisbane!

1. Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack

Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack Homepage

Services: Family Restaurant, Dine-In, Takeout, No-contact Delivery


Address: 67 Fish Ln, South Brisbane, QLD 4101, Australia

Contact Details: +61 458 307 829

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM; 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM; Saturday – Sunday: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM; 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Google reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Kid-friendly menu4/5
Food portion sizes4.5/5
Shareable platters5/5
Kids’ meal sizes4/5
Special events4/5
Stroller-friendly spaces3/5
Mobility features 3/5


  • Exudes a cool vibe for families with teenagers
  • Quick serving


  • Restaurant space is a bit small; quite challenging for bigger family groups
  • Limited seating options
  • Has limited mobility features

Joining our list of the best family restaurants in Brisbane is Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack. 

We admire how evident Big Roddy’s commitment to prompt service is. The efficiency in delivering our meals was impressive, especially when dealing with the anticipation of the hungry youngsters.

We think that the inclusion of a kid-friendly menu is a thoughtful touch. While the options are somewhat restricted, the dishes managed to strike a chord with our little diners. 

A bit more variety on the kids’ menu could elevate the experience for families with picky eaters, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, we’re quite impressed that Big Roddy’s décor and ambiance hit the right notes for families with teenagers.

The laid-back atmosphere and trendy vibe created an inclusive space where both parents and adolescents could enjoy a hearty meal together.

Let’s not forget the star of the show – the ribs. The flavours are robust, and the meat was cooked to tender perfection. Big Roddy’s certainly lives up to its reputation for delivering on the promise of a lip-smacking rib experience, which we love!

However, for bigger family gatherings, keep in mind that the seating space is a bit tight, affecting the overall comfort due to the restaurant’s smaller size.

2. The Barn Family Restaurant

The Barn Family Restaurant Homepage

Services: Family Restaurant, Dine-In


Address: 219 Brisbane Rd, Bundamba, QLD 4304

Contact Details: +61 418 883 210

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM; Sunday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Kid-friendly menu4.7/5
Food portion sizes4.5/5
Shareable platters4.5/5
Kids’ meal sizes4.5/5
Special events5/5
Stroller-friendly spaces4.5/5
Mobility features4.5/5


  • Family-friendly menu
  • Free parking convenience
  • Spacious rooms for special events
  • Has a kids’ playground


  • Lacks baby changing facilities
  • Staff members seemed to be in a rush

Another family restaurant that deserves a mention on our list of the top ones in Brisbane is The Barn Family Restaurant. We’re quite impressed with their newly installed playground, which turned our family dining into a playdate delight. 

Perfect for families with little ones, the kids were all smiles as they explored, letting the adults enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

For the oldies who relish race days, The Barn Family offers a unique dining experience.

The shared camaraderie while watching races added an extra flavour to our meal, making it a spot to savour not just delicious bites but thrilling moments.

We love that The Barn Family’s charm isn’t limited to its name. The blend of contemporary design with old-world charm created an inviting atmosphere.

Even better, older family members will likely appreciate the nostalgia while the younger ones revel in the modern touches.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that we noticed that some staff members seemed consistently in a hurry, impacting the overall relaxed vibe.

Meanwhile, for those planning for an event, it’s worth mentioning that this family-friendly restaurant has spacious function rooms that will catch anyone’s attention.

We could easily envision hosting a lovely family gathering or celebration in these inviting spaces.

Another thing we like about them is that their family-friendly menu caters to a variety of tastes, ensuring everyone finds something to relish. 

For families with babies, the absence of baby changing facilities was a notable drawback. This might make it less ideal for those with infants in tow.

3. Smokey Moo

Smokey Moo Homepage

Services: Family Restaurant, Dine-In, Takeout, Delivery


Address: Gasworks Plaza, 1/68 Longland St, Newstead, QLD 4006, Australia

Contact Details: +61 7 3148 2665

Operating Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM; Friday –  Saturday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Kid-friendly menu4/5
Food portion sizes4.5/5
Shareable platters4.5/5
Kids’ meal sizes4.5/5
Special events4/5
Stroller-friendly spaces4/5
Mobility features4/5


  • Generous portions for grown-up families
  • Mini servings available for kids
  • Creative and delicious side dishes


  • Pricing is on the higher side
  • Some reports of cold food due to late serving

Smokey Moo in Brisbane gets family dining right with its generous portion sizes. Perfect for sharing, the hearty servings cater to the appetites of grown-up families, ensuring no one leaves the table hungry.

Meanwhile, families with young ones will appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of mini servings. While the options for kids are somewhat limited, the smaller portions cater to younger appetites, which is a plus in our books.

On top of that, we’re impressed that the side dishes are not an afterthought at Smokey Moo. Creative and delicious, they add an extra layer of enjoyment to the BBQ experience, making our meal truly memorable.

What we like about being at Smokey Moo is that its cosy atmosphere is complemented by the welcoming staff. Our family felt at home, creating an inviting environment for a relaxed dining experience.

While the food quality justifies the cost, it’s worth noting that Smokey Moo is on the pricier side. Families on a budget might find it a splurge rather than a regular dining spot.

On the other hand, a recurring concern was the temperature of the food upon serving. Some reports suggest that dishes arrived colder than desired, possibly due to delays in the kitchen.

Overall, with Smokey Moo’s welcoming atmosphere and ample portions, we think that it is a worthy choice for families dining around Brisbane.

4. King Of The Wings

King Of The Wings Hoempage

Services: Family Restaurant, Dine-In, Al Fresco Dining, In-Store Pickup


Address: 1/240 Stafford Rd, Stafford, QLD 4053, Australia

Contact Details: +61 7 3607 2032

Operating Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM; Sunday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Google reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Kid-friendly menu3/5
Food portion sizes4/5
Shareable platters5/5
Kids’ meal sizes3/5
Special events4/5
Stroller-friendly spaces4.8/5
Mobility features4.9/5


  • Available high chairs
  • Clean venue
  • Offers outdoor laneway for dining


  • No dedicate kids menu
  • Limited seating

Another family restaurant that deserves a mention in Brisbane’s vibrant dining scene is King Of The Wings, offering a unique experience for families seeking delicious wings and more.

What’s great about King Of The Wings is their outdoor laneway, which offers a breezy retreat for families. Kids can dive into their meals, and adults can relax, knowing that any mess is easily managed in the open air.

On top of that, we’re impressed that this family restaurant provides their customers with the convenience of high chairs. This thoughtful touch ensures a comfortable and secure dining experience for our littlest diners.

For those with adventurous young eaters, King of the Wings surprises with options like pork ribs and watermelon-feta salad. It’s a delightful spot to introduce shared dining early and expand the palates of our little food enthusiasts.

King of the Wings might not have a dedicated kids menu, but the boneless wings are a hit with the whole family. After all, sharing a plate is a fantastic way to explore flavours together.

Another thing we like about them is that their staff contribute to the welcoming atmosphere. Their friendliness adds to the family-friendly vibe, making our dining experience more enjoyable.

A clean venue is another key factor for stress-free family dining, and King of the Wings delivers on this front. We appreciate the tidy setting, making our mealtime more relaxed and enjoyable.

5. Victoria Park Bistro

Victoria Park Bistro Homepage

Services: Family Restaurant, Dine-In, Takeout


Address: 309 Herston Rd, Herston, QLD 4006, Australia

Contact Details: +61 7 3253 2533

Operating Hours: Monday – Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM; Wednesday – Saturday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM; Sunday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Google reviews score4.3/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency5/5
Kid-friendly menu5/5
Food portion sizes5/5
Shareable platters5/5
Kids’ meal sizes5/5
Special events4.6/5
Stroller-friendly spaces4.8/5
Mobility features 4.5/5


  • High chairs for toddlers
  • Has its own playground
  • Kid-friendly menu
  • Convenient stop for golf enthusiasts


  • Some reports of slow serving, even for drinks
  • Premium price tag

One of the best family restaurants in Brisbane that deserves a highlight is Victoria Park Bistro. This restaurant has its own playground, making them an ideal go-to spot for families with younger kids.

The inclusion of a jumping balloon castle in the area was a delightful surprise. The kids burned off some energy, allowing us to enjoy our meal with peace of mind

What’s great about Victoria Park Bistro is that they go above and beyond with an extensive kids menu. The cheese pizza and spaghetti meatballs emerged as clear favorites, and the addition of donuts for dessert delighted our young diners.

A minor hiccup was the occasional slow serving, extending to drinks as well. Some reports indicated delays, which could impact the overall dining experience, especially for those with hungry and thirsty little ones.

Another thing we like about them is that high chairs are readily available in the restaurant, making family dining hassle-free. The comfortable seating options ensure that even the youngest members of our group can be accommodated with ease.

With a driving range just around the corner, Victoria Park Bistro also makes for a convenient stop for golf enthusiast families. It’s a perfect blend of dining and recreational activities for a day out with loved ones, which we love!

While the experience was enjoyable, it comes with a premium price tag. Families on a budget might find the cost on the higher side.

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