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Best Hidden Suburban Breweries in Brisbane

Best Hidden Suburban Breweries in Brisbane

Ah, the joy of a cold, frothy brew – it’s practically an art form, isn’t it? But let’s take a little detour from the usual pub haunts and dive into the world of hidden suburban breweries in Brisbane.

You know, those tucked-away gems that offer a refreshing escape from the ordinary, where the hum of the city fades into the background and the tantalizing scent of hops takes center stage.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a hoppy adventure and explore some seriously good sips, join me as we uncover the best-kept secrets of the beer world in this sprawling city.

1. Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Company

Address: 4/4 Wills St, North Lakes QLD 4509


Contact Details: +61 7 3880 6600

Operating Hours: Tuesday: 10 AM–5 PM, Wednesday: 10 AM–6 PM, Thursday: 10 AM–10 PM, Friday & Saturday: 10 AM–12 AM, Sunday: 12–6 PM

The Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Company is a true haven for beer enthusiasts. It’s an industrial-inspired oasis, where the art of crafting beer comes alive amidst the hum of machinery and the clinking of glasses.

This brewery is more than just a bar; it’s a personalized adventure where patrons can brew their own creations, using top-notch, preservative-free ingredients. At Thirsty Chiefs, the ambiance is as inviting as the beer itself.

The brewery’s industrial setting is complemented by bar seating, lounges, and even a pool table for a relaxed hangout. The magic happens as patrons select recipes and delve into the brewing process, guided by the staff’s expertise.

From the intriguing juniper berry beer to gluten-free options, the range of brews is a testament to the brewery’s innovation. The bar boasts a rotating selection of home-brewed favorites on tap for those content to savor the final product.

And if that’s not enough, Friday evenings at Thirsty Chiefs bring together local bands, street food, and fresh brews for a truly memorable experience.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t just stick to familiar flavors – Thirsty Chiefs offers a range of intriguing brews beyond the classics. From chili beer to fruit ciders, take a leap and explore their creative concoctions for a memorable tasting adventure.
  • If you’ve fallen in love with a particular brew, why not take some home? Thirsty Chiefs offers bottled beers and ciders for purchase. It’s a great way to extend the experience beyond your visit and share your new favorites with friends.

2. Ballistic Beer Co

Address: 53-55 McCarthy Rd, Salisbury QLD 4107


Contact Details: +61 7 3277 6656

Operating Hours: Thursday: 4–7 PM, Friday & Saturday: 1:30–10 PM, Sunday: 1–7 PM

Nestled in the historic suburb of Salisbury, Ballistic Beer Co. offers a craft beer haven that’s worth the journey south. It resides in a vintage WW2 tin shed, exuding a cool industrial vibe that’s perfect for beer aficionados seeking a unique experience.

The team’s passion for brewing shines through in their distinctive range of beers, adding a twist to the traditional craft. The heart of Ballistic is its inviting taproom, open from Thursday to Sunday, where you can savor their exceptional brews.

The spacious interior boasts an industrial-chic design with high ceilings, concrete floors, and a captivating mural that sets the tone for your beer adventure.

Their selection of craft beers is an evidence to quality, featuring core favorites like Australian Psycho IPA and Dirty Word Lager, along with experimental concoctions that keep the excitement alive.

Beyond the brews, Ballistic Beer Co. has a welcoming atmosphere that extends to your furry friends, making it a top spot for both beer lovers and dog enthusiasts.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a hidden suburban brewery that offers great beer, an industrial ambiance, and a pet-friendly environment, Ballistic Beer Co. has all the ingredients for an unforgettable outing.

Pro tips:

  • Plan your visit during their opening hours from Thursday to Sunday. The vibe is livelier on weekends, offering a perfect atmosphere to enjoy their brews and mingle with fellow beer enthusiasts.
  • Check their schedule for food truck collaborations. Pairing your craft beer with delicious street food adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit. It’s a great opportunity to indulge in some delectable bites while sipping on their brews.

3. Revel Riverside

Address: 82 Colmslie Rd, Morningside


Contact Details: 0420 629 721, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 11AM – 7PM, Thursday-Sunday: 11AM – 9PM

Revel Riverside is a hidden suburban gem, nestled in Morningside within a captivating gothic landmark heritage building along the riverside.

Steeped in history, this impressive structure has witnessed various transformations, from its origins as an acetate factory to housing naval operations and the renowned Hans Continental Smallgoods Factory.

At Revel Riverside, the allure isn’t just the ambiance; it’s the diverse range of beverages that cater to every palate.

While beer enthusiasts will be pleased with choices like Scotch Ale, Vienna Lager, and American Brown Ale, even non-beer drinkers will find delights like Margarita and Espresso Martini-inspired flavors.

A distinctive touch is their own Revel Rose wine, crafted from McLaren Vale Cabernet grapes and fermented onsite.

Beyond libations, their top-tier pub grub delights with a range of culinary experiences, from mouth watering shared plates like frickles and salt & pepper calamari to an array of flavorful burgers and mains.

Family-friendly touches make it an inviting spot, including a dedicated kids’ menu and a dog-friendly outdoor beer garden. The transformation of the historical site into a multifaceted riverfront precinct adds an intriguing layer to Revel Riverside’s charm.

Pro tips:

  • Plan your visit for a Friday evening to enjoy the perfect pairing of fresh brews, delectable street food from rotating food trucks, and live local music. It’s a refreshing way to welcome the weekend.
  • Don’t settle for just one brew. Opt for a sampler flight to embark on a tasting journey through their diverse beer offerings. This way, you can savor different flavors without committing to a full glass.

4. Flat Lizard Brewing

Address: 18A Harvton St, Stafford QLD 4053

Social Media: 

Contact Details: +61 438 335 388

Operating Hours: Thursday: 4–8 PM, Friday & Saturday: 12–10 PM, Sunday: 12–8 PM

Flat Lizard Brewing is a hidden gem that’s adding to Brisbane’s craft beer scene. Since its 2022 debut on Harvton Street, this family-friendly brewery has become a go-to spot for both beer aficionados and those looking to dive into the world of craft brewing.

Upon entering the expansive warehouse space, you’ll find a captivating sight: a 12-hectolitre brewhouse, a bar boasting an impressive lineup of 12 taps, and a cozy seating area.

The brewery’s commitment to diversity shines through its core range of approachable beers, including a Japanese lager, pale ale, and a tropical mid-strength brew.

However, it’s not just about the beer here. With an artisan license in tow, Flat Lizard proudly offers a selection of local wines and spirits, showcasing the best of Queensland’s libations.

The industrial charm of the venue, with its concrete floors and warehouse setting, offers an authentic backdrop to enjoy your libations. Even non-beer enthusiasts have a place here, as a small wine selection awaits.

Plus, the dog-friendly policy means your four-legged companions can join in the fun.

Pro tips:

  • Flat Lizard is proud of its craft, and the brewers are often around to chat about their creations. Strike up a conversation, ask questions, and learn about the brewing process – it’s a great way to enhance your appreciation for the beers.
  • Aside from enjoying their beverages, consider purchasing some merchandise like shirts or glassware. It’s a great way to support the brewery and take home a memento of your visit.

5. Horny Wombat Brewery

5. Horny Wombat Brewery
Image Source:

Address: 1/345 Macdonnell Rd, Redcliffe QLD 4019


Contact Details: +61 7 3284 9584, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Wednesday: 12–5 PM, Thursday: 12–5 PM, Friday: 12–6 PM, Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM–3 PM

For those seeking a memorable tasting experience and the chance to explore a remarkable range of brews, Horny Wombat Brewery is undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s best hidden suburban breweries.

Committed to using only the finest natural ingredients, this microbrewery crafts small batches of exceptional beer, each carefully tended throughout the fermentation and maturation process.

With over 100 beers to choose from, the selection is both diverse and impressive, ensuring there’s something for every palate. Despite not having a tap room, Horny Wombat Brewery offers a unique experience.

The massive warehouse space, adorned with a vibrant yellow wombat mural, welcomes beer enthusiasts and novices alike.

Comfortably padded wooden barrels create a relaxed atmosphere for tasting, and the friendly staff are more than happy to assist in selecting the perfect brew.

While their core beers like Shaggy Wombat and 130 Wombats Pale Ale stand out, non-beer drinkers have options like Horny’s Ginger Beer and a range of ciders.

What sets Horny Wombat Brewery apart is its dedication to preservative-free beer and cider, reflecting a commitment to quality and taste.

Pro tips:

  • Take advantage of the mix-and-match option for a six-pack. It’s a great way to explore a variety of Horny Wombat brews at your own pace. Grab a selection that spans different styles and strengths to fully appreciate their range.
  • If you’re not a beer aficionado, fear not. The brewery offers a selection of ciders and ginger beer that are equally refreshing and delicious. Opt for a cider flight to sample different fruity profiles.

6. Slipstream Brewing Co

Address: 94 Wilkie St, Yeerongpilly QLD 4105


Contact Details: +61 7 3892 4582, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Wednesday: 11 AM–9 PM, Thursday: 11 AM–9 PM, Friday & Saturday: 11 AM–10 PM, Sunday: 11 AM–8 PM

Slipstream Brewing Co. is not just your average brewery and bar – it’s a cellar-door experience for beer enthusiasts. With 20 diverse beer taps complemented by wine and craft spirits, this locally owned gem offers a haven for pure flavor seekers.

The on-site kitchen is a treat for the taste buds, offering an array of slow-cooked barbecue meats, pizzas, burgers, and seafood, making it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner from Wednesday to Sunday.

What sets Slipstream apart is its passion for hops and experimentation. As you explore their tasting paddle, schooner, or pint, you’ll encounter a range of hop-forward beers that balance the bitter and fruity notes to perfection.

This is a brewery where hops shine, creating a distinctive taste profile that sets Slipstream’s creations apart.

The owners, Deale and Elisa Stanley-Hunt, have harnessed inspiration from the US beer scene and infused it with their local touch, turning Slipstream Brewing Co. into a true labor of love.

Tucked away in an industrial park, Slipstream Brewing Co. exudes a welcoming atmosphere. As you step into their tap room, you’ll witness it’s adorned with lounges, recycled timber, and metal tables overlooking the brewing tanks.

The magic happens from Friday to Sunday, offering an opportunity to taste their core range and seasonal brews. For those seeking more than beer, their wine selection and delectable shareable pub grub won’t disappoint.

Pro tips:

  • Slipstream offers a range of take-away options, including cans, squeelers, and growlers. Consider picking up a few cans or filling a growler with your favorite brew to extend the Slipstream experience beyond the brewery walls.

7. Fick Brewing

Address: 108 Old Toombul Rd, Northgate QLD 4013


Contact Details: +61 452 544 747, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Thursday: 3–9 PM, Friday & Saturday: 12–10 PM, Sunday: 12–8 PM

Fick Brewing Company is a hidden treasure that beckons craft beer aficionados to its doors. This brewery’s story began with a serendipitous meeting in Luxembourg, where Nadresha Costa and Fabrizio Ceccarelli discovered their shared passion for beer.

Their journey led them to Brisbane, and in 2019, Fick Brewing emerged in Northgate, offering a haven for local beer lovers. What sets Fick Brewing apart is not just its finely crafted Belgian-style beers, but the heartfelt journey behind it.

The brewery was born from the dream of a humble space that could bring community together over quality brews. This dream transformed into a reality when Nadresha and Fabrizio stumbled upon the perfect location.

With a 12-hectolitre brewing operation in the rear shed and an inviting taproom and European-inspired beer garden at the front, Fick Brewing exudes a warm and convivial atmosphere.

As patrons sip on expertly brewed beers, they’re also treated to a taste of Europe through the kitchen’s offerings of European-style street food.

From tantalizing currywurst to mouthwatering wagyu beef burgers with blue cheese and jalapeno mayo, the menu complements the brews with culinary delights from Belgium, Germany, and France.

Fick Brewing isn’t just a place to savor exceptional beers; it’s an embodiment of a dream fulfilled and a proof to the power of shared passions in creating a unique and inviting space for the community.

Pro tips:

  • Head out to the outdoor beer garden for a touch of European ambiance. With a European bar feel, it’s a great spot to relax with friends while enjoying your favorite beer.
  • If you’re looking for a delightful variety of bites, opt for one of their share boards. These generously stacked platters offer an assortment of flavors that complement the beers beautifully.

8. Brendale Brewing Co

8. Brendale Brewing Co
Image Source:

Address: 2/62 Kremzow Rd, Brendale QLD 4500


Contact Details: +61 7 3205 9699

Operating Hours: Wednesday: 12–8 PM, Thursday: 12–9 PM, Friday & Saturday: 12–10 PM, Sunday: 12–7 PM

Nestled in the warehouse district of Brendale in north Brisbane, Brendale Brewing Co. offers a unique taproom and microbrewery experience.

Its interior boasts an industrial-chic vibe, complete with locally sourced pallet-style tables and bar stools, creating a laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for enjoying their range of refreshing, onsite-brewed beers.

A must-try at Brendale Brewing Co. is their sampler paddle, featuring four carefully crafted beers that span the spectrum from light to dark, giving visitors a taste of their diverse offerings.

As the sun sets on Fridays and Saturdays, the brewery transforms into Food Truck Night, where delectable meals perfectly complement their locally brewed beer.

And if you’re looking for a quick snack, their range of bar bites, including beef jerky, chili noodles, and more, ensures you won’t go hungry.

In a quiet suburban setting, Brendale Brewing Co. is a testament to the vibrant microbrewery culture of Brisbane, making it a must-visit spot for both locals and beer enthusiasts seeking an offbeat and refreshing experience.

Pro tips:

  • Keep Brendale Brewing Co. in mind for special events and gatherings. The availability to hire the space for functions can provide a unique setting for your celebrations, adding a touch of local craft beer flair.
  • Take advantage of the entertainment options they offer. Whether you’re into pool, video games, or darts, it’s a fantastic way to relax and have fun while enjoying your drinks.

9. Helios Brewing

Address: 15 Palomar Rd, Yeerongpilly QLD 4105


Contact Details: +61 7 3392 9739

Operating Hours: Thursday: 4–9 PM, Friday & Saturday: 12–9 PM, Sunday: 12–5:30 PM

Helios Brewing Company is a shining example of sustainable beer crafting. Notably, this hidden gem operates as a solar-powered brewery, marrying the art of brewing with an environmentally conscious ethos.

The brewery’s name itself pays homage to the Greek sun God, reflecting its commitment to harnessing the power of the sun for its operations.

The spacious brewery spans two levels, providing a welcoming space for both beer aficionados and families alike. Downstairs, a 15 bbl brewery system is on full display, allowing patrons to witness the brewing process in action.

Upstairs and downstairs seating areas accommodate visitors, including furry friends, creating a laid-back atmosphere that invites lingering conversations over pints of expertly crafted beer.

Helios Brewing’s lineup of beers draws inspiration from Greek mythology, featuring intriguing names like the Ravishing Red Rye, which offers a delightful interplay of spice and Australian hops.

Those seeking a takeaway option can rejoice, as Helios offers bottled beer for purchase, with convenient Growler refills available throughout the week.

With onsite parking and a dog-friendly policy, Helios Brewing beckons those in search of a refreshing and sustainable brewery experience.

Pro tips:

  • Get there early in the afternoon to truly appreciate the solar-powered brewing system in action. Watching the interplay between craftsmanship and sustainable technology is a sight to behold.
  • Helios doesn’t have a kitchen, but that’s part of its charm. Different food trucks roll in every evening, offering an exciting variety of eats to pair with your drinks. It’s a culinary adventure, so be open to trying something new and delicious.

10. White Lies Brewing

Address: Unit 2/32 Spine St, Sumner QLD 4074


Contact Details: +61 7 3715 6679

Operating Hours: Thursday: 12–7 PM, Friday: 12–10 PM, Saturday: 12–8:30 PM, Sunday: 12–7 PM

Tucked away in the industrial enclave of Sumner Park, White Lies Brewing stands out among Brisbane’s suburban breweries. Their commitment to crafting bespoke, handcrafted beer is evident in every sip you take.

Its interior is a blend of industrial charm and retro fun, with barrel seating and classic pinball machines that beckon to the inner gamer in all of us. What truly sets White Lies Brewing apart is its dedication to crafting memorable brewing experiences.

Sometimes, they’ve even brewed a beer to the soundtrack of heavy metal music, a demonstration to their innovative spirit.

With a diverse range of 12 beers on tap, including both their own creations and carefully sourced selections, White Lies Brewing offers a tasting journey that’s as colorful as it is flavorful.

From pale ales to rich stouts, each beer boasts its own distinctive hue, making it an artful exploration for the senses.

Pro tips:

  • Take a moment to peek behind the scenes and see their brews in the making. Knowing that you’re enjoying a beer that’s been crafted with passion right there on site adds a special touch to the experience.
  • If you’ve found a brew that truly resonates with your taste buds, don’t hesitate to grab some takeaway beers. Sharing your newfound favorite with friends and family is a great way to spread the love for White Lies Brewing.


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