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Brisbane Festivals You Can Celebrate with Your Kids

Brisbane Festivals You Can Celebrate with Your Kids

Alright, fellow parents and adventurers, get ready to dive into a world of colorful chaos and contagious giggles, because today we’re spilling the beans on the most awesome kid-friendly festivals in Brisbane!

From face painting that turns your kids into adorable little tigers to food stalls that whip up unicorn-inspired snacks (yes, really), these festivals are the ultimate recipe for family fun.

So, grab your sunscreen, wrangle those kiddos, and let’s explore the wild world of Brisbane’s festival scene – where it’s not just the cotton candy that’s sweet!

1. World Science Festival

Date: March 22-26

Venue: Various venues across Brisbane


Contact Details: 07 3153 7816, [email protected]

The World Science Festival in Brisbane is an iconic event that brings together leading scientific minds and creative thinkers to delve into groundbreaking ideas shaping the world’s future.

The festival’s captivating blend of conversations, performances, workshops, and live streams promises to ignite your curiosity and excitement.

Notably, the World Science Festival collaborates with Curiocity Brisbane, an artful celebration featuring interactive installations and world-class discussions.

This festival caters to everyone, from students to families and STEM professionals, offering a diverse array of engaging experiences.

Kids can interact with renowned scientists, exploring the fascinating realms of science and technology through hands-on activities.

You and your kids can witness activities such as the miraculous journey of loggerhead turtles hatching at The Hatchery in Queensland Museum or step into a mesmerizing holographic exhibit with dinosaurs.

For aspiring scientists, the World Science Festival presents a unique chance to dive deep into the mysteries of science and uncover the boundless wonders that lie ahead.

Pro tips:Take a moment to browse the festival program and pick out activities that align with your kids’ interests. Whether it’s hands-on workshops or interactive exhibits, having a game plan will help you make the most of your time.

2. Brisbane Kite Festival

Brisbane Kite Festival
Image Source:

Date: August 20, 2023

Venue: Tingalpa Model Aero Club


Contact Details: 0457 095 457

The Brisbane Kite Festival is a much-anticipated event for Brisbane families, and it’s easy to see why! Held annually, this festival is a perfect day out for kids and adults alike.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, August 20th, from 10 am to 3 pm, as the skies above Tingalpa Model Aero Club on Brisbane’s southside come alive with a stunning array of kites soaring high.

More than just kites, this festival promises a full day of fun and excitement. From mouthwatering food stalls and thrilling rides to vibrant face painting and engaging kite workshops, there’s something for everyone.

Professional kite fliers will mesmerize you with their captivating displays, and for those inspired to fly their own kites, there’s ample open space for amateurs too. Don’t worry if you don’t have a kite; you can purchase one at the festival or bring your own.

You can also pack a picnic blanket and enjoy the spectacle. Even furry friends on leashes are welcome! What’s even better? The Brisbane Kite Festival is free, with a gold coin donation appreciated.

Pro tips:Engage your kids in kite decorating workshops. It’s not just about flying kites but also about personalizing them. Let their creativity shine as they design their own kites before sending them soaring into the sky.

3. DogFest

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Date: March 19, 2023

Venue: Victoria Park

Entry Fee: Free

DogFest is an annual event that offers a paw-some experience for families and their canine companions. Here, the festivities are as diverse as the breeds themselves.

You can stroll through a canine wonderland of dog-friendly stalls, relish delectable treats from food trucks, and enjoy live entertainment that will keep both the two-legged and four-legged attendees dancing.

There are also training demonstrations that might just teach you and your pup some new tricks, and you can join in on the activities and competitions that’ll leave tails wagging.

For the little ones in the family, there’s more to explore than just the wagging tails. Kids can revel in the joy of face painting and share some smooches with the adorable residents of the “Smooch Your Pooch” kissing booth.

Wondering why a festival devoted to our furry companions is a must for families? Well, with the growing number of dog owners in Brisbane, it’s clear that these furry companions are cherished family members.

Dogs contribute significantly to our well-being by encouraging outdoor activities, fostering companionship, and even aiding in mental health.

Pro tips:Use the event as an opportunity to educate your kids about responsible pet ownership. Teach them about approaching dogs safely, asking for permission before petting, and respecting a dog’s boundaries.

4. Mary Poppins Festival

Mary Poppins Festival
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Date: July 2, 2023

Venue: Queens Park and Portside Heritage Precinct


The enchanting Mary Poppins Festival is a one-day extravaganza that celebrates the Art of Storytelling through various captivating events that weave tales into art and imagination.

Stepping into this festival is like wandering into the pages of a beloved storybook, where Mary Poppins herself seems almost ready to appear around every corner.

This year, the entire Maryborough community joins in the festivities, dressing up and immersing themselves in the spirit of the day.

Streets and parks come alive with playful nanny races, quirky chimney sweep challenges, and delightful chalk drawings that create an atmosphere straight from the pages of the classic tale.

On the other hand, this celebration isn’t just about Mary Poppins, but about igniting the joy of storytelling through art in all its forms.

From music concerts to street festivals, storytelling sessions to craft activities, and even captivating public art installations, the festival offers something for every fan of Mary Poppins.

The highlight is undoubtedly the Grande Parade, where Mary Poppins herself, along with the Banks Family and Bert the Chimney Sweep, take to the streets in a sing-along spectacle that captures the imagination of kids and parents alike.

Pro tips:Don’t hold back on the costumes! Encourage both kids and adults to dress up as their favorite characters from the Mary Poppins stories. It’s a wonderful way to immerse yourselves in the magical atmosphere.

5. Abbey Medieval Festival

Date: July 8 & 9, 2023

Venue: 1/63 The Abbey Pl, Moodlu QLD 4510


Contact Details: 07 5495 1652

The Abbey Medieval Festival offers an immersive journey through time, allowing families to experience the marvels of the Middle Ages firsthand. It’s like stepping into a world of knights and castles, lords and ladies, and medieval magic.

Set against the backdrop of the Castle Arena, this festival transports visitors to a bygone era, where jousting tournaments, archery contests, and medieval markets come to life.

The event’s captivating workshops and engaging activities provide children with a unique opportunity to delve into history and explore the arts and crafts of the medieval period.

With its jousting spectacles, bustling markets, and vibrant atmosphere, the Abbey Medieval Festival promises an unforgettable adventure that captures the imagination of both young and old.

This extraordinary celebration of the past has firmly established itself as one of Australia’s top living history events, offering families the chance to step back in time and relive the enchanting tales of knights and chivalry.

Pro tips:Before attending, plan your day’s schedule to make the most of the festival. Get into the spirit by dressing up in medieval costumes with your kids. It adds to the immersive experience and encourages everyone to embrace the theme.

6. Strawberry and Dessert Festival

Strawberry and Dessert Festival
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Date: September 24, 2023

Venue: Sandstone Point Hotel, 1800 Bribie Island Rd, Sandstone Point

The Strawberry and Dessert Festival is an annual festival held in the Moreton Bay region. With the Australian strawberry prices soaring, this festival is the perfect opportunity to indulge in the deliciousness of these luscious berries without breaking the bank.

Set against the scenic backdrop of Sandstone Point Hotel, this event promises a day filled with strawberry-infused delights and family-friendly fun.

The festival is a fantastic way to celebrate the local strawberry industry, which holds a special place in Queensland’s farming landscape.

As Australia’s largest strawberry-producing area, the Moreton Bay region offers the perfect setting for a grand celebration of all things strawberry.

From strawberry-infused cocktails and milkshakes to scones with fresh strawberry jam, the festival’s menu is a delightful feast for the senses.

Beyond the culinary treats, the event features a strawberry eating contest, cooking demonstrations, live music, and even a mesmerizing fireworks display to top it all off.

Families will find themselves immersed in a world of strawberry-themed entertainment, from farm fresh strawberry stalls to ice-cream and gelato stands, and even a Strawberry Patch Bar serving up strawberry-based drinks.

Pro tips:Getting there early not only ensures better parking options but also lets you explore the festival before it gets too busy. This way, you can enjoy the attractions, food stalls, and activities without the rush.

7. Oz Comic-Con

Date: September 16 & 17, 2023

Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


Contact Details: +61 29452 7575, [email protected]

Oz Comic-Con is the ultimate playground for pop culture enthusiasts of all ages. This festival celebrates everything from wizards to space explorers, welcoming everyone to indulge in their favorite fandoms and enjoy a fantastic day out.

Spanning two dynamic days, Oz Comic-Con offers immersive experiences that connect fans with their pop culture passions.

Whether you’re a die-hard Whovian, a Star Wars aficionado, or just someone who loves all things geeky, there’s something for everyone. This event goes beyond entertainment, fostering bonds and creating lifelong friendships among pop culture aficionados.

The festival buzzes with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, where attendees can explore fan engagement spaces, browse through exhibitor stalls, and enjoy captivating panels and workshops.

From rubbing shoulders with local and international film and television guests to engaging with authors, illustrators, and cosplayers, Oz Comic-Con offers a thrilling adventure for the entire family.

Pro tips:Encourage your kids to dress up as their favorite characters! Cosplay adds an extra layer of excitement to the event, and it’s a chance for them to show off their creativity. Don’t forget to pack any accessories or props that go it.

8. Bluewater Festival

Bluewater Festival
Image Source:

Date: April 7, 2023

Venue: Moora Park, Shorncliffe

The Bluewater Festival is a standout event in Brisbane’s family-friendly festival lineup. Held annually on Good Friday at the picturesque Shorncliffe Pier & Moora Park, this festival offers a delightful day out for families and friends alike.

Not only does it provide an ideal spot to witness the start of the historic Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, but it also treats attendees to an array of engaging activities and entertainment.

Set against the stunning waterfront backdrop, the festival boasts vibrant market stalls, thrilling carnival rides, and a diverse range of gourmet food vendors that cater to all tastes.

The festivities are further enriched by a dynamic lineup of free entertainment, captivating both young and old. Of special note is the mesmerizing Bluewater ‘Bayfire’ Night, a spectacle of colorful fireworks illuminating the night sky over Bramble Bay.

As families gather by the foreshore to enjoy the market stalls and evening entertainment, it’s a perfect opportunity to create lasting memories under the stars.

Organized by the Sandgate Bayside Chamber of Commerce, the Bluewater Festival has become a beloved tradition, drawing people together for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

It offers an idyllic setting, a mix of activities for kids and adults, and a unique chance to witness the prestigious Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race up close.

Pro tips:Embrace the culinary delights offered by the gourmet food vendors. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your kids to a variety of flavors and cuisines. From tasty snacks to indulgent treats, there’s something for every palate.

9. Mould – A Cheese Festival

Date: May 12-14, 2023

Venue: Brisbane Showgrounds, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills QLD 4006


Contact Details: [email protected]

Mould – A Cheese Festival is a delightful occasion that brings together the creamiest and most delectable offerings from Australia’s finest cheese artisans.

Created by Bruny Island Cheese Co’s cheesemaker Nick Haddow, this festival is a paradise for cheese enthusiasts of all ages.

With more than 75 artisan cheeses from over 27 producers gracing the event, attendees are in for an unforgettable cheese-tasting journey.

Here, you can sample an array of mild, hard, and soft cheeses, from familiar names like Bruny Island Cheese Co and Yarra Valley Dairy to newcomers like Dreaming Goat and Second Mouse Cheese.

Mould isn’t just about tasting. The festival also offers an immersive experience with cooking demonstrations, masterclasses, and enlightening talks that will expand your cheese knowledge.

Don’t forget to pair your cheese delights with a variety of beverages, including Australian wines, whisky, vodka, gin, beer, cider, cocktails, and sake. This event is not just for cheese lovers—it’s a celebration of culinary artistry that families can enjoy together.

Pro tips:Engage your kids in the experience by involving them in the cheese-tasting process. Let them choose a cheese to try, and discuss the flavors and textures together. It’s a fun way to introduce them to new tastes.

10. The Brookfield Show

Date: May 19-21, 2023

Venue: 550 Brookfield Road, Brookfield 4069


Contact Details: +61 3374 0040, [email protected]

The Brookfield Show promises a blend of tradition and innovation that caters to both young and old. From traditional competitions to modern marvels like LEGO by Brick Events, there’s something for every age group.

For the little ones, Mini Moshers and Larrikin Puppets promise laughter and entertainment. A highlight not to be missed is the Bolster and Lee “Knock ‘Em Downs” circus, an interactive journey where clowns and carnies take center stage.

The show offers a riot of fun and games that will enchant the whole family. Animal lovers will find joy in the miniature pig races, animal farm, and captivating working sheep dog displays.

Kids can get up close to adorable farm animals like chickens, goats, and lambs, while everyone can admire the equestrian showjumping and parades that grace the main arena.

If you’re into creativity, the array of exhibitions from art to needlecraft will surely captivate your imagination.

As the sun sets, the excitement continues with a rodeo, FMX bike stunts, and live music performances by renowned bands, culminating in a mesmerizing fireworks display on Sunday evening.

Pro tips:Engage with local businesses and community groups at the trade stalls. You’ll discover unique products and information while supporting the local community.
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