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Best 5 Art Supplies Stores in Brisbane's Homepage

Best 6 Art Supplies Stores in Brisbane

How We Picked the Best Art Supplies Stores in Brisbane

Variety: Extensive collection of materials for different types of artists.
Price: Options for both expensive and affordable materials to suit different types of budget.
Location: Situated in a commercial block so you can check out other stores just in case some supplies aren’t available.
Accessibility: Easily accessible either by foot, train, or car, and has parking spaces for customers.

1. Eckersley’s Art & Craft

Eckersley's Art & Craft's Homepage


Address: 41/43 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 7 3221 4866

Operating Hours: Monday, Wednesday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM; Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Sunday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4.6/5


  • Has a wide range of options for both art and crafts
  • Organized art supplies


  • Spam text messages
  • Expensive

First thing we love about Eckersley’s Art & Craft is that it has a lot of branches nationwide. So if you find yourself suddenly running out of art supplies, you can find one nearby you can easily visit!

We love how each store’s well-stocked with all types of art and craft materials. They’re well-organized by utility so it’s easier to locate what you need.

The branch in Brisbane is located in the central business district. It can be quite busy during peak hours, but since there are other things to do around, you can visit any time of the day, maybe let the crowds mellow down a bit before you go to the store.

We also love how the staff seem to know a lot about the art products they’re selling so they can easily help if you need them. They’re also very patient so you won’t hesitate asking questions, especially if you’re not very familiar with the supplies.

There’s one thing we think the company should minimize doing though—sending promotional phone messages. As customers, we prefer not to be flooded with text messages that we can’t unsubscribe to because it can get really bothersome.

Another thing that can be a turn-off is that Eckersley’s a bit more expensive than other art supplies shops. However, with the extensive collections of art and craft materials, we also think it’s still definitely worth checking the store out–and perhaps even splurge!

2. Art Shed Brisbane


Address: 274 Montague Rd, West End QLD 4101, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 7 3846 1330

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM; Saturday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM; Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score consistency4.8/5


  • Has a very large collection of art materials
  • Has staff who are artists themselves
  • Accessible to PWD


  • Parking is difficult on weekends

Art Shed Brisbane has arguably the largest collection of art materials! You can find every art supply you need in this store, and perhaps even discover some you might need in a future project.

When we say everything, we mean everything—it’s a huge building full of art materials for any type of artist. The store even has materials for crafting like resin or casting materials, and clay!

The best thing about it—the staff are artists themselves! They know what you need and can suggest the best alternatives if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

We love that the store is kid-friendly too. In fact, it has a section dedicated to art supplies for kids.

It’s also worth noting that their downstairs has a new and improved wheelchair access, which is found to the side of the store on Scott Street. Customers who prefer ramp access are welcome to enter the store via. our loading bay, and may alert staff to help out with a buzzer, located to the left of the roller door. Staff are also happy to help any customers with their shopping upon their request, either by carrying their larger and / or heavier items to the counter for them or loading their cars with oversized items such as canvas.

In terms of pricing, Art Shed isn’t cheap, but isn’t too costly either. The customers we’ve talked to said they’re not complaining about the prices too much because the store offers a lot of brands that other stores don’t. 

We recommend going on a weekend afternoon though since brunch and early afternoon are usually busy hours at the store. You’ll probably have a hard time finding a parking space too, which can be quite a hassle.

3. Arthouse Northside


Address: Shop 3/140 Braun St, Deagon QLD 4017, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 7 3869 2444

Operating Hours: Monday, Wednesday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Google reviews score4.7/5
Facebook reviews score4.7/5
Total Reviews4.25/5
Score consistency4.5/5


  • Offers framing
  • Clean and well-organized shelves


  • Some of the staff aren’t attentive to customers
  • Small range of reference art books

We absolutely admire how Arthouse Northside organizes its art supplies. The shelves are arranged in a way that you can easily see where everything is so you won’t have a hard time scanning each aisle for a specific material.

We love how even though the store itself is smaller than some art stores, it has so much art supplies inside! If you’re brand-specific, you’ll love how Arthouse houses some of the best and well-known art brands.

It has a good selection of paint, brushes, canvases, boards, notebooks, and even frames. The store doesn’t have a lot of reference art books.

We also find it convenient that Arthouse offers framing—plus, it has an amazing range of frames to choose from. Some of the customers we’ve talked to don’t just go to the store for art materials, they also go here for their framing needs.

The store is very clean too so it feels inviting and comfortable whether you’re just having a look around or shopping for materials. We love how Arthouse embodies art itself–relaxing and aesthetic!

We just hope the store trains its staff more in terms of establishing customer relationships. Whenever we come inside a store, we need to feel we can always ask the staff things, and if they just ignore us, it’ll feel uncomfortable to ask for help if we need it.


Address: 203 Brisbane St, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 7 3812 1188

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score consistency4.25/5


  • Run regular competitions to encourage artists to showcase work
  • Has a cafe in front


  • Not kid-friendly
  • Website needs consistent update

Arttime Gallery & Fine Art Supplies has a wide range of art materials for painting and drawing. You can find all types of easels, paints, watercolor, paints, and calligraphy materials in the store.

The store sells them at reasonable prices too! Topnotch art materials are usually expensive, but Arttime offers them at a fair price so artists with different types of budget can afford them.

By the way—there’s a cafe now too! It’s just a recent addition, but it’s also another relaxation area for artists after they’re done checking out the store.

Another thing we love about the store is how it’s always very clean and organized–it’s easy to see where everything’s located. And just in case you still can’t find what you’re looking for, the staff are very friendly and always willing to help.

Among all of Arttime’s offerings, what we love the most is that it regularly holds competitions. The store is a true advocate of the arts, and one way of encouraging artists to show their works is through competitions–how cool is that?

Just one thing for improvement—the company’s website needs consistent updates. Some customers we’ve talked to mentioned how they’d gone to the store only to find it closed. Business hours had changed, but the schedule on the website wasn’t updated.

5. Oxlades Art Supplies


Address: 136 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

Contact Details: (61) 7 3252 8238

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Google reviews score4.2/5
Facebook reviews score4.3/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score consistency4.2/5


  • Has good selection of paints
  • Reasonable prices


  • Long breaks
  • Limited inventory

Oxlades Art Supplies is smaller compared to other shops, but it still has a good selection of art supplies. So you can still find most of the materials you need in the store.

Oxlades has a good selection of paints and painting tools. So if paint is your medium, you’ll find the store the perfect art shop for you.

What we love about Oxlades is its very helpful staff. They’re very knowledgeable about art, so if you find yourself lost or need alternatives, you can easily ask them for suggestions, and they’ll willingly give you a couple of options to choose from.

We also love how the store has a very affordable pricing. Oxlades can be a haven for art students and professional artists alike–they sell quality art materials at budget-friendly prices!

Oxlades also regularly holds sales, which is what most of its customers are waiting for. They told us that it’s very much worth it to shop whenever the store has a sale because most materials are up for grabs at a lesser price–it’s a good haul day for artists!

What we think is a little bothersome though is the long breaks. Sometimes when you go there a few minutes after lunch break ends, the shop’s still closed, and that’s a hassle for artists whose available time is only their lunch breaks.

6. Auzz Trinklets N Crafts


Address: 294 Russell Terrace, Chapel Hill QLD 4069, Australia

Contact Details: | +61 450 006 646

Operating Hours: Opens at 9 am till 2 pm  Monday to  Friday (by appointments) and Saturday’s are only open by appointments

Google reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score consistency5/5


  • Swift and Reliable Shipping
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing
  • Customer-Centric Approach


  • Operating hours unavailable

Auzz Trinklets N Crafts has garnered a loyal following for its exceptional art supplies and services.

Their commitment to providing quality products, affordability, and excellent customer service has made them a go-to destination for artists and craft enthusiasts.

They take pride in its efficient order fulfillment and shipping process, and this is something we really like about them.

Customers from various regions, including rural areas like rural SA, have praised the company for delivering orders within a remarkably short time frame. The speedy delivery ensures that you can dive into your creative projects without delay.

We like their extensive range of art supplies available. Whether you’re a card maker, painter, or a crafting enthusiast, you’ll find an array of high-quality products to fuel your creativity.

They understand the needs of budget-conscious artists and crafters. The company offers excellent prices, making it an ideal choice for those looking to pursue their creative passions without breaking the bank.

We like how dedicated they are to serving customers. They are known for their friendly and helpful service, including a willingness to order specific items if you have particular requirements.

All in all, we love this place and we highly recommend for art supplies!

FAQs About Art Supplies

We’ve reached the end of our list! Don’t forget to choose materials from a store that has everything you need to create your masterpieces. Art is more enjoyable and best expressed if you have the best tools.

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