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Best 5 Laundry Service Providers in Brisbane

Best 6 Laundry Service Providers in Brisbane

  • Price: Affordable but not sup-par laundry services.
  • Convenience: Offers flexible pickup and drop-off time, a variety of pickup and delivery options, easy to visit, and quick to contact.
  • Services Offered: Offers other services like clothes repair, ironing, and specialty dry cleaning among others.
  • Reliability & Quality: Meets the promised turnaround time and takes care of your clothes by handling them properly and by using the best detergent and equipment.

1. Central Laundry Service

Central Laundry Service

Services: General Laundry Service, Self-Service Machines


Address: 129 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 418 785 454

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 6:00 AM – 10:15 PM

Google reviews score4.3/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score consistency4.6/5
Services Offered4.5/5
Reliability & Quality4.5/5


  • Convenient location (located next to a mall)
  • Same day drop-off and delivery available


  • No online quotation, only on-site services
  • A bit expensive

If convenience is the name of the game, we think Central Laundry Service has it all. In terms of location and on-site services, this company has everything you might be looking for in a laundry service.

Whenever we’re off to do chores, we prefer it if we don’t stress ourselves even before the errand. It’s pretty much an advantage that it’s strategically located in a commercial area, right next to a mall so it’s easy to find. 

In fact, according to customers, Central Laundry’s prime location is the main reason why they became regular patrons. Add the same day laundry drop-off and pickup service to the benefits, and it sealed the deal for them!

Another thing that’s worth giving the company credit is its well maintained washers and dryers. Central Laundry also offers self-service laundry, and having efficient equipment makes things easy for its customers.

This is most especially helpful to those who are just in the area for a vacation. It’s near hotels, so some just walk down the street to avail of Central Laundry’s service—not as affordable as other providers, but still more affordable than the hotel’s!

We also appreciate the friendly staff members who teach you how to do your laundry properly if you need it. They even offer advice on the places to visit if you’re not familiar with the area—it’s a really helpful and warm reception!

Just a little advice from us—if you’re trying the self-service washers and dryers, you might need a place to sit while waiting since there aren’t many seats available. There are restaurants outside the shop, but they can easily get fully occupied on a busy day.

2. Liquid Laundry 24/7

Liquid Laundry 247

Services: Wash, Dry, & Fold, Ironing, Self-Service Machines


Address: 10 Austin St, Newstead QLD 4006, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 7 3852 6100

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score consistency4.85/5
Services Offered4.5/5
Reliability & Quality4.75/5


  • Open 24/7
  • Uses quality detergents
  • Have food and drink vending machines


  • Many people during peak hours

As its name says, Liquid Laundry 24/7 is open seven days a week for twenty four hours—perfect for those who have irregular schedules! The company’s goal is to make laundry service accessible to its customers no matter how hectic their schedules are.

We love that it has an option of self-service laundry and full-service laundry. If you can’t do your own laundry, just drop it off and the professional team will handle everything from sorting to drying and folding!

In addition to this, Liquid Laundry’s has proper packaging for your garments. The staff wrap your clothes or beddings in recycled brown paper before placing them in waterproof liquid laundry bags so they’ll be safe until you arrive home.

Unlike others, they have both food and drink vending machines which make it more convenient for people.

We also love how clean and well-maintained the place is! It’s also quite more aesthetic than some laundry service areas, so you’ll feel quite cosy whenever you visit—plus, it has conveniences like vending machines and a spacious lounge.

3. Wash Dry Fold Laundry

Wash Dry Fold Laundry

Services: Wash, Dry, & Fold, Self-Service Machines


Address: 2069 Moggill Rd, Kenmore QLD 4069, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 412 331 731

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: Open 24 hours

Google reviews score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4.65/5
Services Offered4.75/5
Reliability & Quality4.75/5


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Accommodates short-notice clients


  • Business site lacks information
  • Delays in turnaround time on a busy week

We would like to call Wash Dry Fold Laundry a laundry service provider with a heart. What makes it stand out to us is not just its regular offers, but its special option—the Pay-It-Forward service.

We love a company that does small favours to people because these little things can mean a lot. The Pay-It-Forward option allows customers to pay for a load of washing for someone who can’t pay for it—definitely a place you’ll love to support and patronise!

If you’re using the self-service washers, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a pet washing machine you can use for your fur babies’ beddings. It cleans the beddings quite well, and they smell really good afterwards!

We’re also happy about the pricing—it’s affordable to everyone! Some of its patrons told us that it’s really cheaper than some providers they tried before, so there’s no need to worry about spending too much just for laundry.

We also love how accommodating Wash Dry Fold is to short-notice clients. The company tries its best to accommodate your load even if it’s a last-minute request.

Just a warning though—if you visit the site, don’t expect the full information you need to be there. Wash Dry Fold’s website is very plain and holds minimal details you might be looking for—quite a bit disappointing, we know.

Also expect delays in turnaround time on a busy week. While not exactly the company’s fault, it can still get a little bothersome for customers who need their clothes as soon as possible.

4. Rinse & Repeat – Luxury Laundry Hire

Rinse & Repeat - Luxury Laundry Hire

Services: Commercial Laundry, Linens and Various Bulk Washing


Address: 6/22 Kingsburry Street, Brendale, QLD, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 422 278 233

Operating Hours: By appointment

Google reviews score4.6/5
Total Reviews4.4/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Services Offered4.25/5
Reliability & Quality4.75/5


  • Quick turnaround time
  • Convenient and easy parking


  • High-cost subscription fees
  • Not recommended for special wash-and-care items

What makes Rinse & Repeat – Luxury Laundry Hire different from other laundry service providers is its hotel-like service—the hire shop. Subscribe to one of its packages, and you’ll have a 5-star hotel beddings, towels, or bathroom items delivered to you.

We think this is perfect for those who love indulging themselves once in a while. The subscription fees might not be super high, but they’re still not for those with limited budgets.

However, we think you’ll be happy to know that Rinse & Repeat also accepts wash, dry, and fold items. Just be careful—according to a few customers we’ve chatted with, they don’t recommend including your special wash-and-care items in your load.

The company also offers quick dry cleaning service. It can accommodate emergency bookings so you’ll have your clothes ready just in time for a function.

Another thing we appreciate—the easy communication with customers. It’s not difficult to contact the company, and it easily responds to inquiries and requests. 

The staff are also very efficient, hence, the turnaround time is quite fast. They’re also very friendly whether you’re talking to them on the phone or on-site–really commendable customer service!

Overall, we think Rinse & Repeat is a reliable laundry service company. In terms of convenience and topnotch wash and dry quality, you’ll be a satisfied customer!

5. Laundry Lady

Services: General Laundry Service, Self-Service Machines


Address: Queensland, Australia

Contact Details: [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Services Offered4.25/5
Reliability & Quality4.75/5


  • Excellent Service Quality
  • Efficient and Timely Operations
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Convenient Doorstep Pickup and Delivery


  • No promos at the present

In our quest for laundry services that excel in every aspect, we stumbled upon Laundry Lady. From the moment our laundry was collected at our doorstep, it was clear that we had chosen a service that truly understands efficiency and quality.

Our garments, once sent off with a wave of the hand, came back transformed into pristine pieces of art.

The efficiency of Laundry Lady is nothing short of impressive. Our laundry seemed to vanish into a black hole only to return fresh and immaculate. The speed with which they operated left us questioning the laws of time and space.

It’s as if they have a secret portal to a laundry utopia, hidden behind their cheerful blue vans.

Quality is the crown jewel of this service. Not a single thread was out of place, not a stubborn stain remained. The attention to detail Laundry Lady invests in each garment is beyond commendable.

It’s like they’ve mastered the ancient art of fabric restoration, turning the clock back on our clothes with the precision of a master watchmaker.

Laundry Lady is not out to fleece you. Their prices are as refreshing as a spring breeze on a hot summer day. It’s as if they’ve cracked the code of providing top-notch service without breaking the bank. Our wallets and wardrobes are equally thankful.

However, they can get fully booked quickly due to popularity. We recommend booking them ahead of time.

6. Jim’s Laundry Services

Jim's Laundry Services

Services: Domestic, Commercial, Ironing, Linen, Bedding, & Bath, Business Attire, Sporting Clubs


Address: 92 Derby Street, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044

Contact Details: (61) 131546

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Google reviews score5/5
Total Reviews4.25/5
Score consistency4.6/5
Services Offered4.75/5
Reliability & Quality4.5/5


  • Free delivery and pickup
  • Staff are easy to talk to


  • Phone booking can get difficult
  • Doesn’t cover a lot of areas in Australia yet

Jim’s Laundry Services might be a small company, but we think its services can rival those of the big ones. Its employees are efficient and organised, so your laundry loads are in good hands!

We’re fortunate to talk to some of its customers, and they said that you’ll appreciate the quality of the process when your clothes are delivered to your home. They’re properly washed, dried, and folded, and they smell so good.

They also loved the ironing process. The clothes are perfectly pressed and folded, and packed so meticulously you don’t need to worry about transporting them.

We also appreciate that Jim’s uses chemical-free laundry products, so you don’t have to worry about allergies acting up. In addition to this, the company’s allowing you to use your own detergent if you prefer to do so—just let them know!

Another thing worth commending is the reasonable pricing. We’re surprised that such quick turnaround time and quality service cost so reasonable, so anyone can just walk inside and have his or her laundry done without spending too much.

We think you need to be informed that booking via phone can get a little difficult since the line is always busy. According to its past customers though, booking online works better, so we recommend trying that instead.

Another important thing—Jim’s Laundry is still a growing company so it doesn’t cover a lot of places yet. We suggest checking with the company first before booking so you’ll have the information you need. 

FAQs About Laundry Service in Brisbane

That sums up our review! Remember—taking care of your clothes saves time and money, so finding the best laundry service provider is a must in every Australian household. 

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